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You wanted it, you got it: the outlawvern.com forum

If you look over on the sidebar there is now a “forum” link. It takes you here. It is a forum where you can jibber jabber to your heart’s content.

I hope people will still comment on the specific reviews, but for any of the other topics you want to bring up such as Batman, wrestling, Batman, or obviously Batman, there’s now a more organized way to do it.

I don’t really know what I’m doing so I made up some initial topics there. Please let me know if there’s a better way to do it – other topics I should add, topics I should remove to make it work better, whatever.

Please give your ENORMOUS THANKS to Clubside Chris, who set this up for me and also transported the old potpourri threads into there so we could retain those for future civilizations to look back on.

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99 Responses to “You wanted it, you got it: the outlawvern.com forum”

  1. Things are changing. You got “topics.” You got smiley faces. There appears to be an “edit” function?

    I’m freaking out, man. Freaking out like when that guy in Arkham Asylum sprayed the patients with that freak-out gas in BATMAN BEGINS.

  2. Thank you very much Vern and Clubside Chris. And of course, Batman.

  3. Wait – smiley faces? This will not stand. I’ll get to the bottom of this (like Batman).

  4. You’re tearing us apart, Batman!

  5. Well, I guess I´ll see you all at the ehhh…forums,then?

  6. So, do I register at the forums or how does this shit go down…?

  7. “What’s next “Unemployment falls; smiley face”?”

  8. Does somebody know how you change your username on WordPress. Apparently I am already registrered there under a different alias and that alias suck. I want to use this one.

  9. If you just want your name to appear as ShootMcKay on the forum, under the settings, go to Profile-> Edit Profile then just change the field titled “Display name” to ShootMcKay and click the update button.

  10. Thanks ,Stu!

  11. Well, jibber my jabber.

  12. Vern – THANK YOU! And we’ll honor you by debating not Batman, not wrestling, but Batman wrestling.

    Him jobbing to Bane back in the day was bullshit I tell ya!

  13. I was against this whole forum thing at first, but if it can contain all the wrestling talk to one fenced-off area far away from the rest of us, it’ll be worth it.

  14. Excellent screen grab.

  15. [Phil Rizutto]HOLY COW![/Phil Rizzuto]

  16. Cool. Another way to waste time and avoid work! With more Batman!

  17. this rocks, this rocks so hard

  18. The forum, Simple:Press actually has some additional features that I didn’t know if anyone had any interest in: Custom Profile Fields (Create custom profile fields), Online (Show who is online around your forum and just what topics they are visiting at any given moment), Post Rating (Allow your users to rate forum posts with a choice of either stars or thumbs up/down mechanics), Private Messaging (Fully featured Private Messaging System with Buddies and Enemies), Report Post (Report a post with questionable content to the forum admins), and Topic Status (Assign a current status to topics from a user-defined list). If anyone has any interest in these options I’ll be happy to add them.

    I will also try to get forum.outlawvern.com set up as a shortcut.

    I still have to import the comments from the Potpourri entries which has to be done manually (well, as in writing my own code) for some reason none of the good plugins for WordPress offer what I thought would be the first feature outside the customary forum bits. When they have been copied I plan to remove them from the blogs themselves, set a link to the forum post if anyone has any interest in continuing or re-reading them, and lock comments. That way the “Most Commented” sidebar widget could actually show the most talked about articles.

  19. Mattman Begins

    May 29th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Batman. Feh. I’ll only register if they have Mattman. Oh, wait. Maybe I sh…uh, pardon me.

    (Enormous thank you, Clubside Chris!)

  20. Can we get a forum for tv shows? Or is that under nerd shit?

  21. Thanks Cassidy, I should’ve thought of that. So I added TV (so you can discuss True Justice) plus one for books (Seagalogy) and one for music (Songs From the Crystal Cave).

  22. I think that just out of irony, we should all NEVER use the forums we practically begged Vern to make.

  23. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    May 30th, 2012 at 5:06 am

    Wow. Just wow. This is freakin’ awesome.

  24. Knox Harrington

    May 30th, 2012 at 5:12 am

    What the fuck’s a Gravatar?

  25. Knox Harrington

    May 30th, 2012 at 5:15 am

    No seriously, I don’t have a fucking clue. I just realised recently that I am, in fact, a computer retard. I don’t even know how to put a picture next to my name on these talkbacks (and I’ve got this killer Tong Po pic that would be… killer).

  26. This thingy here, you sign up at http://en.gravatar.com/ and it associates a picture with your email address for use wherever.

  27. Knox – yep, that’s Gravatar – just go to their website and you can set up a pic that follows you around on a whole bunch of sites. It’s painless and free and no strings attached i can think of.

