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Oh shit, NINJA 2 trailer!

Okay, it’s not called NINJA 2, there is a different subtitle involved. But, let’s be honest, it’s called NINJA 2.

On one hand, I don’t really understand why Scott Adkins and Isaac Florentine are (from what I understand) so ashamed of the more absurd Cannon-y elements of the first one (souped up ninja armor, oil company run by robe-wearing cultists, etc.), since that’s part of why the movie is so awesome. On the other hand I like sequels that take things in a different direction, so if this is as grim as it looks that’ll be cool too. At any rate it’s clear that it’s jam packed with fights and has at least one great badass line in it. And it’s been a while since UNDISPUTED III, it’ll be good to have the ol’ Florentine/Adkins team back. It’s also written by David White, who previously did SPECIAL FORCES and UNDISPUTED II-III.

NINJA: I’M GOING TO TRY TO BE NON-JUDGMENTAL ABOUT THEM SETTLING ON ‘SHADOW OF A TEAR’ will be playing Fantastic Fest this year with Florentine and producer Frank De Martini in attendance. (I thought Scott Adkins said on Twitter he was gonna be there too but if so that doesn’t seem to be official.) IMDb lists the release date as December 31st.

my review of the original NINJA

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30 Responses to “Oh shit, NINJA 2 trailer!”

  1. Looks like it has plenty of that Florentine/Adkins fight magic, but I hate it when they arbitrarily kill off the love interest in the sequel just to motivate the hero. It’s lazy, not to mention sexist. I liked Namiko just fine in the first movie, my only complaint was that she kicked ass in the beginning only to be turned into a helpless victim in the climax. Looks good apart from that though. Everybody buy it on Blu-Ray so they can make UNDISPUTED IV.

  2. Yeah it’s a shame Mika Hijii isn’t in it more. Her screen fighting skills have improved a lot since Ninja and could have contributed a lot. Having said that, I’m looking forward to seeing Shane Kosugi in action to see him put his ninja gameshow skills to good use. And Jesus, this looks so action packed.

  3. **Kane Kosugi, that is…

  4. I agree with CrustaceanHate 100%, lazy storytelling. And I agree with MikeOutWest, looking forward to Shane Kosugi.
    I highly doubt this will get even a limited theatrical release in Australia, so looking forward to the eventual video release.

  5. **Kane Kosugi, as well. . .

  6. Did the Thai policeman from ONLY GOD FORGIVES flash on-screen for a second, or did I imagine it?

  7. Son of Sho?

    Man but Adkins can move, I’d support him for the role of KickPuncher.

    Agreed about the lazy kill the wife routine though. It seemed like a cool motivation when I didn’t have one, but I’m not sure that losing someone that important would give the laser focus that screenwriters seem to think it would.

    Not unless you’re going to set the film six years later, when the guy has recovered from his breakdown.

    Also, I’d be seriously dissapointed if there’s no chance for him to bring the Ninja armour into the climax, ahem, throat protection.

  8. Now that I think about it…has anybody ever SEEN a shadow of a tear? I guess that’s what the title is about.

  9. Fuck yeah.

  10. Looks like quite a bit of undercranking like in the good old days of 80s hi cinema.

  11. CJ, that just means these guys cry so fast you just see the shadow of the tear.

  12. Better fighting in that trailer than in all the movies of 2013 so far combined. The jacka/tyrese/han fight in Furious was good though.

  13. NINJA is probably my least favorite Florentine joint (it’s not bad, just a little bland), so I’m glad they’re going in a different direction. Ninja armor and dudes in robes sound awesome, but they generally lead to a lot of old guys standing around listening to the pan flute and talking about prophesies and ancient traditions. I’ve had enough of that for one lifetime. I’d rather just get right to the kicking.

  14. BTW, am I the only one who wishes that this movie’s real title would be OH SHIT, NINJA 2?

  15. Or NINJA 2 NINJA.

  16. Isaac Florentine needs to make his own version of Doctor Syn with Adkins vs. every other available British martial artist/actor:

  17. Did anyone else feel that in the first Ninja, at the point where the other guy gets expelled from the Dojo, it could have been a whole other movie about that guy’s quest for redemption?

    The cult guys didn’t really add a lot to the movie apart from providing henchmen…I’m not sure I miss that part, but like I said, RE-USE the armour.

    And please have the wife’s death be a fakeout in true Ninja deception style.

  18. Wife’s death(though honestly, should he have been throwing a pregnant women around like he did at the start?) and lack of Ninja suit sucks, but it looks like it’ll deliver on the action.

  19. Look at that, a ninja movie with no ninja action

  20. Man I can’t wait for this. So many flying kicks. When in doubt, add one thousand percent more flying kicks, and all problems are solved. Scott Adkins needs a break out role. Expendables 2 did him little favors, especially the piss poor handling of his fight with Statham. He should take a cue from him and stick to playing British though, I’m not a fan of his American accent. I am however, a huge fan of his Russian accent, so more Boyka please.

    Adkins said on Twitter today that the better Ninja 2 does the more likely it will be that we will finally get BOYKA: THE SPINOFF.

  21. Mouth’s ethos/strategy is to never/rarely watch previews of any movie, so, you know, all I know is

  22. I will watch this movie.

  23. Mr. Majestyk

    If you want a new least favourite Florentine joint watch Assassins Bullet aka Sofia with Christian Slater and Donald Sutherland.

  24. Dang, I forgot that one even existed. Thanks for reminding me, I guess.

  25. Uhm… where are all the ninjas?

  26. Oh wait, I just got it. They’re ninjas. We’re not supposed to see them.

  27. Well, Fantastic Fest gave me Isaac’s email to set up and interview and we’ve been emailing tonight. Gonna be awesome!!!

  28. You can see Ninjas in the new trailer for Mortal Kombat Legacy II, now with 100% more Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa!


  29. What did the cobra do?!

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