Welcome to the Jungle

tn_welcometothejungleWELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is a little low budget cannibal movie put out in ’07 by Dimension Extreme. That’s the division of Dimension Films that puts out independent or foreign horror movies they buy the rights to. They’re extreme so I believe that means they’re like other Dimension movies except they wear backwards hats and ride snowboards. I think ROGUE is the only movie released by them that I saw and liked alot, but I’ve heard good things about INSIDE and TEETH.

This one didn’t get much attention other than a little controversy when rumors spread that it was a remake of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh got mad and claimed otherwise in interviews, but on the commentary track he calls what he said “unfortunate” and admits that CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST was “obviously” a huge influence.

Hensleigh was the only reason I watched this. It was his second movie as a director after THE PUNISHER (Thomas Jane edition), so I always kinda wanted to see it, and enjoying KILL THE IRISHMAN finally got me off my ass to rent it. The cover says “From the producer of THE TERMINATOR and ALIENS” because somehow he got Gale Anne Hurd involved. She produced his PUNISHER so they must’ve become friends on that.

mp_welcometothejungleThis is basically another one of these movies about some young people making a video about themselves doing a thing and then they encounter some shit and they argue and some disappear or die and then bad shit and then the tape ends. It’s just like BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and [REC], all the same shit happens, except with cannibals instead of ghoulies or whatever. But it’s different from CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST because honestly there are not nearly enough people killed to call it a holocaust, that would just be a huge exaggeration.

I can see if you were a fan of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST then it might be upsetting that this is a slicker, cleaner, modern day, modern technology version of a similar concept. But I’m not a fan. To be honest I tried to watch it one time, feeling like as a horror fan I should understand it. But I turned it off early on, somewhere around when the cartoon savages impaled some white lady from vagina to mouth. It’s not that I can’t take that type of shit (I did watch CANNIBAL FEROX all the way through) but I just felt like I wasn’t getting anything out of it. I went and played fiddlesticks or rescued orphans or something instead.

Because of that I can be open to this one, I can see how it opens up an actually mildly scary version of the “fear of uncivilized islands” thing to an audience of young people that would never watch CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST if they even knew about it. It’s arguably a little more plausible, because modern technology and culture does allow for dumb motherfuckers going around self-indulgently taping every second of their god damn lives. And it uses the BLAIR WITCH type of structure for a story that requires no acceptance of the supernatural.

The different twist he puts on it is that the tourists who get lost in cannibal country are on a quest to find Michael Rockefeller, the son of Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. I don’t think I ever knew this but that guy really did go missing in Southwestern New Guinea back in ’61. He was on an expedition studying the Asmat people there when his boat overturned. He tried to swim back but was never seen again, probly drowned or was eaten by a shark or crocodile. But apparently there was some headhunting and cannibalism still around the area at that time so people have written books or spread urban legends about him getting killed by a tribe to avenge an attack by a Dutch patrol three years earlier, or even of him surviving and becoming their leader like that one John Milius movie with Nick Nolte. There have been claims of sightings or of finding his skull.

So the four in this movie find out the stories about Rockefeller still being alive and they decide it would be an awesome vacation to go try to find him. Same thing the Scooby Doo kids would’ve done, except they document the whole thing on their camcorders.

One mistake Hensleigh makes I think is that the people are pretty obnoxious. Alot of movies do that on accident, this one I kind of think you’re supposed to think they’re douchey. But it’s not really funny about it and it’s not anything original so why do I want to watch a movie about them? I think usually you gotta want the audience to root for the protagonists in a horror movie. Here it’s two couples and one pair is way stupider and jerkier than the other pair but the other two I’m not gonna want to go on a vacation with either. The one pair gets drunk and stays up late whoo-hooing and the other pair bitches about how the other two sleep in too long and don’t take things seriously enough and then they all bicker about it. Pretty soon they’re wanting to ditch each other. And then they do and then the couples argue among themselves.

There are some tense scenes where their car gets attacked by bandits, long before they run into any cannibals. Then there’s some stuff where they’re on rafts and you spot some painted up Natives watching them from the shore. It’s kind of weird that that’s still effective, must be something in our blood. I like how they see a painted up guy with a bow and they have no choice but to just keep slowly floating by and try to act natural. Maybe it’ll be fine. Just coming through, buddy, don’t mind us. Sorry that my prick friend took one of your skull trophies.

