Cold Harvest

tn_coldharvestcountdownlogoI confess: I didn’t really know who Gary Daniels was. Turns out he’s a British kickboxer who’s been in about 50 movies since the late ’80s. I heard the name before but never watched any of his pictures. A couple people gave me shit about it when I reviewed Seagal’s SUBMERGED and didn’t mention that Daniels was in it. I guess that was a historic meeting of martial arts stars, but I didn’t even notice because I didn’t know who the fuck that was. Sorry, fellas. Like Brakus I am human. I can be defeated.

But with Daniels playing “the Brit” in THE EXPENDABLES I had to educate myself as part of the countdown. At first I tried out one of his early starring roles, 1991’s CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, by a writer/director named David Huey. Daniels plays a kickboxer who one day is taken in by cops and pressured to take part in a complex drug bust operation. They say they want to stage the death of his opponent in a title fight… instead they plant weapons in his gloves and frame him for manslaughter. But then it turns out maybe they arrested him to protect him and change his identity. Something about David Carradine and some strength-enhancing drugs.

Carradine has one of those roles where he’s in one room on the phone the whole time. It’s obvious he shot the whole movie in an afternoon, and possibly while he was on break from another movie. He told them he had to make some phone calls and he went and shot this. In fact I can almost guarantee you he excused himself from the phone calls to use the bathroom and filmed a third movie in there.

One thing you can say about CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: it’s not lacking in action. If you judge your movies by the number of kicks that occur, this would probly rate pretty high for you. But It’s one of those real amateurish movies where the acting, dialogue and production values are so piss-poor that even I have a hard time forgiving it. Daniels has ridiculous MC Hammer era hair and clothes and nowhere near the amount of charisma and screen presence to make you forget it. He does some good kicks though, and there are some laughs:

1). He hits a guy with a sock full of quarters and says “Keep the change.”

2). There’s a weird part where his girlfriend gets a treacherous woman at gunpoint and says, “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”

“I’m pregnant!” the lady says.

“Yeah, right.”

The villainess shrugs, as if to say, “That’s all I got, the pregnancy card. Oh well, at least I tried. Go ahead and shoot me.”

But before the one girl can execute her, Gary Daniels runs in. “No, wait!” he says.

There is a long pause. But then… “Use this,” he says, and hands his girlfriend a knife.

So it has its moments, but I couldn’t really get into it enough to feel like I could write a worthy review. Luckily some of you reminded me that Daniels had starred in one of the early Isaac Florentine joints, COLD HARVEST. It’s from ’99, long after Daniels had cut his hair short and right after Florentine did BRIDGE OF DRAGONS with Dolph Lundgren.

mp_coldharvestCOLD HARVEST, which is neither about anything that is cold or any sort of harvest, as far as I can tell, takes place in a comet-stricken future world with no daylight and the world overrun by a virus. It’s one of those deals where it’s supposed to be the future, but also like a western, so everybody drives dune buggies and motorcycles but there’s saloons and some old timey clothes and everybody draws their guns like cowboys. They all wear cowboy boots, even though it seems like it would get in the way of all the kung fu they do. Also it’s one of those post-apocalyptic worlds made of cramped city streets filmed on a soundstage so you never see the sky. Barrels and cars are always burning on the side of the road and it doesn’t matter what block you’re on, there’s always gonna be a fog machine with a light set up behind it.

As the bounty hunter hero Roland, Daniels is much more polished than in CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, and Florentine gives him a great entrance. Roland chases some guy around a corner, off screen. Florentine’s director credit appears over a boarded up wall as we hear the screams of that guy getting his ass kicked by Roland on the other side. Suddenly the screamer is tossed through the wall, and Roland strolls toward the camera through the hole he made.

He’s back in town after a long absence, wanting to mend things with his brother Oliver (also Daniels). He came at exactly the wrong time, though, because on this same day the psychotic gang leader Little Ray (Bryan Genesse) happens to kill Oliver and a van full of others involved in a medical experiment. What he doesn’t know until it’s too late is that these are 5 of the 6 human beings on earth who carry an antibody that could’ve been used to cure the plague and save all of humanity. Whoops. Luckily Oliver’s wife Christine (Barbara Crampton from REANIMATOR) got away, so Little Ray spends the movie trying to capture her and maybe sell her on ebay or something. (I’m not sure he spells out his plan, but I don’t think it involves delivering her safely to the medical lab.)

