‘Stack of Dimes’ Seagal episode

tn_lawmanI want to thank Stack of Dimes for plugging the shit out of SEAGALOGY on the latest episode of their podcast. I mentioned these guys once before, but they’re basically some dudes from Seattle who shoot the shit about various topics, often including Van Damme. They also introduced me to the magic of Jeff Wincott and MISSION OF JUSTICE. Anyway, on this episode they talk about Seagal movies and get excited about his upcoming reality series.

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11 Responses to “‘Stack of Dimes’ Seagal episode”

  1. The word is spreading. Like butter and herpes.

  2. Soon my friend :) Here’s a shitty picture of the poster that makes it look like me and my phone are in the show

  3. Dude, your phone is about to get its balls kicked up into its throat.

  4. Phone Nuts…I think you’re on to something Mr Majestyk.

  5. It’s true, man. It happened. Still hurts.

  6. Vern – MAn, those podcast guys are right. You’ve got to do it, in the flesh. Don’t worry, I doubt the mafia or IRS can trace your whereabouts through a podcast.

  7. Sorry, forgot to change back to my name.

  8. Wincott. Night Heat. Great show.

  9. I’m with RRA Vern, you’ve got to go on the show. Use that voice simulator you used on your MACHETE review if you want (just keep the music down) but all the guys on the show can tell me I already read in the book — you gotta get out there and start shaping this discipline you created!

  10. Yeah man, I second (or fourth; shit, how far into this are we?) the motion. The hard-on these guys have for you rivals Larry Flynt’s when he first saw a chicken. There’s no way it can go wrong. Go ahead and use the voice simulator if you must, but if so, have fun with it. Breath deep like Darth Vader, and then constantly refer to it as your “Teen Wolf Voice.” That’ll go over well.

    Seriously though, these guys love your book, give you massive props, and would really engage the conversation. Like Mr. S says, its time to grab hold of the reins. More and more people are coming out of the wood work, and as the books keep coming out its only going to increase. This way you can dictate terms and shape how the dialogue will be across different media.

    Remember, you must strive for excellence.

  11. Vern – Just remember, WWJTBVD? (What Would Jesse The Body Ventura Do?)

    Do the right thing.

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