It never does get to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST level gore or killing-of-real-animals, but there are a couple very graphic parts. Usually these “found footage” type horror movies are about ghosts, so all they show you is a spooky door opening up or a shadowy blur of something or other. Therefore it actually is kind of novel to see some horrible bodily mutilation in this format. It follows all the traditional beats of BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and every rehash that’s come out since, but it does manage to find a good balance between keeping-it-simple and actually-showing-you-some-shit-that-goes-down.

Most of what happens is pretty reasonable within the context of the story so I do gotta point the out one part that made me laugh: one of the guys tells his girlfriend he’s gonna build a raft to chase after the other guy. Cut to later, still sunny as if it’s only an hour or two has passed, and he’s managed to create a huge, well-crafted bamboo raft. I don’t even know where he got the materials let alone how he knew how to do it so quickly and neatly and without many tools. So if the “finding Michael Rockefeller” business doesn’t work out maybe he should go into raft-building.

As I’ve said before I’m sick and tired of this “we found the video they were making when it happened” approach to horror movies. But as far as those go this one is okay. Definitely not as bad as its reputation.

Note: the movie does not use the Guns and/or Roses song of the same title, but it could be argued that they do “got fun and games.”

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  1. I love old italian horror but I don’t watch the cannibal sub-genre. The killing of real animals is the main reason why I don’t. They can try to justify it all they want I just don’t need to see it. So a slicker and more fake version is actually welcomed. Haven’t seen this one but besides Inside, Eden Lake was a very effective Extreme title.

  2. I really love these kind of movies, but I am sick of them generally having the exact same ending…everyone dies and the cameraman is the last to go. GET A NEW ENDING PEOPLE.

  3. How about the cameraman survives, brings the tape home, and bores the shit out of his friends and family with it?

  4. Around 2005, when BLAIR WITCH wasn’t in everybody’s mind anymore and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY wasn’t made yet, I planned with some friends to do a horror fakeumentary and then spread it without telling anybody via bittorrent. We would have given it a purposely mislabeled filename, so that people would have expected to get a porn movie or even a pirated copy of a different movie when they would download it.
    Of course it never happened and now, that this kind of movie is as normal as your bi-monthly superhero movie, I doubt it will ever happen.

  5. Haven’t seen this one yet. TEETH is okay, not bad at all, but ultimately not all that great either. It’s kind of like if BAD BIOLOGY was less crazy: you’d have an easier time convincing your girlfriend to watch it with you, but you wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

  6. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is the title they gave THE RUNDOWN in the UK. I’d hate to get the two versions mixed up.
    “One mistake Hensleigh makes I think is that the people are pretty obnoxious. Alot of movies do that on accident, this one I kind of think you’re supposed to think they’re douchey. But it’s not really funny about it and it’s not anything original so why do I want to watch a movie about them? I think usually you gotta want the audience to root for the protagonists in a horror movie. ”
    Are you aware of a horror comedy coming out soon called TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL? It’s a twist on the slasher genre about a couple of rednecks who get mistaken for serial killers by a bunch of college kids, who thinking it’s kill or be killed are turned into the defacto villains in their attempts to take the pair out. It’s a pretty great premise and the trailer is hilarious(though I think it pretty much spoils the whole movie).

  7. Let’s make one of these where it’s a documentary ABOUT the found footage, and then the cannibals/ghouls etc. appear not only in the old grainy super 8 reels that were found, but also eventually in the digital world of the talking heads who are commenting on the original scare. Meta. Maybe then you could have a different ending too, where the second act ends with the original cameraman’s last footage, and then have the last act be about something else. Has this already been done? Was this BLAIR WITCH 2?

  8. No, let’s do a found footage film where the footage is shot by the killers/monsters/ghosts.

  9. Let’s do a found footage film where the cameraman drops the camera at the first sign of trouble and the rest of the film is a sideways shot of a wall.

  10. CaseyF*ckinRyback

    August 12th, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Jonathon Hensleigh and Gail Anne Hurd are/were married, or at least dating long-term (I can never keep up with her latest film-making beau – after Cameron she was linked to Brian DePalma for a while too). He was instrumental in getting her in on Armageddon, and she had him slated as writer/director of The Hulk before Ang Lee’s version.

  11. What about a found footage film about video cameras that become alive and start to kill people? So that it would be filmed from the POV of the killers.

