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Another new design at Vern’s Flea Market: Argyle

Okay, I appreciate everybody’s patience with the last couple designs. Now here’s one that some Val Verdian’s might actually want to wear. This is a ’70s iron-on inspired design honoring one of the under-recognized greats of cinema along with one of his most significant action achievements.


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41 Responses to “Another new design at Vern’s Flea Market: Argyle”

  1. caruso_stalker217

    March 15th, 2013 at 1:21 pm


  2. Excellent!

    For the record, I dig the last two designs but haven’t had the scratch to justify any new purchases…

  3. Speaking of Die Hard characters, why didnt the screen writers think that Theo should have been the main computer hacker in Live Free and Die Hard. He was the only survivor and you know he must have a giant grudge against McClane.

  4. Argyle sure is an unsung hero of action cinema. He knows when he is needed.

  5. He also apparently only owns two songs for his tape player “Chrismas Hollis” by Run DMC and “Skeletons” by Stevie Wonder, and the second one he seems to like way more from how it’s always playing when they cut back to him during the crisis.

  6. ^Christmas In Hollis

  7. I bought the hell out of that Pauline Kael tee and will wear it to the gig I’m playing on the 27th if it arrives by then.

    Also, a few years ago at the cafe I work at a co-worker who went by the name of Crazy Phil noticed that I was wearing a Don’t Be Ellis t-shirt and inquired as to the meaning behind that sentiment. I explained the philosophy to him and he very quietly and earnestly described it as being like some kind of “beautiful religion”.

    I still see Crazy Phil every now and then and he usually finds a way to tell me about a situation he had found himself in which he had endeavoured to not be Ellis. Also, the owner of that cafe thinks you’re a goddamn genius.

    Sorry if that story was super boring. I’m never sure if anyone is interested in hearing about or sharing stories of Vern’s writings and ideologies impacting our daily lives in small but fascinating (to me at least) ways.

    Oh, and that Argyle design is top shelf.

  8. Speaking of the Die Hard supporting cast, can somebody please tell me why Robert “Agent Johnson” Davi is #4 on the top trending celebrity list according to my imdb app?

    Not that I’m complaining, but it seems strange. I don’t think he’s in anything in theaters right now, and thankfully a google search did not reveal that he had died or anything.

  9. Not a word about lil wayne guys? Am I the only fan around these parts? Dude’s a straight up ee cummings style savant and the most important figure in modern pop music. Love him or hate him, this weekend is going to change the course of hip-hop, rap and pop music as we know it. Possibly for the better?

    If he lives and cleans up his act, Wayne could well be a hip-hop Johnny cash. If he dies, there will be a massive power vaccume unlike any since the death of Kurt cobain. Except, I would say Wayne’s untimely demise could have greater ripples because he is at the center of multiple genres and far more prolific than cobain ever was.

    I’m shocked, saddened and quietly hopeful that all of this might result in some great art. I hope Wayne gets to make that art, but it might be the kick in the teeth that modern hip-hop luminaries need in order to grow up and discover they can *say* something with a song.

  10. But we’ll know what’s really happening in a few days, if not hours. Nicki minaj has a live tv show to host. Wayne has a new album dropping in 10 days, the media blackout will end and everything will be different for mainstream music.

    Or Wayne will recover and keep doing exactly what he’s doing now and a different grand mal seizure will kill him very soon and THEN everything will change. I just don’t see anyone waiting in the wings to keep hip-hop, rap and pop music tied together. And since hip-hop and pop have basically become the same genre in the last 10 years, all of pop music could fall to pieces. I don’t think you guys quite get what Wayne means to music, not just as an artist, but also as a basic business model.

  11. Chopper Sullivan

    March 17th, 2013 at 2:42 am

    Both of your posts might as well be written in a different language to me, Tawdry, and I’m not sure what they have to do with Argyle, who deserves the spotlight.

  12. yeah, I can’t say I’m a Lil Wayne fan either, but what happened to the guy?

  13. I have never understood why Argyle waits for *so* long in the parking lot.

    Yeah, he and John had a good conversation on the way over to Nakatomi, but he offers to “wait outside” like a cab driver might — as in, will be there for 10 minutes or so. But there’s no big tip involved/implied for his efforts, and surely he has somewhere else to be in the next 6 hours? When some of his friends call up, he would surely go see them, not sit in his car. What’s his angle?

  14. So nobody, like friends or family, asked you to look at their cool apartment from time to time while they are away and instead of just checking once a day if the plants have still water, you stay there every day for several hours, because of the cool shit that they got there?*
    That’s pretty much how I understood Argyle’s motivation. He had that cool limousine, with all the late 80s cutting edge crap and even had an excuse to spend the whole evening in it.

    *Like when my aunt wanted me to look for her cat and feed her thrice a day, when she was in hospital. And because she had cable TV (which I didn’t have at that time), a much better stereo and most of all lived away from the rest of my family, I staid there all afternoon long to watch TV and play with the cat.

  15. I always figured Argyle was hanging around simply because the limo was just that awesome. He had tunes, champagne, car phone, CB, CD, TV… It was probably far better equipped than his apartment.

