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I still have no idea what to expect from this show, but I’m very happy to see that “this is not a joke” as Seagal says. It’s not trying to be cute, it’s trying to be badass. And I love all the dramatic posed shots of him like a movie. In fact it looks better than some of his movies.

Thanks to Vik for giving me the heads up on this one.

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47 Responses to “STEVEN SEAGAL: LAWMAN trailer”

  1. There aren’t enough words to describe for how clearly awesome this show will be, at least from the trailer.

  2. good christ. i had no idea you could be “deputized” and run around in a police uniform kicking drunks and so forth. that is some wild west shit. still, i’m looking forward to it.

  3. YES! Bring it on!
    My old enemy is back on the streets.

  4. I can already think of at least three TV channels over here, that would show it. And I hope they do it quick!

  5. Unfortunately I’m sure that writers of South Park and Family Guy are already writing jokes about this, for the new seasons of their shows. *sigh*

  6. I like how they used a sound bite from Under Siege at the end, trying to pass it off as if it’s something Seagal said specifically for the show. Perhaps that’s what the DTV filmatists should consider doing, rather than hiring someone who kind of sounds like Seagal to dub half his dialogue, they should just take sound clips from some of his older movies and put them in whenever his back is to the camera. Just imagine — Against the Dark could’ve redeemed itself just a tiny bit if suddenly we heard 1990’s Seagal threatening to take someone “to the blood bank” during the proceedings.

  7. Heh, that’s awesome. It actually plays out a lot like a Seagal trailer.

    “It all began 20 years ago…training was so succesful he was deputised…and now he’s out on the streets fighting crime!

    Steven Seagal is….Lawman!”

    In fact that’s all the show needs, take out the colon and add an “is”.

    Though I hope he doesn’t wear those glasses too much though, they really don’t work for him, somehow they seem to make him look like an old woman in that shot in the police car.

  8. nice of them to throw a shot of some glass being broken in at the end, too.

  9. Can you even imagine being some white trash asshole who just got drunk and beat his wife and fucking Steven Fucking Seagal shows up at your door with that scowl on his face and his forehead all crinkly? My wrists and balls hurt just thinking about it.

  10. Knowing my local East Tennessee citizens, he would then ask Seagal for an autograph.

    “Yeah I bet my wife. BTW Officer, you kicked ass in FIRE DOWN BELOW.”

  11. Holy shit this looks like the most awesome tv show ever.Shame it won´t come out in germany.

  12. Yeah, I can think of nothing better than to make a(nother) badass cop show that purports to be real. At least when cops abuse rights in films its fictional, even though I know it happens all the time in real life; I don’t need a show to tell me how great it is that I can and will be tasered even if I don’t do anything and that cops will definitely hit my head against the car when shoving me in. Cops are not supposed to be like Seagal in his films.

  13. Out of curiousty anyone know what film he would have been filming in Jefferson when he apparantly provided this training?

  14. Holy shit, someone needs to upload this onto a torrent site for all us non US residents. Seriously.

  15. I have lived in Jefferson Parish all my life and I did not know:

    a) Steven Seagal has been the one protecting my family and me most nights

    b) That my parish (county to you Yankees!) was so action-packed. Sure we have crime, but I didn’t know it was so EXTREME!!

    This is like in Blade or the Matrix or some shit where a character is realizes that there is some really crazy fucked up shit going on in their hometown and they never had a clue.

    I am also of two-minds about this:

    a) it’s kinda stupid awesome that we got Seagal down here to bust bad guys

    while also…

    b) I’m scared shitless that we need a goddamned movie star to help us with the local law enforcement…

    I hope there’s an episode where he’s getting rid of the corrupt cops though. We have an awful lot of them down here.

    Well when the show starts and any of you have any questions about the locations they shot in just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help.

  16. GoodBadGroovy

    As stated in the 12 Rounds talkback, I’m a sucker for shit filmed down here and keep up with that.

    That said, I have no damned clue what movie he was or could have been filming down here though. I did a quick check on imdb and could find none of his older (or current) ones filmed down here.

  17. Hmm, well if we take the 20 years as accurate, then that would make it 1989, and he’d be filming either “Hard to Kill” or “Marked for Death” as they were both out in 1990. So I guess one of those two?

  18. I checked Marked for Death first.

    I double-checked that one and Hard to Kill and imdb says no still.