In this particular part of the post-apocalypse it seems like everybody knew each other in high school or something. They’re always talking about remember when we were kids we used to play paint ball together, or do you remember Little Ray from the neighborhood, now he’s the leader of the worst gang. Even before he knows about his brother Roland goes after Little Ray to collect the bounty on his head.

And just a word of caution: before you say that Little Ray is not a scary enough name for a gang leader, be informed that his top men are named T-Bone, Jimmy, and Bozo. And I’m pretty sure their gang is supposed to be called “The Mutant Muthers.” They never say it, but there’s a logo prominently displayed in the saloon/brothel where they hang out. It’s supposed to be a real tough joint, but it’s got these timid hookers who scream and cover their tits every time somebody barges into their room, which happens at least 5 or 6 different times. Remain calm, ladies. You are prostitutes in a post-apocalyptic world. People are gonna see your boobs sometimes. You just gotta get used to it.

Little Ray’s thugs are sent to capture Christine, who they just know as “bitch” or “that bitch.” One of them says, “We’re looking for a bitch. Blond hair, reddish pants, nice titties. Clean lookin.” By now Roland is with her and discovering how annoying she is. Not because of her reddish pants, but because she keeps whining about what a bad brother and son he is and how “it’s too bad you don’t know anything about true love!” But later when he’s having trouble getting passage through somebody’s territory he says “I would rather die than be separated from this woman!” and she swoons.

If I had to pinpoint what it was that improved their relationship I would say it was when she was scrubbing her boobs with a wash cloth. Meanwhile he’s performing maintenance on his shotgun with a jerk-off motion that makes Prince’s strokin’ it guitar solos seem okay for church. When she catches him peeping he says, “You have a beautiful back,” and she says, “Thank you.”

The script is by Frank Dietz (you know, the guy who played “Roger Eburt” in ROCK ‘N ROLL NIGHTMARE and later became a Disney animator) and in my opinion it is not one of the better achievements of mankind since the dawn of literacy. It has lines like the ol’ “You hear that?” “What?” “It’s too damn quiet.” And there’s a part where Roland says, “I may not know if it’s night or day, but I know I’ve got to bring Little Ray down!” My problem with this line is that personally if I lived in a world where nobody had seen sunlight for decades then I’d assume other people had also noticed this and I wouldn’t make comments about it all the time. I mean, right now I’m not gonna say “I may breathe oxygen and drink water to survive, but I gotta finish this review of COLD HARVEST!”

There’s some good lines too, though. I like when he’s surrounded by a tribe of creepy dudes and he says, “How you folks doin?” He doesn’t have to talk tough, because other people are happy to say how awesome he is, for example the old guy who says “the light of the warrior shines bright in your eyes” or the arms dealer who sees his gun and says, “First I’d like to congratulate you on your style.”

There are many signs of the energetic Isaac-Florentine-fresh-off-of-Power-Rangers style: whoosh sound effects whenever somebody waves their arms or turns their head, shots from the POV of a foot or a gun or a flying pitchfork, cartoonish wipes, obvious homages to John Woo and Sergio Leone. But I don’t think he really had the filmatism mastered at this point. There’s not a strong rhythm or build to it. The story is too convoluted, the characters not really cool enough, the action fun but not show-stopping like in some of his later movies. Maybe the pieces just didn’t come together quite right. I prefer the earlier BRIDGE OF DRAGONS, maybe because it has Dolph Lundgren and the sky in it.

So I’m not begging you to see this like some of the other Florentine pictures, but as always he goes so all out with the action it would be hard not to enjoy it at least partly. There are rolling and exploding cars, gun fights, people getting shot off of towers, a guy who fires a bazooka while driving a motorcycle even though his motorcycle itself can fire rockets, and all kinds of grievous insults to the laws of physics. I like when he crashes his motorcycle but launches into a perfect somersault, rolls up and starts shooting. In one scene he pushes a guy so hard by the face that the guy flies about ten feet and then falls and rolls across the ground. But when Roland launches himself into a huge flying kick right in a guy’s face that guy just bleeds and doesn’t budge.