  12. How about a lost footage move where the camera man forgot to take the cap of the lens, and all we see is a black screen?

  13. Nabroleon Dynamite

    August 12th, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    @Toxic. I’m a big fan of RA The Rugged Man but haven’t gotten around to seeing Bad Biology yet. Is it any good? I agree with you on Teeth. It was ok but it should have went, went, went there and it held back. Oh well…

    INSIDE is my shit though!! I love putting friends on to that one. Never had a friend who didn’t bring me back my DVD without a smile on their face.

  14. Or how about a found footage movie where a Cloverfield type monster accidentally sits on the camera man and it becomes a 90 colonoscopy?

  15. on a serious note, I always wondered why no one has ever done a found footage drama, like some kid documenting his parents failing marriage or something like that

  16. One of the most effective of the Dimension Extreme titles for me was Eden Lake. It was another riff on crazy kids doing crazy things just because their parents didn’t spank ’em or tussle their hair enough. But man, it worked for me. It is hands down my favorite of the Dimension Extreme. And that is not a backhanded compliment. It is actually one of the better low budget horror films to come along in awhile.

    In the interest of full disclosure: for some douchebag reason I actually made it a point to watch every Extreme movie I could and succeeded save two titles.

  17. Sometimes I wonder how much Vern about celebrity gossip, because I can’t decide if the Gale Anne Hurd bit is a joke because they are married, or he didn’t know it. I guess it must be a joke as most directors like to work with producers that they know and work well with. It’s a reason why Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s wives are producers on the film, and why Robert Rodriguez ex-wife was producing his film and seem to still produce his film. I guess a good producer/director relationship are like a married, and why a lot of directors do film with the same producers.

  18. Maybe if they make one where Herzog is trying to make a movie and Kinski’s ghost starts killing people. I could get down with that.

  19. Well it would have to be a ghost, as Herzog cannot be killed by conventional means:

  20. ^^^ what the hell? who the hell was shooting at Werner Herzog?

  21. You can’t be that badass without making some enemies.

  22. Cannibal Man is a great fuckin’ film. Sorry, that’s all I got.

  23. “Let’s do a found footage film where the cameraman drops the camera at the first sign of trouble and the rest of the film is a sideways shot of a wall.”

    I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. Also, if there was a Kinski ghost film, he’d probably just go around calling people ‘pig’ instead of actually killing them. Unless he had a prop sword, of course.

  24. Kinski once locked himself in Herzog’s bathroom for three days smashing everything and screaming like a mad man all the time. That’s a movie I’d pay to see.

  25. Teeth is the drizzling shits by the way.


  26. Re: Cannibal Holocaust- “But I turned it off early on, somewhere around when the cartoon savages impaled some white lady from vagina to mouth.”

    Not that I’m saying that you’re necessarily being unfair to Cannibal Holocaust, Vern, since it kind of is what people tend to say it is, but you’re remembering the scene wrong.

    The woman who was impaled vagina-to-mouth was a native girl, and it’s heavily implied that the camera crew were responsible. That’s sort of the main plot of Cannibal Holocaust, after the annoying part at the beginning with that bearded guy anyway, this white documentary crew goes into the jungle, loses their guide, and just goes nuts murdering and raping because they don’t even think of the natives as real human beings.

    Also, Jek Porkins, “Let’s make one of these where it’s a documentary ABOUT the found footage, and then the cannibals/ghouls etc. appear not only in the old grainy super 8 reels that were found, but also eventually in the digital world of the talking heads who are commenting on the original scare. Meta.”

    There’s actually something very similar to that called The Last Broadcast, which pre-dates Blair Witch. It’s about a documentary filmmaker studying footage from a public access cable show where two people were murdered.

    And, Stu, “No, let’s do a found footage film where the footage is shot by the killers.” That one was called The Last Horror Movie. A lot of these are The Last something or other, I guess.

  27. So stoked that Vern reviewed a movie that I recommended. Not to say that he probably wouldn’t have found and reviewed it anyway while trying to see all Hensleigh’s work… but still. And he actually enjoyed it too. Mostly. Great day in the morning.

    Has anyone else on here seen this?
    I kinda don’t want to talk much about it since it seems like no one has and now maybe a few of you want to.

    Anyone mind exploring spoiler territory on this one?