    Thanks to Vern and Clubside Chris! And sorry for all that wrestling talk that probably led to the creation of the forums anyway.

    Oh, and also – re: the Arthur remake. I just saw it and actually thought it was really under-rated – Brand can seem annoying in real life but he’s actually a pretty good actor. He’s even better in Get Him to the Greek and has some really powerful moments that startled me. He might be one of the few performers who’s better as a lead than in small doses, if that makes sense.

  28. I´m actually starting to enjoy this new forum shit. Makes the discussions more focused. Nice work,Clubside Chris. It was a bit awkward for me at first (surely I´m not the only one here) but now it feels a whole lot more structured.

  29. Maybe seperate StarWars/George Lucas and Michael Bay Rants threads could be added to help stoppping it from spilling it all over the rest of us,pleasè?

  30. Hey, did you guys know that there’s a new Batmans movie coming out this summer directed by that guy who did Memento? CRAZY, right?

  31. Awesome, thank you Vern!

  32. “Hey, did you guys know that there’s a new Batmans movie coming out this summer directed by that guy who did Memento? CRAZY, right?”

    “does it star guy pierce?”

    “no he’s in an Alien prequel.”

    “Alien prequel! ridiculous. who does the batman movie star?”

    “the kid from empire of the sun”

    “LOL. stop making shit up. look i can play this game too: they are making a blade runner sequel too… and guy pierce is in an iron man movie”


  33. And it stars the guy who once where the coolest actor around, and who now have become the master of grey old men, as Jim Gordon.

  34. For any reasons my forum posts don’t seem to show up today. Did I accidently land on a spam list or something? Logging in still works.

  35. CJ – I seem to have the same problem as well. Damn!

  36. Anyone else has problem getting posts published? I tried logging out and then in. Then my post appeared.

  37. I installed WP Super Cache to lower the resources used by the server but didn’t know how it would affect things. I’ll take a look at any issues that might exist between WP Super Cache and Simple:Press.

  38. Has anyone seen the pictures/posters from Tarantino’s Django Unchained? Speaking as a spaghetti western junkie I must say I’m excited as fuck. The costumes, the guns, hell even the wall paper screams 1970. Has old banana face done it again?

  39. Happy Birthday, Scott Adkins!

    Yeah, this thread was a success, Vern…

  40. Having just finished watching the last episode of The Killing I must ask again; does it really rain THAT much i Seattle and if it does why doesn’t anyone in the whole city seem to own a raincoat or an umbrella?

  41. Pegsman, as someone who grew up in Seattle and spent most of my life living in the city I can confirm that it does rain THAT much in Seattle. It doesn’t rain hard like it does here in Texas as much as it seems to be constantly drizzling out in Seattle. That is part of the reason I don’t think you need an umbrella, because usually the persistent light rain doesn’t warrant an umbrella. I never carried an umbrella because I thought it was pointless. You are going to get a little damp anyway, and you get used to it I guess.

    I do think THE KILLING has done a better job of capturing the beautiful grays of the Seattle skyline and clouds more so than any other television show or film, and the photography is stunning.

  42. I haven’t seen The Killing but, in the tradition of True Justice, it’s filmed in Vancouver. I think generally people think it rains more in Seattle than it actually does. From Wikipedia:

    “At 944 mm (37.49 in.), in reality, the city receives less precipitation annually than New York City (1201 mm/47.28 in.), Atlanta (1290 mm/50.79 in.), Boston (1055 mm/41.53 in.), Baltimore (1038 mm/40.87 in.), Portland, Maine (1128 mm/44.41 in.), Jacksonville, Florida (1304 mm/51.34 in.), and most cities on the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. However, Seattle’s rain is rather constant and misty, versus New York City’s rain, which is infrequent and heavy.

    Surprisingly, Seattle was not listed in a study that revealed the 10 rainiest cities in the continental United States. This is due largely to Seattle’s dry summers, which result in statistically moderate annual accumulations.”

    There’s alot more overcast days than in alot of the U.S. though, so that part of the reputation is earned.

    As far as the umbrella issue, I think there’s a rift between people who use them and people who think you should wear a coat with a hood if you’re gonna walk down city sidewalks so you don’t keep fuckin pokin me with that thing.

  43. A friend of mine lived in Seattle for a few years and he said that the climate is pretty much the same as we have in Norway. Wouldn’t have guessed that by looking at the way Enos and Kinnaman dress i The Killing. It’s a metaphorical rain. Very good show, though.

  44. Are you guys doing anything special for Midsummer’s Eve? Maybe it’s only here in Scandinavia we celebrate that it’s sunny all night long? Any excuse for a party, right?