There’s alot of gratuitous flying and rolling. Hindsight is 20/20, but I’m pretty sure Little Ray regrets that when he had a chance to shoot Roland he chose instead to do a somersault and then brag about killing his brother.

At the end of course they decide to “finish this off like men” and then play Little Ray’s “all time favorite game” where you empty your gun and place one bullet on the ground and then you each have to try to load real fast and shoot the other person while a fake keyboard version of Ennio Morricone music plays. Some kids play stick ball or tag or something, these kids played the put-one-bullet-on-the-ground-and-then-shoot-the-other-person game.

Right after the good guy kills the bad guy (spoiler) the sun comes up, and nobody seems that surprised. I thought Christine might possibly solve the disease problem, but not the lack of sun. I don’t know if they were really prepared for the world to change that drastically. Kind of a bummer even, because it probly killed her dream of farming mushrooms “because they don’t need much sunlight.” I hope she at least kept wearing the reddish pants.

Gary Daniels is fine in this movie, and definitely improving from the earlier works. But based on this limited exploration I’m not sold on him as a movie star. He seems like a poor man’s Van Damme and a stepping stone for Florentine on the way to finding Scott Adkins. But I’m sure I haven’t seen his best yet. Let me know if he has any real great ones. I’m open to more studies.


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43 Responses to “Cold Harvest”

  1. Actually, Cold Harvest probably is his best movie.

    The only other one I can think of that’s a good time at the movies is Blood Moon, about a weird masked serial killer who targets martial artists. Then again, now that I think of it, maybe Blood Moon is better than Cold Harvest. I don’t know.

  2. That one with Sugar Ray is alright

  3. This got a cinema release in Shanghai, China (I live here) less than 2 years ago! I went to the cinema with my girlfriend to see something else but ended up watching this. It was badly dubbed in Chinese so I missed out on some of the memorable dialogue you mentioned! It also made the story quite hard to follow, so I’m glad you’ve cleared everything up for me. (And I didn’t know it had boobs in it till now, China has a no-boobs policy towards films).

    The thing I remember most about it is the load-the-bullet-in-the-gun-for-a-really-long-time-whilst-bad-music-plays-duel that they did. Ridiculous. Maybe, for duels even further into the future they’ll have reassemble the gun before loading the bullets. I did enjoy the bazookas and kicking people through walls though.

    Anyway, thanks for the great review, I thought I’d never find anyone else who’s seen this.

  4. Hi Vern

    You should check out City Hunter, Jackie Chan’s attempt at a comic-book adaptation. Gary Daniels plays 2nd Badguy to Richard Norton and gets a couple of decent fights with Jackie, including one where they both take on personas of Street-Fighter video game characters.

  5. The first Gary Daniels-movie I ever saw is Capital Punishment. I have this movie on DVD. It’s hilarious! I never saw Cold Harvest but I’m very curious about it.

  6. Vern, you should check out the movies he did for DTV masters PM Entertainment back in the mid to late 90’s. DEADLY TARGET, RIOT, RAGE and RECOIL are probably his best works, featuring many fights and absolutely insane car chases (especially RAGE, my favorite).

  7. Vern, Gary Daniels is in TEKKEN as well. It had a Thearatical Release here in Asia and i think it was decent enough. I certainly enjoyed it a lot more than many of Seagal’s DTV crap. The Star of TEKKEN, John Foo was the Wushu fighter in the Burning Temple scene of Tony Jaa’s THE PROTECTOR.

  8. Maybe Vern is a little too harsh with this movie . It’s true that this is still Florentine in the early stages of his post-Power-Rangers career , but , in my opinion , you can see that there’s talent here. My favorite scene is the fight right after Daniels meets the woman in his brother house ( if I remember right ) : filmed with the right amount of cuts , all at the right times , without ever becoming too confusing and with people flying all over the place. I liked this more than Bridge of Dragons , but Vern is right about Dolph , he’s way more interesting to watch than Daniels , even if I suspect that Daniels is a better pure martial artist . We will see. I will try to find his movie “Reptilicant ” , in my opinion essential viewing for the title alone , but the plot is even better ( from imdb):

    “A team of treasure hunters take over Alcatraz Island in search of diamonds and encounter a shape-changing alien.”

    That’s gold , right there.