    As for Lil Wayne, one of the primary benefits of no longer working for an urban-themed magazine is that I no longer need to be kept apprised of what a horrid little moronic mumble-mouthed drug addict like Lil Wayne is doing on a daily basis. If he’s really what’s holding pop music together right now, then if we’re lucky, he’ll take the whole house of cards down with him. I just hope it doesn’t become a Tupac thing where he’s more powerful dead than alive.

  16. Or an Obi-Wan thing.

  17. In this month’s edition of Empire magazine they feature De’evreoux White in the Where are they now? feature. It looks like he has a very happy and satified life going on at the moment.

  18. Tawdry – well, I guess that’s on topic since if he died it would have a huge affect on the t-shirt industry. But I thought he just had a seizure and then was okay. If you’re saying that it’s gonna be a wake up call about maybe you should be drinking cough syrup all day and it’s gonna change his music I don’t know. I thought Eminem was a larger figure in music and he went through this type of shit before. Did the world of music change?

    I guess there’s an age limit on hip hop styles. I thought I loved hip hop, but to me L’il Wayne is exactly like Rhuby Rhod in THE FIFTH ELEMENT, some bizarre looking popular junk culture of the future that I would never be able to comprehend the appeal of. Also I just had to look up what “sizzurp” is so, you can imagine. They put candy in it now?

    But I don’t mean to make light of it. He obviously means something to you so I’m sorry you’re worried about him and I hope he’s okay in the end, like Argyle.

  19. Did the stuff about Robert Davi get removed? I’m so confused.

  20. it’s because Robert Davi does not exist in this dojo

  21. So when’s Vern gonna review the new Nic Cage movie


  22. People you encounter who are in the know really like seeing you wear the DON’T BE ELLIS shirt. Usually waiters or record store employees I’ve found. That Argyle shirt will be mine eventually. Also The Pauline Kael one. Just waiting for my paychecks to catch up with my desire for cool shirts.

  23. Put this Argyle design on some sweaters or socks and you’ve got yourself a deal.

  24. Sternshein- I’m confused too. My Davi question wasn’t 100% on topic, but it was tangentially related and something I’m seriously wondering about. I never expected it to be buried by talk about one of my all time least favorite hip hop artists.

  25. I’d buy the hell out of this if it was on a cup.

  26. What type of cup you want? They got a variety of options on Zazzle I could set it up for.

  27. What was the Robert Davi thing? I thought I saw something about him. I didn’t delete anything.

  28. Vern, this is from my earlier comment:
    “Speaking of the Die Hard supporting cast, can somebody please tell me why Robert “Agent Johnson” Davi is #4 on the top trending celebrity list according to my imdb app?”

    He’s no longer #4, but he’s still the only one trending who isn’t currently in a major release. At first I was worried he had died, but thankfully that’s not the case. Now, the curiosity has been killing me. If anybody has the answer, thank you in advance!

  29. Oh and I don’t think anything got deleted. Li(tt)l(e) Wayne’s coma just took over the conversation.

  30. This design on a coffee cup (mug) please; it would look excellent in my office.

  31. Davi was trending because of all his suggestions(tweets?) about fixing the GOP.

    The Argyle shirt is amazing! $40 is alot of cash for a t-shirt, but it’ll be worth it when I wear that shit onstage, as much as I support Vern’s mission to familiarize the youth with Pauline Kael, I’m more concerned with the children who are unaware of Argyle’s contributions during the ’88 hostage situation at Nakatomi plaza.

    Could anyone else not view the site at all yesterday?

  32. “Could anyone else not view the site at all yesterday?”

    yup, it happened to me

  33. Thanks, windows. I guess I missed those.

  34. I wish you guys would post in the forum more. I try to post stuff nobody nobody goes there and I feel like I’m talking to myself.

  35. The original Paul

    March 21st, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    Doubleh – I post as much stuff in the “Films” section as I can. Anything Vern hasn’t reviewed that I’ve seen, I try to say something vaguely interesting about. Not sure if I manage it.

    I was considering going to see Soderbergh’s latest, but the same friends who thought that the latest James Bond movie was the worst they’d ever seen had some harsh words to say about that one as well. They didn’t think it was iredeemable, but they did call it a waste of their time. Anybody seen it yet?

  36. The forums are dead as disco.Hardly worth posting there anymore since there is no discussions to be had if noone uses it.

  37. I can only speak for myself, and I mean no disrespect Vern, but I’m not that interested in all these new mainstream movies we’ve had lately. I could of course say something harsh about these friends of Paul and their moronic view on Bond, but I won’t.

  38. The original Paul

    March 22nd, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Pegsman – let me make it clear, I didn’t agree with them on that point. I thought the new Bond was ok, although very flawed. I put that in to give an idea of their tastes.

  39. I know, Paul, I was just refering to it as a possible discussion IF we are that hard up for something to debate.

  40. Holy shit! I just learned that Argyle is the kid who tries to steal from Ray Charles in the Blues Brothers!

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