Bruce Willis

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  1. Bruce was on Letterman last night. Made his grand entrance on a bicycle. He’s funny sometimes but I think he tries a bit too hard to be goofy with Dave. Bill Murray makes it look effortless on the other hand. Any thoughts on this Vern?

  2. Bruce is on SNL next week, musical guest Katy Perry. I think the last time he was on was in 1989 and the musical guest was Neil Young (who brought down the fucking house with that night’s version of “Rockin’ In The Free World”).

  3. This looks like it could be pretty good. He’s friends with guys like Kevin Pollak and Dom Irrera, so it should be quite funny.

  4. Look, I hate the Razzies as much as anybody with a love for movies, but I must admit it’s kinda cool that they’re giving Bruce Willis his own category. Nominated for the 8 (!) movies he did in 2021. I wonder if he turns up?

  5. I watched that recent Red Letter Media video because it was about Bruce Willis. It turns out he was in 11 movies last year. So I guess the razzies have an 8 nominee cap for his category.

  6. Or more likely: It’s the Razzies, so they didn’t bother to do any real research for their dumb joke.

  7. I skimmed some of it, too, Broddie, but I searched comments for “dementia,” based on some things I’ve read around, and some of the comments were eye-opening and seem to suggest that this might be a factor in what’s going on. Can’t say for sure, maybe it’s just an unfounded rumor that’s gathered a bit of momentum, but if I were a betting man (I’m not), I’d say 65% chance it’s true. Hope not. If so, that might case a different light on the Razzies thing and that RLM video.

  8. CJ, it’s 8. The last 3 were made in 2021, but comes out this year.

  9. Well Skani, it’s not a rumor any longer. I assume we’ve all heard the news by now. What a tragedy for him and his family.

  10. Yeah, it’s a raw deal.

  11. This is such terrible news but at least people won’t be speculating anymore.

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