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Programming note

I did a couple extra reviews last week, so I ran out of back log and I don’t have anything new to post like I normally would on a Monday… but I sort of need to play it by ear this week anyway. I’ll see if I’m able to concentrate enough to finish the ones I’ve been working on or if it will even feel right to post anything. Like, I might not post a monster movie review right away if a new civil war starts. Maybe wait until a couple days after the first important battle out of respect or whatever. But I promise I have some good stuff coming soon.

Anyway I just want to say stay safe everybody, take care of your mental state, we’re in this together, nazi presidents fuck off, let’s blow up this stupid Death Star and get ready for the next one.

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  1. Stay safe, y’all. Gotta be honest, that shit is scary as hell. And I don’t even live in the US! But at this point I really can’t emotionally distance myself with “Hey, it’s on the other side of the planet” anymore. It’s just too real and fucked up! One of you could get murdered for having a Biden bumper sticker and the god damn motherfucking POTUS would just tweet “Oh well, boys will be boys, LOL!” The only thing that gives me at least a bit of hope is the old Mr Rogers principle of “Look for the helpers in the news”. There are still good people fighting this shitshow. So…let’s hope for the best.

  2. I just got back from voting. The lines were longer than I’d ever seen them.

  3. I’m oddly touched that Vern seems to feel like he owes us anything.

    If anything, I feel like I owe you, man. You do whatever works for you. I’ll be here every day looking for new stuff, often more than once a day. If it’s there, sweet! If it’s not, you have your very good reasons. Thank you for all you do.

  4. Vote! Let’s get rid of the whiny manchild Trump and elect Joe Biden And Kamala Harris.

  5. I am going through old Vern reviews for movies I like or haven’t yet seen, in order to keep myself calm and (relatively) sane instead of obsessively doom scrolling my Facebook and/or Twitter feeds.

    Thank you Vern!

  6. Hey Vern!

    Stay safe and stay on target and use the force and stuff. Get back when you are ready to do it. Like Harry Tuttle said in Brazil, “We’re all in this together.”

    Take care!

  7. Definitely take the time you need. You don’t owe us reviews. Take the week if you want. I’ve had a hard time being productive all day (although I got a handful of stuff done). And, if I’m being honest, I’m a bit nervous as to whether Biden can close the deal.

  8. Well we are now in basically the worst case situation. If Trump had won handily Biden would have already admitted defeat and we could resign ourselves to scratching our heads and picking up the pieces. If Biden had won handily Trump would have whined anyway but everybody would have dismissed him except the true nut cases. Instead we have to actually count all the votes to see whether Trump was successful with all his cheating and voter suppression, or not. And if he wasn’t it is not going to end well because he will foment anarchy.

    What the hell is wrong with our country, that nearly half of us could still vote for this guy. It is pathetic. This should have been a clear any easy victory. Yet another blow to my faith in humanity.

  9. i think with the way MI and WI are leaning biden has the win and PA won’t matter

    however, like rainman said, here comes the lies on the right. and the fact it is close means some will not accept it and will be violent. not a lot i don’t think. but enough. and the rest will simmer

    anyone remember the ending of easy rider?

    where peter fonda and dennis hopper are just blown away by some good ol’ boys with shotguns at the end of the movie?

    ask me a few years ago, and i’d say that kind of stuff on an appreciable scale is ancient history. now it doesn’t feel like history anymore

    i’m worried about going rural now. i used to not care. but the anger simmers. anyone nonwhite, or with a car full of lefty leaning bumper stickers, or lesbian/ gay/ urban style, haircuts/ clothes/ jewelry: they have to worry going rural i think now with simmering anger now if biden wins

    wtf usa?

  10. Whew. Biden wins. What a relief. Sadly, I won’t feel good about this until Biden is sworn in and Trump is actually gone. Pretty sad that we can’t really depend on Trump being gracious and commiting to peaceful transition, and even if he is kept in check by his handlers somehow he will probably try to fuck up everything he can while he is a lame duck. Cause he is a spiteful, mean, petty man.

  11. Yeah, the last four years of “NOW they got him by the balls…oh no, he got away again” isn’t making me too optimistic, but even some of his closest sell-out friends are all “Dude, it’s over. Let it go, we can fuck democracy only so far”, so who knows? Hope for the best, expect the worst.

    That said: Is the Ewok style party in the streets still on the table?

  12. Ewoks-style street party literally in progress outside my home! About to go out and join it! Big Yub Nub to you all!

    Yub Nub (Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Ending)

    This is the ending of the unremastered version of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, featuring the song "Yub Nub" This is sourced from the 1993 LaserD...

  13. I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices cried out in celebration. So I pulled up this sight and thread to make the most clever joyful reference I could think of, and saw that Mr. S had already started the cry of Yub Nub. So from a lone ewok deep in the duck dynasty empire, I hope you guys out there in liberal strongholds like Coruscant can hear us yub nubbing because I’m doing it as hard as I can. Thank you for this bastion of internet excellence throughout, Vern. I hope we get to hear you tell it like it is again soon.

    This is like the Watchmen squid ending in reverse though, if you think about it.

    PS- Worm on a Hook is fucking fun so far

  14. A recent recount shows I’m actually third behind CJ in yub nubbing.

    This is fake news and comment fraud, clearly. I hereby claim that I actually thought of it and posted it first, by a lot, and will be vindicated as soon as Judge Judy reviews the evidence, that shows Vern’s server flipped the comment timestamps because it was really hosted on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and JFK jr will come back to defeat the Demon and close the door of evil once and for all.

  15. I guess congratulations to our friends in USA are in order.

  16. *dancing gif*

  17. Inspector Hammer Boudreaux

    November 7th, 2020 at 1:51 pm

    Trump’s never had to deal with any real setback or disappointments until now, and he’s obviously old af and set in his ways. I’m betting he’ll be dead within 2 years- stroke, heart attack, something like that, because he won’t be able to deal with being officially branded a loser. So if I were him, I’d go out Scarface style on January 20th; that way I’d have a little respect for him at least, instead of pure contempt. But we all know he won’t have the balls or the weapons training.

  18. Congratulations from here in Asia.

  19. Man, I didn’t get that street party we’ve been dreaming of, but I did wake up at 8:30 am to someone whooing in the distance and immediately realized what it meant. So it was like that Ewok blowing the horn. (And then I did put on my RETURN OF THE JEDI record.)

  20. I’ve had it a bit rough over the last couple years, and when I found out the news I felt such elation and joy, for a couple hours. It’s settled into satisfaction, but I’m still so unsettled by the way Trump is seemingly hell-bent on either leaving everything behind in tatters or just willing himself in. It’s undignified, selfish, and stupid.

  21. A real downer. Don’t relax your guard and let Trump get away with it.

  22. The good news, depending on how much faith you put into them, is that the polls are saying overwhelmingly that Biden won the election fair and square. I’m even hearing stuff to the degree that the people who would decorate their vehicles in MAGA stuff is taking all of it down, and people are either distancing themselves or just letting life go on. Even people on Fox News are saying it’s over for him.

  23. You would not believe how many reviews you mentioned Trump in over the last 5 years, Vern. I know as I think I’ve just scrolled through them all so I could find out who posted this video as nourishment after the 2016 election.

    Supaman - Why

    Supaman and world champion dancer Acosia Red Elk team up on this visually stimulating video for the song called "Why" which is featured on Supaman's forth co...

    It was Jesse, to whom I say thank you so much. It’s nourished me more than I can say, as does coming here. Thank you, all. Stay safe.

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