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Patreon bonus shit: Highlander: The Series guest starring Rowdy Roddy Piper

Thank you again for reading my HIGHLANDERLAND series. It was a thrill to write and share it with you all. I knew it would be wrong for Badass Studies and humanity as a whole to lock such an important topic behind a paywall, but I really owe a debt of gratitude to the Patreon supporters on this one. The predictable monthly extra income from that has allowed me to work one less day a week and that’s truly why I was able to prepare the whole series in advance like I did with the TWILIGHT ones. So if I was going into some aspect of part 5 and realized there was a parallel in part 2, I could go back and mention it earlier. An extra opportunity for excellence-striving.

As a special thank you for that I have one last Patreon-exclusive HIGHLANDERLAND bonus – a review of the second season Highlander: The Series episode “Epitaph For Tommy,” chosen not for its importance as an episode, but for it guest starring Rowdy Roddy Piper.


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12 Responses to “Patreon bonus shit: Highlander: The Series guest starring Rowdy Roddy Piper”

  1. Plot twist! We thought The Game was over but it turns out there was one more review trapped in a cave in the Himalayas!

  2. I’ll admit I’m not as up on my Highlander lore as many of the esteemed experts round these parts, but I don’t get the plot of this episode at all. If SPOILER didn’t know Roddy was an Immortal when she double-crossed him, what did she think was going on with him and all his swordfighting? Did she think it was just a normal thing that regular mortal-type guys do? Just run up on random dudes on the street and start swashbuckling the living shit out of them? I’m curious as to why Duncan needed to be involved in this scheme at all. Was he just a distraction for the husband’s murder? Because I don’t see how “He was an innocent bystander in a spontaneous swordfight, which now that you mention we seem to have a lot of around here, maybe we should set up a task force or something, find out what’s going on” is any less suspicious than “He was the victim of a random hit-and-run.” You’d think if you’d been alive for a couple hundred years or whatever, you’d learn the value of simplifying a plan down to its most unfuckupable components, but maybe the opposite happens. Maybe when you’ve been around that long, you gotta give yourself an added level of difficulty just to keep things interesting.

  3. I’m honestly not sure, but my guess is that Roddy was supposed to meet Tommy at the amusement park under the guise of journalistic purposes, but really was gonna kill him, then purely by coincidence an Immortal jogged by and he got distracted by The Game. (I can’t even remember how they were supposed to be making money from this scheme, though.)

  4. This sounds delightfully harebrained. I thought I just misunderstood the plot summary or Vern left something out, but no. Sounds like it just makes zero sense.

  5. Sense is overrated. No mentioning of ketchup, though…

  6. Ancient Romans

    June 7th, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    The first picture of Piper, at the amusement park with the sword (not on this page, on the Patreon page) Roddy looks really good. That’s a good look for him.

  7. It wouldn’t be Highlander if it made sense!

  8. I have been curious about the HIGHLAND TV series for awhile (a decade or two) since it was one of the first of its kind, as well as always seeing people I like listed as having been on it when I look them up on IMDB.

    Plus…I kind of want to see the last two movies knowing everything you can know…and still have them make no sense.

    Well, this seals the deal. I am going to watch this show. Maybe not anytime soon (I have a lot to catch up on) but I officially added it to my “to watch” list.

  9. First of all thank you for all this writing. Second of all,( Tried to post on Patreon but I couldn’t) How far along are you on The Wire?

  10. I watched the first three seasons and loved them, but then just… have not continued. I have trouble making time to watch a TV series. Mainly because I’m always trying to watch movies to write about. But I need to see the rest of that.

  11. Understandable. Season 3 in my opinion is the best anyway. Season 4.. Just get ready. It’s great. Season 5 is alright. Best seen as an epilogue. Again, Thanks so much for all you write for us.

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