  9. Felix : Yeah , I mentioned Tekken in one of the comment sections of the videogame movies Vern reviewed recently , and I can’t wait to see it ! From the trailer it looks stupid fun , but with good fight scenes ! That guy , John Foo is even in Universal Soldier Regeneration , so he has a good track record , and that plus all the other professionals in the movie give me hope for Tekken. I sure hope is loud , dumb and with good action!

  10. Oh yeah, and Gary Daniels’ RAGE has the same(ish) plot as CRANK. I haven’t seen it (though I own it) but I’m betting it has way less lame Bay-esque gags and editing. So that might be one worth checking out.

  11. Daniels was also in the live action adaptation of the anime series Fist of the North, another post-apocalyptic martial arts movie. This is the first I heard of there being another brit in The Expendables, so I’m guessing he fights Jason Statham? And even if he’s not that good, between him, Adkins, Statham and Ray Park, I’d love to see an all-british cast action movie. I think we deserve it, America.

  12. Blood Moon is definitely where it’s at. The villain from Blood Moon also plays the boxer Sammo Hung fights to someone’s death in Ip Man 2.

  13. Hey, Vern, I´ve seen The Expendables in a press screening in Spain. The action is shaky and the editing too fast for me, but is great to watch all these guys back.

  14. i guess if the bad guy just shut up and shot the hero when he should have then the movie would end a bit early and we wouldn’t have something to bitch about.

  15. gary daniels is indeed good in city hunter which is a totally ridiculous movie but one that you cant miss if you havent seen it. contains a great bruce lee homage among other things. vern if you have a region free dvd player i will mail you my copy of the hong kong legends release which has a commentary track with bey logan and daniels where they talk about his experience making the film. he comes across as a cool dude in that…

  16. Haha wow, REPTILICANT is the best title I’ve heard in a while.

    One of the worst Anime-Manga-Live Action Movie ever made.
    But Daniels does a pretty good job in it.
    On the other hand, they try to sell us Costas Mandylor as an Martial Arts Badass.
    Also Chris Penn is in it. He plays a guy who tries to keep his head from exploding. His means of preventing are leather straps. It does not work.

  18. Oddly, I know it’s North Star, but failed to type that.

  19. Vern,

    Also be on the lookout for Blood Moon, which has both Gary Daniels and Scott Adkins. Not a great film, but it has some really good fights. I’ll be reviewing it myself sometime soon. I’ll have to look out for Cold Harvest…

  20. Vern- I think they got the title from that book ‘Red Harvest’ the one that they got Yojimbo and a Fistful of Dollars from. Guy wanders into a town run by gangs and cleans up the town, except I guess without a sun, everything is cold. Cold Harvest.

  21. I would also agree on Rage and Blood Moon as worth a look. Rage is the more polished movie and has a sweet bus stunt. Blood Moon is just kind of goofy fun. Actually, with Daniels and Adkins, and RVd if you ad Seagal and Lateef Crowder and you’ve got the DTV Expendables. Asylum can make it a call it “The Inessentials” or whatever.

  22. Bloody hell, didn’t expect Dashiell Hammett in this talkback. There are an awful lot of movies, books, hell even videogames, taking their cue from “Red Harvest”. But I think “Red Harvest” also took its cues from other books of the time as well. It definitely wasn’t as original as, say, “The Dain Curse” or “The Maltese Falcon”. But anything by Hammett is quality anyway.

    Anyway, I’m not looking at That Other Talkback any more (I’ll just want to keep arguing, which is a waste of time since the last time I checked, nobody was going to be convinced of anything) so here’s an update on my new Seagal DVD collection.

    I’m starting with some familiar ones. My favorite “Marked for Death”, although it’s bloody weird watching Danielle Harris in a role as a child again. The last film I saw her in, to my recollection, was the Halloween remake (which was very good until the point that it actually became a Halloween remake. Heck, the first twenty minutes or so are the best morality tale of a seriously screwed-up kid that I’ve seen in a while.) Considering she spends a large portion of her time in that running around topless, to then see her as a child in a Seagal movie is off-putting, to say the least.

    “Executive Decision”… so much better than that movie where Harrison Ford plays the president, “Air Force 1”, despite their similarities. Seagal’s not really the hero, but who cares?