  19. Flash Mask Udor: I’m sure RTL2 will try to get the rights as soon as they can (and then maybe air it instead of or together with Dog – The Bounty Hunter)

  20. One Guy From Andromeda

    August 25th, 2009 at 8:30 am

    I must be seeing a different trailer. This looks terrible to me. Another one of those shows about fascist cops joking around while tasering people. Sure they’re lowlifes and probably deserve it, but so do most of the cops. Shows like these are just dope for the peasants in my opinion. Wake up and disconnect your TV people!

  21. geoffreyjar – are citizens allowed to go on ridealongs with cops or is that just something that happens in movies? cos if you can you are obligated to get your ass down to the station and find out when seagal will next be in town in my opinion.

    one guy from andromeda – dude, yes, but seriously: if you’re a petty con, what better than a chance encounter with STEVEN SEAGAL: LAWMAN to help you turn it all around? “what does it take to change the essence of a man?”

  22. One Guy From Andromeda

    August 25th, 2009 at 9:06 am

    Sure, for the criminals it’s kinda awesome, i’m more worried about the audience though. It’s another brainwashing session for the public good perpetrating the wisdom that The Man is always right. “Sure, it’s normal for cops to bust people’s heads, i’ve seen it on TV” It makes me itchy.

  23. Or, conversely, seeing this kind of behavior for real might open people’s eyes to the sadism and fascism inherent in the macho myth.

    Or it could just be fun to watch Seagal try to hop a chain link fence in pursuit of a fleet-footed meth addict.

  24. Vern, you are going to have to write a whole new chapter for Seagalogy because of this. This is truly breaking new ground. When have we seen an movie action star do real life action before? This is historic.

  25. Of course, I am talking about real-life action post movie-stardom. Guys like Audie Murphy went into movies post their military or police pasts.

    Plus their real life exploits weren’t on tape a la Seagal’s will be.

  26. a

    As far as I know, no I cannot just walk up to an officer and ask,

    “Hey I was wondering if I could go joy-riding with you?”
    -though considering how corrupt these guys are down here I could probably just slip them a fiver or something to go along with them though…

    My ex and only girlfriend has two uncles who are on the force. Now I really regret her dumping me for that cooler guy, I don’t miss her (too much) but damn I could ask both of them about this craziness:

    “Yeah I went on a beat with Seagal. He took 85 bullets for me in this jay-walking bust that went horribly wrong!”

  27. I think its safe to say that this One Guy should keep his head out of propaganda websites and join the real world.

    Anyway, what I took away from this is that Seagal doesn’t nearly speak up enough in his movies.

  28. This looks so ridiculously awesome. Love the shot of him doing his patented Seagal run as well.

    But this IS tv, reality or not, I’m sure it will be scripted to a large degree. I generally loathe anything reality tv related, but this looks too good to pass up. New weekly Seagal right in my living room? Where do I sign up?

  29. CBS briefly ran a show where they deputized some celebrities in a small town (Wee man, Latoya Jackson, Jack Osbourne, Trish Stratus, etc…) – I still don’t understand why it was cancelled; sure it had the comic trainwreck appeal, but it was also very sobering and serious at times. There was one scene where the police respond to a Mexican immigrant beating his wife, and none of the cops speak Spanish, so they call in ERIK ESTRADA to calm the guy down, who proceeds to berate him and give him a speech about how beating your wife doesn’t make you a real man. It was sad, funny, exciting, and surreal all at once, and I hope Seagal: Lawman can be just as good.

  30. I second the idea of this thing sinking or swimming based on its surreal qualities. Without Seagal this would be just another COPs rehash, and Dog the Bounty Hunter could sleep easy. With Seagal, well, I think he’s at his most entertaining when being deadly serious in an harrowing/absurd situation. He brings 100% conviction, whether it’s tracking William Forsythe through a blood soaked New York (awesome), or talking to totem animals in less then perfect dream sequences (hilarious). Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll have many dream sequences on Lawman.

    But, I could be mistaken.

  31. Jacks Lack of Motivation

    August 25th, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    Jesus, imagine if you owned a convenience store and you found out Steven Seagal was the law in town. Your insurance premiums would skyrocket. On the other hand glaziers are laughing.

    I’m torn because I would normally hate a reality cop show, but maybe this is the hook.

    And since I started typing: Bad Seed, I’m sold. Nice.

  32. One Guy From Andromeda

    August 25th, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    As someone who keeps his head out of propaganda websites i cannot really relate to what you’re conjecture about me may be. I just know that in my opinion shows like these are shitty entertainment at best and propaganda for the status quo at worst.

