Black Dynamite: The Cartoon: The Pilot

tn_blackdynamitecartoonI know most of you have already seen this (and sent me the link – thanks for that) but I just realized I could embed it on here and it’s like I’m personally presenting it to you. I’m coming out and introducing it, or inviting you over to my apartment to watch it. There will be a Q&A and light refreshments afterwards.

I’m not sure how close they are to having the actual BLACK DYNAMITE cartoon series ready, but the Adult Swim cartoon people have made this 11-ish minute pilot available to prove that it’s a good idea. Click on the thing here for the video and some comments.

I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical about doing Black Dynamite as a cartoon. I would be excited for a sequel, but part of the beauty of the movie is how much it resembles an authentic ’70s blaxploitation movie, just an extra crazy and awesome one. I’m happy that in cartoon form they are able to still keep some of that by mimicking live action filmatic techniques and styles, even if they’re now exaggerated drawings. And it doesn’t really feel like other cartoons on TV because it’s copying the format of the movie (for example the childhood flashback where he’s “8 year-old Black Dynamite.”)

This also shows how important sound is to the movie, because it’s so great to hear the same voices coming out of the animated characters, and the music is such a big part of it. They got some of the same library music but also new stuff including the new theme song which is as good as or better than any of the great music in the movie.

It’s some funny shit. I hope they can keep up that level of quality for the actual show. Also I hope all the hard work he’s doing here doesn’t prevent MJW from starring in some serious movies like maybe a BLOOD AND BONE 2-6.

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30 Responses to “Black Dynamite: The Cartoon: The Pilot”

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  2. Oh, dieselboy. You’re better than this.

  3. For the record, the series will be 22 minutes, not 11.

  4. I really enjoyed it too and I love that they take advantage of it being a cartoon. Face it, the whole puppet thing works great here, but if they had used it as story for the sequel of the movie, it could totally ruin the whole thing for it by being too silly.

  5. Btw, as much as I enjoy the visual style of it, I wish they would have made it look like a 70’s Saturday morning cartoon, with Hannah-Barbera-ish animation and color pallette and shit.

  6. And they have a RIchard Pryor episode in the works.

    Here’s my review/write up from the comic-con panel.


  7. That was some good shit! Give me more o’ that. Course, I can’t help thinking how much funnier that woulda’ been in live action with real puppets.

    CJ – I see you’re point with the Hannah-Barbara production values but it’s been done. This way is better. It gives the show some legs.

    dieselboy, what the fuck are you playin’ at? Take that shit outside.

  8. Black Dynamite is one of my favorite movies of the last couple of years, I LOVE that movie so damn much,can’t wait for the cartoon


  9. Vern, thanks for writing us up.

    10 1/2 hour episodes have been ordered by Adult Swim to begin airing in Spring 2012.

  10. oh my God, it’s the man himself!

  11. Great stuff. I love how they capture the total bonkers facial expressions too with BD’s screaming and the dramatic pauses.
    One thing they’re kinda missing that the film had though was the intentional goofs and things that should be outtakes, but got kept it, but I suppose it’d be hard to do that in animation and make sense, unless there was some fucked up animation spots now and again, like a character’s arm is missing without anyone commenting on it, or the colouring is mixed up for a scene.

  12. CJ – while I like the animation they went with, the idea of having it look like a low budget cartoon from the 70’s is hilarious, maybe they should do that for just one episode?

  13. caruso_stalker217

    August 11th, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    FUCK. YES.

  14. Vern’s power has evolved from being able to summon filmmakers to being able to will fictional characters into existence.

    This summer, Vern IS the Golden Ticket.

  15. Wait, how can you guys diss postmodernism in one thread and then beg for it in another?

  16. Maybe they are doing it as a deconstruction of the inconsistent opinions of internet blog posters.

  17. “Wait, how can you guys diss postmodernism in one thread and then beg for it in another?”

    Because physics allows it?

  18. Everything is chaos.

  19. @ Tawdry – Do commenters contradict themselves? Very well they contradict themselves. They are large, they contain multitudes.

  20. Oh.



    That was awesome, please do hurry up with a true sequel or three though. BD is easily the funniest American comedy since Dumb & Dumber.

  21. Heh! If someone is going to spoof a Cialis spam remark, a “Black Dynamite” talkback seems the worst and thus the best place to do so.

    {bowing to Dieselboy}{murmuring}

  22. Jareth Cutestory

    August 12th, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Richard Pryor was so great. He used to refer to his multiple sclerosis (MS) as “More Shit.”

  23. Hey someone(Mysterios!) edited my post! I don’t really give a shit, I was just goofing anyway but can anyone decipher what in the fuck “Read this tabletki cialis” translates into the English language?

    P.S.Editing someones goofy ass “first” comment seems like a real waste of your time Vern. Time that could easily be spent reviewing Hellboy 2.

  24. Sorry Dieselboy, I was just goofing too. That was taken from a real spam comment, so I don’t know what it means. I was gonna review Hellboy 2 but I wrote this response so I didn’t have time.

  25. UPDATE:Tabletki and Cialis both have something to do with boner pills, so I stand by your edit,and in fact feel it better represents me as a person. Go take boner pills guys.

    (I also hope you know the Hellboy 2 review thing is just a running joke between me and no one in particular)

  26. Are boner pills shaped like a boner or do I have to insert them into my peehole? Or both?!?
    Also shouldn’t Captain Kirk have the nickname “Bones” instead of Doc McCoy?
    And isn’t it kinda ironic that skeletons can’t have a boner? Wow, I just imagined a skeleton with a strap on.
    I should go to bed now.

  27. In summary, go watch Blade II again.

  28. I’m interviewing Michael Jai Whte and Carl Jones tomorrow. Thought I’d open it up to the board for suggestions on any questions, in case someone’s got a really juicy BLACK DYNAMITE question for me.

  29. My question is, what do we have to do for a Blood and Bone sequel? ‘Cause we’ll do it.

    This is unrelated, but I was thinking it would be cool if he did a Black Dynamite sequel where he was playing an older Black Dynamite and it’s made to seem like it was the pathetic sequel made in the late ’80s and trying to be relevant to a new generation, like Return of Superfly or some of Jim Brown’s movies. With period hip hop soundtrack and everything.

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