    “Exit Wounds”… I’ve always thought that this was generally an under-rated one in terms of pure entertainment value. My favorite bit has to be when Michael Jai White and Steven Seagal go at it with swords in a t-shirt factory. Who the heck keeps swords in a t-shirt factory? (And yes, I know that technically they’re machetes or something, but the point stands. What the heck are they doing in a factory that makes cheap apparel?)

    “The Patriot”… to this day I have no idea how it ends. I managed about forty minutes this time before giving up; I just can’t get through it. Bad movie. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good Seagal, but this is a disaster movie with an absolute bare minimum of fighting. Seagal has exactly one expression (although it’s a very, very versatile one) and I don’t think it’s enough for this movie. It defines the idea of “not playing to your strengths”. Who came up with the idea of casting Seagal as essentially a country doctor? Even if he used to be in the CIA.

    I even watched the ending of “Hard to Kill”, which I couldn’t even finish when I saw it last (on TV, with adverts, which sometimes does spoil things). Maybe I’ve mellowed a little since then because the ending actually wasn’t bad – at least, not as bad as I remember the start of it being.

    Anyway, I’ll get through some of the other better ones. I’ve got my copy of Seagalology on hand for reference purposes. “Pistol Whipped” will be next on my list, I think.

  23. Paul, I’ll forgive you for not understanding how awesome HARD TO KILL is, but I can’t abide by you typing “Seagalology.” That’s that stupid websight by some dude who doesn’t even watch the movies. The study of Seagal is called Seagalogy, one ‘o’.

    As for EXIT WOUNDS, I believe those are the blades from two paper cutters that they bust off and use as swords. Anyway, this is no ordinary t–shirt factory, this is t-shirt factory where the t-shirts are made of heroin. They have different equipment.

    But if you want to stay on topic I guess you better watch SUBMERGED and tell us how good Gary Daniels is in it.

  24. Yeah, the swords were like paper cutters…they were so large because I guess they’re used to chop fabric. Like these: http://blackdogsalvage.blogspot.com/2010/06/vintage-industrial-paper-cutter-table.html

  25. Paul: I think RED HARVEST remains Hammett’s best novel. The others set the standard for hardboiled detective fiction, but they read as fairly boilerplate nowadays. RED HARVEST is more interesting because it shows the Continental Op (my AICN screen name, but not the one who posts there all the time) being corrupted by Poisonville and going outside the strictures of his professional code, something he never does in any other stories. I like that it gives the detective character an actual arc and makes his inner life a factor in the plot. Nothing against standard detective fiction (my favorite genre) in which the protagonist generally remains impervious to growth, temptation, and change, but I like that this is the case that pushes the Op too far and makes him question his code of ethics, which is generally the only thing the main character in a detective fiction has to hold on to.

  26. Vern NOOOOOO! I thought it was the other way around and Seagalogy was the fake quackery while Seagalology was what you wrote! I debase myself before you. :( Argh that’s a horrible mistake to make.

    I will put Submerged higher up on the list. Didn’t realise Gary Daniels was in it (mainly because, like you, I’d never heard of him.)

    The paper-cutter thing makes sense, I guess. Although it still seems rather odd to have a load of fabric cutters in a factory where pretty much all the cutting is done by machine and the workers are only there to dip the t-shirts in heroin. I didn’t think the knives were (ostensibly) meant for security – that’s what you have guns in a locked cabinet for. Don’t want all those underpaid heroin workers getting any ideas, after all.

  27. Majestyk – I actually prefer the short stories featuring the Continental Op to any of the novels (although they’re still very, very good). As for the novels, I’m a “Glass Key” fan myself, although the one I reread most often is “Dain Curse”. Heck, if I had to pick just two American crime thrillers from completely opposite ends of the pre-war crime fiction spectrum that everyone should read, “The Glass Key” would be one and “The Waxworks Murders” by J D Carr would probably be the other. Which just goes to show that I like my crime fiction to deal with father-issues, I guess.

  28. But I do agree about “Red Harvest” though. I think Chandler’s Phillip Marlowe got a lot of his code, if not his moral qualms, from Hammett’s Continental Op.

  29. “Red Harvest”: One of the fundamental pillars of Twentieth century American literature. A great book solely on it’s own as literature, but my GOD, has it been influential. I can imagine Jack Warner walking through every department of the the Warners lot, slapping copies of “Harvest” down on the desks of all the screenwriters and directors, and saying, “This is now your bible!”