  28. I could be wrong, but wasn’t one the granddaddies of this subgenre of “found footage” stuff a French movie called Man Bites Dog that was supposedly a documentary of a camera crew following around a Hitman as he kills people?

  29. It was from Belgium, but you’re right about the rest, Griff. Still, I would say that Cannibal Holocaust’s the grand daddy of this particular genre.

  30. @Nabroleon Dynamite: Bad Biology is a lot of fun if you’re into that kind of stuff, i.e. old school special effects, deformed babies, giant penis, freaky vagina and whatnot. Unlike TEETH, it really doesn’t hold back on the weirdness.

    Vern already reviewed it btw: https://outlawvern.com/2010/02/14/bad-biology/

  31. Man Bites Dog is not found footage, exactly. It also features a great scene where the serial killer is chasing someone and runs into another film crew, who is also tailing a second serial killer.

  32. I just saw the guy who played the killer in MAN BITES DOG in an Asterix live action movie. He does lots of comedy these days.

  33. They’re mostly awful, sadly.

  34. I mean the comedies he’s in. They’re awful. He always plays a variation of the same character, the pretentious, short-tempered dumb loser, and writers or directors seem to think that when you have him playing this type of character, you don’t need actual jokes, the movie will be funny anyway.

  35. Cannibal Holocaust is the granddaddy, not Man Bites Dog. BUT, depending on how you look at the genre…not just “found footage horror” but basically any type of horror that pretends to be real in order to be scarier…then Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds is the grandpappy.

    I like the fake newscast horror movie too, like Ghostwatch from England they did in the 90s which I recently saw. Also my favorite Tales rom the Crypt is the one where they go into the haunted house with a camera crew.

    There’s a good creepy couple of horror docs on Netflix streaming called S&Man and Cropsy that I liked a lot.

  36. Cropsy is TERRIFYING. One of the most deeply upsetting things I have ever seen. But utterly engrossing. Why is it that all of the scariest movies I have ever seen are docs?

    By the by, Man Bites Dog is not a found footage horror film. It’s a comedy.

  37. it made me and a friend laugh to think of just watching a cannibal movie. i’m going to check it out.

  38. Cropsy, isn’t that about a murderer who was basically an urban legend come to life?

  39. Mr. Doctor – that’s my favorite episode of Tales From The Crypt too, I love how the ghosts in the haunted house will just straight up murder you, not just creep you out

  40. Griff, except…you don’t know if he did it, or if just fit an easy profile. The footage of the institution was as horrific as images of Auschwitz. No Joke.

  41. This is the story of how Dimension Extreme saved The Weinstein Company and helped to kill Blockbuster.

    A few years back, TWC signed a deal with blockbuster to release their films for rental exclusively. I think they came out at Blockbuster first, then hit stores, then hit other renters 90 days later…something like that. If I recall correctly, this was in 2007-2008 In exchange for the exclusive period on all TWC/Dimension films, Blockbuster paid the Weinstein’s 2 million dollars per picture (I could be wrong on this because the number seems rather high when you add it all up, but a large chunk of change, regadless). Additionally, Blockbuster was incentivised to to push TWC product hard in their marketing, as they were financially vested in it more than in other studios projects.

    The deal was designed to give Blockbuster early access to films like The King’s Speech and Inglorious Bastards. But the way the contract was written, they paid the same 2 million regardless of the movie. As a result, TWC began to expand their DTV releases. If they could make a film for 1.5 million, they would have an automatic profit of 500k, plus any actual sales. And since Blockbuster was also bearing the burden of advertising the films in-store, online, and through their print advertising, TWC could minimize their costs and focus their marketing on niche groups.

    During the 2 year term of the contract TWC struggled intensely and released very few theatrical films, almost none of which were hits, excepting Halloween (Redux). Meanwhile, they began to produce films in groups. For example, Feast 2 and 3 shot back-to-back-to-back-to-back with Pulse 2 and 3, using the same sound stages, sets and core crew, including some actors, I believe. This further reduced costs while maximizing profit. But quickly, TWC realized that it would be more cost effective to just buy foreign language horror films and distribute them through DImension Extreme*. Why bother spending 700k making Feast 2 which could turn out to be…well…Feast 2 when you could spend 500k to get a movie that someone was actually passionate about making?

    Harvey and Bob could watch the final product and cherry-pick the best content. The DVD market was already dying by this point and so buyers were drying up. As a result, TWC was able to basically get the cream of the crop for foreign horror and still pay well under 2 million dollars for it, thus turn a healthy profit before they ever pressed a single DVD.

