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I MUST BREAK This Podcast

I was shamefully unaware of this until recently, but there’s a podcast called I MUST BREAK THIS PODCAST that’s all about the films of Dolph Lundgren. And it’s up to episode #87!? That’s the one where I got to come on and talk about the 2016 film FEMALE FIGHT SQUAD starring Amy Johnston. Dolph plays her dad. I’m glad I had an excuse to watch it again because I remembered it being good but it was still better than I thought it was gonna be.
Anyway, I had a fun time talking about it. CHECK IT OUT HERE if you’re interested.
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2 Responses to “I MUST BREAK This Podcast”

  1. Let them know I’m available if they need someone to discuss his episode of THROUGH THE KEYHOLE.

  2. Amy is on the latest episode of Scott Adkins’ The Art or Action episode. It’s a lovely talk between two legit screen badasses, and she seems so humble and pleasant.

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