    And amazingly it has still never been directly adapted into a movie. Ripped off constantly since 1928, but never adapted. I read Bertolucci’s script for the version he was going to make, and I was frankly pretty disappointed. I didn’t think it was very good. Maybe they could’ve still made a great movie, but that script didn’t promise it.

    So we’re left with the Coen Brother’s MILLER’S CROSSING. Which, don’t let anybody tell you different, is a non-authorized adaptation of “Red Harvest” (with some of “The Glass Key” and a lot of William Wellman’s THE PUBLIC ENEMY and John Milius’ DILLINGER thrown in the mix). And it’s soooo good, that a straight-up adaptation of RED HARVEST would be really challenged to top it. It raises the interesting question–what would a legit adaptation of “Red Harvest” have that MILLER’S CROSSING doesn’t already?

  30. Anybody remember Blue Harvest, with Mark Hamill?

  31. Oh and Vern, don’t review THE SPECIALIST for Sly. That was one fucking boring movie, a pathetic attempted hybrid of the moody film noir thriller and the big budget mindless actioneers of the time, good at neither. Except maybe that one particular stunt with the building.

    Ah yes, back when Sharon Stone was paid a ton of money to be gratuitously topless. Back when men wanted to see that.

  32. CC – Reminds me how STAR WARS is and was effectively as good as any possible “sincere” FLASH GORDON serials/comics adaptation could ever hope to be. Which probably why Dino DeLaurentiis turned his “official” adaptation into a cartoon.

    A cartoon with an awesome(ly goofy as hell) soundtrack.

  33. “Who came up with the idea of casting Seagal as essentially a country doctor? Even if he used to be in the CIA.”


  34. hey RtooDtoo I remember Blue Harvest, I saw it on the same day as See You Next Wednesday

  35. RRA – I’d request the original “Death Race 2000” for the Sly review. That’s one that I always enjoy re-watching.

  36. there’s a video game samurai version of Red Harvest…

    “Vern, Gary Daniels is in TEKKEN as well. It had a Thearatical Release here in Asia and i think it was decent enough.’

    is it better then the horrible TEKKEN anime?

  37. Just watched again Fist of the North Star.
    Costas Mandylor pretending to be a Glenn Danzig lookalike martial arts God.
    Chris Penn keeping his head from exploding with leather straps.
    Melvin Van Peebles.
    Malcolm McDowell screaming “KENSHIROOOOO” worse than that guy in Troll 2.
    Leon “Big Van Vader” White.
    Clint Howard playing a guy named Stalin.
    Vern, I’d love to read your take on this…

  38. Actually Vern, the guys who is the poor-man’s Van Damme is called Daniel Bernhardt. He looks more like Van Damme, and even sort of impersonated Van Damme in the not-to-bad Bloodsport sequels. He even made those “Eee-ahhhh” sounds that Van Damme makes all the time, and also did the slow-mo jowel-wobbling made popular by JCVD in his early films.

    Actually it’s sort of a shame that Sly didn’t know about Daniel Bernhardt, as he’s a great fighter and looks pretty cool on screen (even if his charisma is just average, somewhere well above Gary Daniels, but below Scott Adkins (who also should have been in The Expendables – in fact, I think he almost was, but had a scheduling conflict or something).

  39. My nominee for poor man’s Van Damme is Olivier Gruner. He’s got the right accent at least.

  40. On Bloodmoon, not only is there a masked martial artist serial killer, but one of the cops does magic tricks all the time for no reason, Frank Gorshin (Riddler in Batman) is the police chief, and at least 5 people go through windows.

    Also, it’s one of those mid 90s films that thinks it needs to show how with the times it is by mentioning the internet, so apparently the killer is a technological genius because he can send email.

    Didn’t see any Scott Adkins in there as mentioned above though.

  41. holy fuck! Gary Daniels was the ‘White Dragon’ in Pocket Ninjas!

  42. Vern – you are seriously lacking in Gary Daniels reviews. I checked out RECOIL and RAGE recently. They are not good movies and Gary Daniels is an absolutely awful actor (seems like a great dude though from watching the Art of Action). However, they are insanely enjoyable, especially RECOIL.

  43. I agree with Hallsy. Both Rage and Recoil are fun in their own ways. I paticulary like Recoil’s nihilistic edge to it.

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