  33. I’m with the One Guy, if that wasn’t clear from above. So we’re two. Hey, we could start a propaganda website!

    Seriously, just the “holy shit, I didn’t know we had such harsh crime down here” comment is a sign how shows like this can change perception, especially with sinking crime levels all around but fear of crime still high as ever.

  34. I can’t wait to see Seagal sitting some perp down, DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER style, and giving him a rambling, incoherent philosophical speech about “getting beyond fear” and “changing the essence of a man.”

  35. Like GeoffreyJar, I’ve also lived in JP all my life, and I’ve heard this show is actually pretty stagy bullshit. A cop who came in the store I work at was telling me about how they’d book a guy, then bring him back outside, turn on the cameras and have Seagal bring him in, shit like that. Just more reality tv crap, besides I can’t imagine Seagal actually doing the shit a legit beat cop does in his condition.

    I don’t know about him filming a movie here, but I thought he did spend a good chunk of time living in Jefferson and I had heard about him giving officers martial arts training before.

    There’s a chance I’m in this show though, because I saw a concert Seagal had at the House of Blues a few months back and A&E had cameras there and had us all sign waivers afterwards to use our likenesses. When he was signing autographs after the show, I had him sign my copy of Seagalogy, so you might get a little publicitiy out of it too, Vern.

  36. Josh

    Aw damn we’re gonna have to hook up now and learn we can’t stand the site of each other or something…

    I missed the House of Blues performance, as I seem to do with everyone I want to see there. I’m not missing Yo Yo Ma at our crappy opera house though!

    But man… way to kill the illusion of the show. Even if we all knew it was complete and total bullshit deep down, we wanted to have the belief that he was really going around in some backwater county busting baddies.

    For once you destroy childhood innocence, you destroy wonder and joy. Without wonder and joy, cynicism takes it’s place.

  37. Hey Vern, thought you might like to know you get name dropped and your page linked to on slashfilm article about Seagal:lawman.


  38. Hi Vern

    Do you know when you can see “The Keeper” with Seagal? As a fan I’m looking so much forward to this. The trailer is cool and the pictures in the net look really great. It seems that Keoni Waxman is a good director. Also it looks for me that the movie will have a better camera work in the fight scenes than the Jeff King movies and will have better production values compared to the latest ones.

  39. Hey Vern…I actually work in the production office that makes the show and (this is not bullshit) I gave your book Seagalogy to the unit manager while they worked on the show. Thought you’d take some pride in that :)

    Also, I think you’ll enjoy the hell out of the show.

  40. Seagalogy keeps inching closer and closer to the man himself. It is inevitable that he will stop by the sight one day. Then and only then will the Internet have fulfilled its divine purpose.

  41. I of course bought a second copy and replaced my original (as she didn’t want to give it back afterward)…but if another season happens and I can get my ass out for the shoot next time, perhaps he WILL hold a copy and perhaps I, as a lover of the Vern, will provide photographic evidence for the internets.

  42. Holy crap – on the Playstation 3 you can watch an exclusive premiere of Steven Seagal Lawman this Wednesday 11/18 at 8 est 5 pst. You have to go to the PS Home application (the SIMs-esque world thingy) , and then walk your character to the theater.

    I was putting in Glimmer Man to my PS3 (which I use as my dvd player), and as fate would have it I saw an ad for this event on my Playstation desktop. I nearly shat myself. It’s like the system KNEW I was gonna be watching grown men eat deer penis. Too bad when I put my copy of Submerged in last week it didn’t start showing some weird windmill, flaming earth, girl falling off a cliff scenes just to F’ with me.

  43. Speaking of Seagal…

    Target has that four Seagal movie package where for $10 (or $2.50 each) you get UNDER SIEGE, ABOVE THE LAW, FIRE DOWN BELOW, and fuckin’ GLIMMER MAN.

    Thats a deal.

  44. Obviously PS3 is in on Whitey’s far-extending conspiracy to keep you down – with Seagal in tow as a henchman. It’s diabolical, man!

    Opiate of the masses that Seagal is, y’know.

  45. Well, shit. You can watch it on the websight too (no Playing Station necessary) but it’s only showing at a specific time and I gotta work that night. I hope nobody takes over as North America’s leading Seagalogist while I’m waiting for it to air in December.

    Here’s the info and a countdown clock:


  46. Vern, are you saying that Europe or Asia have a more prominent Seagalogist than you? I find that difficult to believe.

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