New on Patreon: ‘John Hyams: Sculpting With Fists’

Back in 2016 I wrote a John Hyams chapter for what would’ve been a really cool critical anthology book. Unfortunately the publisher went under and it never found a new home. So, in honor of ALONE, I decided to post what I wrote back then as a Patreon bonus. Enjoy!


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3 Responses to “New on Patreon: ‘John Hyams: Sculpting With Fists’”

  1. Still have to read this, but first my internet connection was offline for over 12 hours, now Patreon is being a bitch again and won’t let me in without two factor authencitation, only that it fails to send me the required code in time, so I have to hit resend over and over and hope that it this time WON’T show up 3 hours later.

    But I’m sure it’s great! Too bad about the publisher. I would love to read another one of your review books.

  2. Holy crap. The next Art of Action interview is Seagal!

  3. Did not expect that! I knew he was a fan, though.

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