    In theory, this helped them to acquire and release edgier and more ambitious fare because they had a safety net. Sometimes it worked: Martyrs, Inside, The Mist, Frontier(S), Wizard of Gore (Redux), Rogue, Finishing the Game, The Hammer, Control, Sicko, Persepolis, The Band’s Visit, Cassandra’s Dream, I’m Not There, Death Defying Acts, The Great Debaters, Dante01, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, Rambo, Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, Diary of the Dead and Eden Lake all have some level of value, in my opinion**.

    22 reasonable films over a 2 year period sounds pretty good. Except TWC/Dimension released 3-4x that number of films during the time period. Also, I do not know for sure if TWC and their DVD company, Genius Pictures owned video distribution for all of these films. If they didn’t have DVD distribution in the US, then obviously it wouldn’t be part of the deal.

    Without this deal, TWC/Dimension almost certainly would have gone out of business. Blockbuster has.

    *Dimension Extreme was set up as a marketing gimmick and as a way to make sure the real Dimension name wasn’t sullied.
    ** These are the movies of acceptable quality that I have seen. I used to write DVD reviews very regularly, so I saw a LOT of DTV films.

  42. so TWC basically helped ruin Blockbuster so they could survive? them’s some ice cold mother fuckers

    I’m mad actually, there’s now no way for me to rent video games outside of subscribing to Gamefly (which I can’t afford)

    thanks guys

  43. Cropsey is pretty good. I’ve been on a documentary binge lately, watching stuff I should have watched ages ago, like King of Kong, Restrepo and Fog of War.

    But the one that completely floored me was Dear Zachary. Watched it weeks ago and still can’t shake it. Very well put togther and incredibly moving. Word of advice, the less you know about it before watching, the better.

  44. I think in Cropsey it’s pretty much taken for granted the guy did it. He’s a real weirdo. But the idea of what the institution became after everyone left…that’s a real horror movie. Cropsey is great, it even has a few Blair Witch type of scenes although they generally end as they always do in reality. I suggest watching S&Man if you like these kinds of movies. It’s more of a horror interview doc in a way, but not quite. It’s not for everyone though, so don’t take it like I’m recommending Evil Dead 2, which I know anyone will love.

    Good old Netflix streaming…it’s really the treasure trove for this shit, which is my favorite type of scary entertainment. All of these horror and ghost docs, Monsterquest, Is It Real, Bigfoot documentaries…all they need to do is get Ghost Hunters on there and I’ll be set.

    Interesting story about Dimension Extreme, Tawdry!

  45. Interesting stuff Tawdry. Thanks for the detailed breakdown.

  46. Dear Zachary was awful. And by awful I mean it destroyed my afternoon/week. The grandparents in the film broke my heart.

    Mr. Doctor-thanks for the S&Man suggestion, i’ll check it out.

    Cropsey was good, but I coulda done without the Blair Witchy part. The real story was horrifying enough without them trying to drum up some scares.

    Speaking of true crime docs, anyone seen the Iceman Confessions? I just found out Mickey Rourke and Mikey Shannon are going to be playing him in separate biopics. Very exciting.

  47. Griff: I’m pretty sure Redbox has some games available to rent. Not a great selection or anything, but it’s something.

  48. No, TWC didn’t kill Blockbuster. Netflix killed Blockbuster. And years of mismanagement. And the death of the DVD market. The deal with TWC was basically a last ditch effort to regain relevancy. Might have worked better if it was Fox or Disney…

    But look at it this way, Blockbuster was basically buying TWC as a tastemaker. TWC was, ostensibly working as a subsidiary to Blockbuster at this point. If you wanna get meta as shit, think of of them as Jerry Bruckheimer to Blockbuster’s Disney.

    And sure, Feast 2 and 3 and Pulse 2 and 3 were perhaps ill-advised, but they weren’t entirely mercinarial. They were an experiment. I think Harvey wanted to make a sequel to Feast (which he fought Disney for ownership of when Miramax broke down) but could only justify it if he could bundle it with a sequel to a theatrical film. Pulse wasn’t great, but it was a world that was possibly worth exploring. And as costs came together, it ended up making more sense to just make 2 of each film.

    They tried it, it didn’t quite work.

