"I take orders from the Octoboss."


What this is is my favorite web sights on the internet, besides mine. Mine is my favorite. These are all “okay” in comparison. At best.


VERNANDA A Yahoo group for discussing my works and the films of Badass Cinema. Founded by a young man named Scott Abraham. Thank you young man. Please join us there friends. I try to pop in every 8 or 9 months to find out if anybody has posted since last time I was there.


Billy Jack has an official web sight! Bummer warning: He talks about cancer alot. Still, if you want to read about the new movie he’s trying to make or buy some Billy Jack t-shirts or his books about independent filmmaking, this is the place.

Richard Pryor Unfortunately this is the best Richard Pryor web sight I could find. You motherfuckers better get your shit together the man is a genius why is this his only web page?

man-with-no-name.com is a very complete sight about one of Cinema’s all time greatest Badass laureates Clint Eastwood. And I mean this sight is just gangbusters, it lists all his movies and then you click on it it has a picture, tells you what its about, lists trivia and credits and for fuck’s sake they even got real audio samples of Clint himself talking about the movie! I mean jesus I don’t know what else you could ask for. And I learned that jeff bridges got an Oscar nomination for Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. Congratulations jeff.

Pulp Fiction This is the best sight I have found for one of Bruce Willis’s best pictures. Assloads of information about the picture, including the chronology of the story, the full credits, list of awards, lyrics to the songs, plus MP3 files of songs and dialogue, large graphics of various posters and stills etc. It has some pretty nice design as well I think Walter Leno could learn from it. Only problem I had with this one is it is all in German so I don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about but I imagine if I was a german I would be into this sight, I guess.

Steven Seagal’s official sight is kind of weird. It seems like it was translated in and out of english by a web translator. But it talks about his music and he sells essential oils. I am not too sure about paying $75 for 5 mil of Helichrysum just because “According to some aromatherapy books, Helichrysum can be used for bruising and sore muscles.” I think I will just stick to ibuprofen until all the books can come to a consensus on that one. I still like his movies, though.

This Seagal fan sight is better. There are some crazy stalker types on the forums but some nice people too. More importantly there’s a picture of Seagal holding a panda.

The Ain’t It Cool News is a popular sight in my opinion. They have spies who get them film news and they also review the movies. But they would be nothing without me I’ve done all of the best pieces on this sight in my opinion. Not to brag but let’s be serious here. Look out for the ain’t it cool newsies in the “talk backs” by the way these fuckers are out for blood.

Cinemarati is a circle of web based film Writers, including me. There are links to my sight and etc. These people are pretty smart, have good spelling, etc. It is a good combination of not being that much into comic books and also not having that big a stick up their ass.


Hard Case Crime is my favorite publisher. Every book I’ve read from them so far has been good. And if there’s ever one that doesn’t cut the mustard at least I can rest assured that it will have a badass painted cover.

The Violent World of Parker One of my fellow geocities throwbacks created this ode to Richard Stark’s books and the movies based on them. Not very detailed and hardly ever updated but I learned alot from this guy’s sight. This is where I got my trusty chronological listing of the books and also where I found out about Walter Hill’s movie THE DRIVER.


Did you know there are dudes who jack off to fake pictures of giant ladies ?

Pictures of a bikini gal with motorcycles – includes MIDI version of The Doors classic

You can find just about ANYTHING on the internet, but still i’m impressed to find this Die hard sight

http://www.streetgangs.com/prisonpenpals/ – the name says it all on this one

Clean and Sober Home for the Homeless Biker

hey bud if you know any good ones I’m missing let me know

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