Don’t forget: Book signing at Dark Delicacies, 2pm this Sunday

tn_gdtIf you can make it to Dark Delicacies in Burbank on Sunday, please stop by and say hello. I’ll be signing david j. moore’s awesome new coffee table behemoth THE GOOD, THE TOUGH AND THE DEADLY along with david and fellow contributors Corey Danna, Mike Joffe, Jason Souza, Dustin Leimgruber, Duvien Ho and Keith Batcheller (cover artist). AND HOLY SHIT the action star and filmmaker special guests he has coming! The lineup has changed drastically (and is probly still subject to change) but check below for the latest info.

I think I only wrote five reviews in this thing, so david is the real man of the hour, but I’m very proud to be a small part of this incredible tribute and resource for my favorite artform. I’d also be happy to sign whatever else you want, and I’ll have a few copies of Niketown and Yippee Ki Yay, Moviegoer in case you need to buy one. (I only have one Seagalogy on hand, so bring your own.)

A couple of the legends I was excited to meet are apparently not going to make it, but new ones have been added. Here is the updated and confirmed guest list I’ve been given:

Jino Kang
Julian Lee
Robert Chapin

And maybe some surprises. I hope to see some of you there. Even if I don’t, check out this book. It’s blowing my mind and I’m only in the Bs. Already there has been a motherlode of info on the AMERICAN NINJA series and an interview with the director of BLOOD AND BONE.

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8 Responses to “Don’t forget: Book signing at Dark Delicacies, 2pm this Sunday”

  1. If any of the regular commenters are in the Burbank area, get ahold of me. Trying to plan a small get together Saturday evening. This could be your chance to meet Franchise Fred in person. No murderers, please.

  2. Can’t make the meet-up, but definitely coming to the signing! This event is like my version of Coachella!

  3. I wish there was a Chicago version of Vern. Have fun guys, wish I could make it.

  4. I will be there this afternoon. But man am I bummed that I missed the Saturday evening get together. Just saw the comment about it now. Oh well. Hope to see some of you there this afternoon.

  5. If it happened, I hope there will be a write-up (a few words in the comments are enough) and maybe even photos.

  6. It was definitely a very cool event. As I kept telling my wife, “This is my Coachella!” I think I may have scared Sheldon Lettich a little. Hell, I probably scared Vern with how excited I was about everything that was happening! (I got a little overenthusiastic at times).

    Anyway, it was very cool to meet you Vern, and thank you again for pointing me in the direction of this hefty tome that will never leave my throne. Congrats to everyone who was there for taking the time and being so damn cool.

    (Oh, and once my paycheck no longer comes from the source, I will be happy to provide you with what answers I can regarding that animated flick we discussed).

  7. Fun time. Don The Dragon was a hoot. So gregarious.

    Book is great. This’ll send me down a netflix rabbit hole for sure. Tho the As seems to be a lot of subpar knockoffs. It’s as if movies named with A to show up first in VOD listings aren’t actually good…

  8. Cool anectdote Winchester. I look forward to the book and I hope along with CJ that a write up is around the corner.

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