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New Patreon post: Lana Wachowski’s Clive Barker comic books

Last December when I was revisiting all the MATRIX movies I started thinking about the trivia that Lana Wachowski had written some comic books before becoming a filmmaker. It caught my attention not only because I’m interested in the evolution of her interests and ideas, but because all of the comics she wrote were based on characters created by Clive Barker, and I’m into that shit.

Other than a little bit of HELLRAISER in the battery farm I never made much of a connection between THE MATRIX and Barker until watching for it this time through. I noted some connections in the reviews, but stayed fascinated enough with the subject that I tracked down and read all 17 Barker comics credited to Lana Wachowski (under her previous name). I thought I could write about it for a Patreon bonus, but I was slow to capitalize on interest in THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS.

But hey, now there’s a new HELLRAISER! It’s timely again! So check out my findings on each of the comics, in approximate publication order.


The piece explores all of Lana Wachowski’s Hellraiser, Nightbreed, and (my favorite) EctoKid comics. To unlock it you just have to sign up for any amount of money, and then you can also read all my reviews of the TWILIGHT series, other exclusive pieces about TV specials and books, some early reviews, and most importantly your contribution keeps me only working part time at the day job so I can keep doing all the good shit here. Thank you, I have such sights to show you because there is no spoon, etc.


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2 Responses to “New Patreon post: Lana Wachowski’s Clive Barker comic books”

  1. Oh man, the old Razorline! It was coming out while I was on holiday in the States, and I did my duty as a young barkerhead and got the first three or four issues of all four lines.
    Ectokid was definitely the best, but I liked Saint Sinner as well – even watched the (deeply shitty) movie. Barker’s been critical of Marvel and that whole fiasco since.

  2. I know this is about the Wachowski’s but you should really check out the adapts of Rawhead Rex and In the Hills, the Cities.
    Also, peripherally to Wachowski comics, check out Geoff Darrow and Frank Miller(suppress cringe)’s Hard Boiled.

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