Seagal in Australian beer commercial/contest


This is probly the funniest commercial Seagal has done (beating out the Orange telephone thing with the golf cart chase and the Mountain Dew one where he accidentally beats up a convenience store robber Mr. Magoo style). It fits into a modern commercial cliche of the Exaggeratedly Awesome Guy Who Likes This Product (other examples: Bruce Campbell for Old Spice, the more recent Michael Jai White-ish Old Spice uberman, the rich Russian guy with the baby giraffe who drinks some product or other, the “most interesting man in the world” who says “I don’t normally drink beer, but when I do I drink” whatever it is). But it also has a little Seagalogy in there because of his reputation for having an entourage of hot women and his love of Asian things (the bridge in the background, the dress on the girl to the left tending his zen garden). I actually wouldn’t be surprised if that was filmed in his actual backyard.

thanks to Chris A., Geoff C. and Mitchell H. for sending this, and stay tuned for upcoming overdue Seagalogical reports involving the last four episodes of LAWMAN and his new one BORN TO RAISE HELL (out in the U.K. but not U.S.).

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  1. Hah yes started seeing these during the cricket yesterday. The beer he advertises is pisswater, but the ads are great.

    Did you see the trailer for his new TV series True Justice has hit? Better than the original name Southern Justice, but not as good as Urban Justice or Renegade Justice.


  2. I hope AU enters this competition.

  3. Awesome. I’d like to see him do a bit of comedy, saying funny shit but doing it straight-faced, he has a real knack for it.

  4. How far did he throw that exploding sausage!?

  5. I thought Southern/True Justice was going to be set in the sticks like Renagade or some shit. Still, this looks good.

  6. I mentioned this on the “I’m Still Here” thread, but I received a screener from Optimum (who release Seagal’s movies in the UK) for “Urban Justice: Deadly Crossing”, the two-part opener for Seagal’s new series, being released here as a feature.

    It’s set in Seattle, which I’m sure will be of interest to Vern. It crams in as many aerial shots of the city as the average episode of CSI:NY. The ensemble team isn’t bad, and the opener sets up the potential for some drama within the group, especially between the young sexist hot-head who isn’t above planting evidence and his seasoned partner. I would say overall it’s on a par with the quality of his recent DTV offerings.

  7. Speaking of Seagal: has anyone here seen BORN TO RAISE HELL yet? i bought the UK dvd the other day and gave it a watch. In my opinion it´s one of his better DTV-movies. i noticed his voice was dubbed on a few occasions, but it doesn´t seem to be too much. You do get to see mr Seagal perform some pretty wicked aikido moves, although most of the movie is so shittely shot by a director who uses too many flashcuts and freezeframe-effects that´s kind of irritating.The plot is pretty straightforward. These are some of my early impressions from watching it once. i´m not gonna spoil anything more. i just hope you guys like it.

  8. Duke – I agree with you. It’s the first time in ages that you can actually recognise the aikido in Seagal’s fighting style, lots of wrist locks and take-downs. Lauro Chartrand has a background in stunts and fight coordination, which is probably why the action scenes have more clarity than usual. I think it’s the editing, rather than the directing that is the film’s major flaw. The opening segment and credits are dreadful but the film does improve a lot, and Seagal uses a lot of his Lawman experiences to give the procedural stuff an authentic docudrama feel.

  9. Yeah, I think the editing in the early parts of the movie is appalling. But the movie is a good watch. it also features a hilarious restaurant scene. Vintage Seagal!

  10. I thought it would be fun to see the contest rules, but then I got this message when I tried to visit the website:

    “Sorry but you cannot view this content from outside Australia.”

  11. The original Paul

    November 27th, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    FUCK, I was sitting at a computer, drinking a glass of ice-cold milk (yeah, I’m a bad motherfucker, again) and when the banger went “bang” I spat that shit all over my goddamn keyboard. I need to be warned about crap like this, dammit!

  12. Is the aspect ratio distorted on this video or is Seagal really that…oh…yeah ok it’s not the aspect ratio.

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