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Promising trailer: EVERLY


Looks like Salma Hayek doesn’t even have to go outside to be John Wick, the whole colorful hit-person community just shows up at her doorstep. The director on this one is Joe Lynch, who’s a friend of the internet whose WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END I only half liked, and whose last movie was the taken-away-from-him-and-disowned KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM. But I think this looks and sounds fun, and it apparently went over well at Fantastic Fest. IMDb doesn’t list who did the fights, but stunt coordinator Akihiro Noguchi is a long time Power Rangers stunt guy who choreographed COLD HARVEST and NINJA for Isaac Florentine.

It hits VOD January 23rd and theatrical (i.e. just the Sundance theater where I saw FALCON RISING) February 27th.

h/t to Badass Digest

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5 Responses to “Promising trailer: EVERLY”

  1. I hope that Jap guy with the glasses lives.

  2. People keep calling it “Salma Hayek’s Die Hard” but to me it looks more like “Salma Hayek’s The Raid minus the hand to hand combat”

  3. Sign me up!

  4. I watched this the other day on VOD and it is a great action film. It might be a little to cruel and sadistic in parts for my tastes, but not so much so that it subtracted from my enjoyment of the film. I will wait for Vern’s review to discuss it in more detail but I will say that the trailer is misleading. The trailer paints Everly (Hayak) as a skilled badass in the vein of the Bride from the KILL BILL films, but she is not a skilled warrior/assassin like Beatrix Kiddo. Everly is not a trained killer, she doesn’t have a special set of skills, but she is dangerous because of her toughness and her brutal determination to survive at any cost.

  5. The Undefeated Gaul

    February 27th, 2015 at 1:48 am

    Well, she’s not SUPPOSED to be a skilled badass, but in practice that’s exactly what she is, taking out dudes left and right with guns, grenades and anything she can get her hands on. Oh and with a bullet wound she gets in the first two minutes of the film and which never seems to bother her one tiny bit.

    I watched the film a couple weeks ago and don’t remember, do they ever go into what her background is before she got mixed up with Taiko? I’d like to think there was some ex-Federale thing they mentioned in the script but didn’t end up in the movie.

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