    But really, it’s not like TWC started doing Asylum style stuff. I actually admire Harvey Weinstein. He cares about the movies. He’s one of the few people running Hollywood who isn’t a MBA bean counter. The film itself is important to him. And he clearly has a great eye for talent.

  49. Isn’t Harvey Weinstein the guy who buys all those great foreign action movies, then waits years to release them in the USA, but first cuts 90% of all non-action scenes out, replaces the score with some Hip Hop tracks and finally releases them with a huge QUENTIN TARANTINO PRESENTS on the cover?

  50. Well…yes. But who else was going to distribute those movies in the US at all? He experiments and tries to find a way to sell audiences on a genre. It doesn’t always work, but it’s rarely totally boring.

  51. I don’t buy that as a defense of Weinstein. Yes, it’s great what they’ve done for Tarantino and Rodriguez. But their handling of foreign films is offensive. I believe that yes, there are plenty of companies that would’ve put those movies out and not a single one of them that would’ve cut them, re-named or re-scored them. I’ve also heard about the Weinsteins sending cease and desist letters to stores selling legitimate imports of the movies they’re going to maybe put out a couple years down the line. One of those things where they have no legal standing at all but the people have to comply because they can’t afford to take it to court. And making an exclusive deal with a chain is not good for the films of cinema either. I kept recommending Martyrs to people and nobody could find it because it was only at Blockbuster forever and who goes to Blockbuster?

    Admittedly they’ve gotten better in recent years since they have Bey Logan overseeing their Asian releases. It’s still ridiculous that they lump all Asian countries into “Dragon Dynasty,” but those are generally decent releases.

  52. Okay, here is how Harvey works:

    You’re a first time director, he’s gonna let you make your film with your script. He will even write final cut into your contract. It’s a dream! You get to write and direct your own film and you get a written guarantee that a major studio will release your version of it!

    Except, you don’t get final cut. Unless you’re QT or RR, Harvey is going to go in and rework your film however he sees fit. Sounds like a real asshole, right?

    Well, no. As a first timer, you will never, EVER get final cut unless you fund the movie yourself. And even then, if someone buys it, which is unlikely, they will probably want to recut it for release. What you gain by working with Harvey on your first film is this; final cut is now in your contract. If you sign up for another film with another studio, final cut is part of your basic asking price. It’s part of your quote. You no longer have to fight to earn final cut, a studio has to pry it away from you. That is either gonna cost them a significant amount of money, or it’s going to net you a producer credit. In both cases, you will still walk away with more control over that film and a bigger piece of the pie.

    So, Harvey will kind of fuck you over a lot if you get in bed with him. But he often does it in a way that is beneficial to the filmmaker in the long term.

  53. Tawdry, are you friends with that guy?

  54. I know several people who have worked with TWC. However, everything I’ve said is a matter of public record. I wouldn’t divulge private information as it would be both unprofessional and a dick move toward those who have been kind enough to mentor me.

    I’m not a big shot, by the by. I’m not even a water gun. I’ve been writing for a few websites since I was 16 or so (my ‘rents are career journalists, so I knew what I was doing…sort of) and I’ve made some connections, so I know what’s up, but I’m a 22-year old kid just one year out of college.

  55. I prefer some of the Weinstein cuts of movies to the originals. Watch Rumble in the Bronx with the original shitty music or terrible sound effects. Or Supercop or Fist of Legend. Jackie himself said the Weinstein versions of a lot of his movies were better, definitely he said it about Supercop.

    I hate to defend Weinstein too much because he does seem like a gigantic fucking asshole…BUT, when he has these fights with first time filmmakers and wants to movies shorter and all of that…well, a lot of times these filmmakers just don’t deliver. I’ve seen a lot of first time films and there’s usually a bunch of boring pointless scenes in them that they will fight to the death for, because the character was like their grandfather or something.

  56. I thought the extras on the SUPERCOP DVD had Jackie complaining about the American cuts of his films.

  57. I don’t know about that, could be…although I don’t tend to remember many extras being on those DVDs. But I remember being a little surprised reading an interview with him and he specifically said that he preferred the American version and that the sound and music were better.

  58. Cannibal Holocaust seemed like it was made by two totally different directors. There were parts of the movie where it seemed like a serious (if a little blunt) attempt at some sort of social commentary but then other parts were simply irritating in their attempts to shock.

    The animal stuff in CH goes without saying, that poor fucking turtle.

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