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Trailer: Darkman vs. Ghost Dog

I like this series. Never as good as I want it to be, but not as frustrating as THE EXPENDABLESes. Neeson gets to be awesome and talk real serious on phones, Besson gets to throw in some ridiculousness, there’s a little bit of interesting subtext. So I’m glad they’re still going (even if implying through the medium of taglines that this is the last one).

It’s kinda sad to see (SPOILER FOR TRAILER) poor Famke getting Kerseyed here, but wise to take the series in a totally different direction. Obviously it’s kind of a play on THE FUGITIVE, complete with a part where he walks through a water pipe in case you didn’t pick up on it. I guess the idea is “what if instead of an everyman or Wesley Snipes THE FUGITIVE happened to the greatest leather jacket wearing black ops badass of our time? WHAT THEN?”

I hope he jumps down from the pipe while talking on a phone! That would be a good mix of FUGITIVE and TAKEN.

The director is Olivier Megaton again, not my favorite. But TAKEN 2 and COLOMBIANA were both much better than TRANSPORTER 3, so I don’t write him off.

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16 Responses to “Trailer: Darkman vs. Ghost Dog”

  1. Taken 2 has the worst-filmed car chase I’ve ever seen in my life, so I’m not very optimistic for Mr.Megaton’s next opus

  2. “what if instead of an everyman or Wesley Snipes THE FUGITIVE happened to the greatest leather jacket wearing black ops badass of our time? WHAT THEN?”

    These are important questions that need to be answered. I’m glad at least someone out there in Hollywood is taking care of the little things.

  3. They called me up and I said “I’ll do it… but only as long as nobody gets Taken.”


    seems like they worked it out

  4. Well I think this looks wonderful. Nice way to switch it up. I REALLY hope he calls in his drinking buddies to help this time – always seemed like they were setting that up in the the first two.

  5. If that was Neeson’s demand for the third film, then I think the filmmakers played a fast one on him. No one is kidnapped, but Famke is metaphorically taken (i.e. she’s brutally murdered). Sorry, Nesson. I think Besson wins this round.

  6. I want to see the movie in theatre, only to be able to say its title as it is portrayed in the trailer: “Hello, I want a ticket for LIAM NEESON TAKTHREEN, please.”

  7. holy shit, they’re already coming out with the third one? didn’t the second on just come out like a year or two ago?

  8. 2012, actually. But who’s counting?

  9. It´s ridiculous of Neeson to think that having another kidnapping would be absurd because this is a franchise that started out real fucking dumb. Too bad he doesn´t realize it.

  10. bullet3 – I’d put it at number 2. I think the Die Hard 5 car chase is even worse.

  11. Ugh forgot about that one. You know, it’s real close between the 2, and I’m sure as hell not re-watching either of them to compare, so lets just agree they’re both garbage.

  12. One of the biggest disappointments of the modern day action movie landscape is that a guy called Olivier MEGATON is so incapable of making awesome action movies. What a waste of such a kick ass name. It’s downright sinful.

  13. I have to second bullet3 – the car chase in Taken 2 is so bad it enters “now they’re just messing with us” territory. I actually zoned out and started laughing at how many times Neeson says “Faster!” or “Keep going!!” Megaton has literally never made a good movie or constructed a good action scene (I think the fight at the end of Colombiana comes pretty close to being good though). He’s easily eclipsed Bay when it comes to terrible action. (Bay redeemed himself in my eyes with the decent action scenes in TF4).

  14. Broddie- the name MEGATON sounds suspiciously like Megatron, which is a Transformer-robot name, I believe.And TRANSFORMERS was made by Michael Bay who for the most part makes incoherent bullshit. See, it makes perfect sense.

  15. Neeson’s “Good luck” has sold the film to me. Nicely played.

  16. I just love how Neeson can keep making movies like this and still I never tire of him as an actor, because he’s LIAM F-ING NEESON, even when he “phones it in”.

    And as long as he makes something truly great like THE GREY or SCHINDLER’S LIST every now and then, I’m happy.

    I’m kinda sad that we never got to see him as Lincoln, though.

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