Talking Seagal with The Suspense is Killing Us

Some years ago I appeared on a podcast called The Suspense is Killing Us to discuss RICOCHET and two other Denzel movies. (Here’s the episode.) These are my real life friends but I think even if they weren’t I would endorse this podcast because it has the great goal of analyzing the kind of thrillers that were so big in the ’90s but don’t exist much anymore, and because they make me laugh out loud all the time.

That was episode 7, and 107 episodes later I’m finally returning. They do sometimes stretch the definition of what type of movie they can cover, and they wanted to do THE GLIMMER MAN (Seagal’s closest to fitting the type of movies they usually do). Tasked with choosing two other Seagal pictures for them to watch I went with one of the more definitively good ones (HARD TO KILL) and one of my favorite crazy ones (BELLY OF THE BEAST).

I really haven’t revisited Seagal’s movies much in recent years so it was great to have an excuse to do it and find that I can still enjoy them. Theirs is also the only podcast I’ve been able to do in person, which obviously is a different experience from calling in. I really recommend this podcast in general, it’s always a fun time, check it out.



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  1. This was great, and a lovely treat for my birthday. I am digging Emily’s addition to the podcast, so I hope that when Kevin gets back from his travels she stays on. This podcast has gotten me to go back to so many great movies I had not seen in decades (Single White Female, Ricochet), and introduced me to some absolute gems (Sharkey’s Revenge, Shakedown). Long May it continue.

  2. Of course, I meant Sharky’s Machine. Hangover brain.

  3. This podcast episode is a damn delight, thanks for sharing. I’m less than halfway through and I’ve already had to stop several times because I’m laughing too hard. The extended discussion of the “You can take that to the bank…” line killed me.

    Thanks for introducing me to this podcast! Many, many promising looking episodes to listen to.

    I swear, this site has it all. You already did me a solid by cluing me in to Blank Check, which got me through a bad week of being housebound and immobilized due to vertigo… now this. I guess next time the vertigo hits I’ll be ready…

  4. Thank you Ben, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had a very brief bout of vertigo once a couple years ago – got out of bed and suddenly felt myself pushed against the wall like the whole building had tipped over. It lasted maybe 20 minutes and made me throw up once but it was terrifying, I can’t imagine having it last a week!

  5. Hey Vern, sorry to hear you had to deal with that nonsense as well. Just to be clear, my bout was not at 100% intensity for a whole week – more like 24 hours of the world spinning around me, then 5 days of that sloooowly backing off by small degrees, til by the end of the week I could leave the damn house and walk around the block instead of just sitting still all day.

    Weirdest things was that I had a writing project to finish during that time – so I spent a strange few hours typing away while trying to ignore that I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. Got it done in the end! And then listened to a whole lotta podcasts…

  6. This post has moved me to comment for only the 2nd time ever! It just makes me really happy to hear you can still enjoy Seagal’s movies, Vern. The man has made a lot of highly questionable life choices in recent decades, but his movies (the Golden and Silver Age ones in particular) are still movies I enjoy watching. Hell I’m still considering getting a tattoo on my shoulder of Forrest Taft’s quote “I wouldn’t dirty my bullets” to serve as a constant reminder to strive to take the high road / do the right thing as much as possible.

  7. Wolk_i_zajchik

    May 22nd, 2023 at 6:30 am

    Seagal’s latest film, “Сижу и ем блины с Путинском говном”, just opened in Sewastopol and it’s pretty good!

    There’s a ten-minute action sequence in the beginning, where a huge construction crane lifts Steve and puts him in a big chair. There’s suspense, because the crane cannot carry him, and has to be supported by two more cranes, but he finally manages to fit in the three-metre-wide seat of the chair.

    And then, for the next two hours, he does exactly what the title says.

    It’s pretty good if you’re a fan of both guys, and you can tell that Steve is enjoying every minute!

  8. Thanks for listening and commenting, Wooby. I’m glad I can still enjoy them too – I’ve avoided them long enough I wasn’t sure. I’m not going to encourage you one way or another on the tattoo, but I’m impressed to know there’s someone out who takes the messages of ON DEADLY GROUND even more seriously than I do.

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