  45. pegsman, we don’t celebrate Midsummer’s Eve in the states, but we do like to party.

  46. I see that Richard Norton has a role in Mad Max: Fury Road. Could be fun.

  47. I’m going to London for a week in a few hours. Anyone else doing something exciting for their summer vacation?

  48. Here in America, pegsy, we don’t get vacations. That’s called “being unemployed.”

  49. I´m glad I don´t live in America then,since I don´t have a job and doing fine.

  50. Is it possible that the forum is broken or something? I always get some cryptic web developer shit code messages when I try to read something in it.

  51. Mr Majestyk, and this is in The Greatest Democracy In The World?! The one you’re forcing the rest of the planet to be a part of?

    CJ, are you sure that’s not just our messages?

  52. What can I say? Being American is hard work. Freedom isn’t free, after all.

  53. No, you pay a hefty fucking fee…

  54. I think I’ll take our 5 weeks of paid vacation over that kind of freedom.

  55. pegsman-you´ve got 5 weeks?! We only got 4 over here. I guess your precious oil makes all the damn difference…

  56. We don’t get anything, necessarily. It’s up to your employer. I get 15. That’s days, not weeks, and it includes vacation and sick days together. Total. For the entire year. 15 days.

    I never want to hear any of you complaining about anything ever again.

  57. I’m just repeating that the forum isn’t working, because my previous post can easily be overlooked within the discussion about international work ethics. I’m not trying to sound pushy or something.

  58. CJ, thanks for pointing that out. I know we updated the version of WordPress we’re using, so it must’ve caused some compatibility issues. By which I mean gremlins. I emailed Chris and hopefully he’ll know what to do. (Expose them to sunlight?)

  59. Jareth Cutestory

    August 1st, 2012 at 8:41 am

    So long as they’re just gremlins, not ghoulies. Those ghoulies will get you in the end. And wear suspenders, apparently.

  60. We ain’t complaining either, Majestyk. Oh, did I mention that in addition to those 5 weeks we get 8 paid sick days and 10 paid days if the kids are sick?

    Shoot, we only pump 4% of the oil money into our economy to avoid inflation, the rest is pure socialism.

  61. I knew this whole America thing was a mistake.

  62. Okay, it’s fixed. Problem with the plugin they’re trying to resolve for an update but they provided a temporary solution that appears to work.

  63. WOW, am I the only one who sees the giant smiley? Where did this come from?

  64. No, I see it. I can’t unsee it, in fact.

  65. The Original... Paul

    August 1st, 2012 at 9:43 am

    This is what you get when the sun gets seriously high on some funky weed and decides to mate with Evil Otto.

  66. Unfortunately that was the fix lol, I had to activate the “turn smileys into graphics” option to fix the forum. I’ll be sure to switch it back off as soon as the patch is available.

  67. Now they are two! I’m sure that’s what WordPress Gremlins look like! RUN!!!!

  68. Anyone seen Dolph and Cuba in ONE IN THE CHAMBER yet?

  69. I just saw the trailer.Dolph looks great in that loud shirt and the hat.

  70. Yeah, he’s kinda the comic relief in this one, but a deadly comic relief. Greta little movie (after half a dozen Guinness).

  71. I´m a czechbeer-man,myself. Breznak and that kind of shit. Guiness is good though in small doses. Not the kind of beer I like to get drunk on,however.

  72. What do you recommend for a Dolph movie? Something from Eastern Europe or something from Sweden?

  73. I don´t know. I need to ponder that question, but for a Dolph-movie perhaps something strong,like
    Kopparbergs Special Brew 10 %…

  74. On pegs recommendation,I decided to give ONE IN THE CHAMBER a shot (while enjoying a few brewskis in the process). Its pretty good. The plot and the action is unspectacular, but solid just like the acting. I really enjoyed Dolph in this. It will probably be remembered as “the one where he looked like an american tourist”. Someone in the movie referred him as “Frank Sinatra on steroids”, which was funny. For people allergic to “avid farts”,quickcutting and shakycam,depending on your level of allergy, check this one out. It´s a restrained movie ,not “showy” at all with no fancy shit. Too bad that Dolph plays more of a supporting role here,though.
    Anyway,I recommend you watch this,Vern.

  75. Look, sooner or later we have to talk about Clint Eastwood’s rant against the empty chair at the Republican convention. Personally I’m drawn between feeling sorry for him for being given such a horrible material and hating his guts for revealing himself as such a right wing asshole. What do you guys think?

  76. See, after three hours not even the die hard fans on this site will touch this. How is Eastwood’s participation gonna bring in votes for Romney?

  77. pegsman, if Eastwood ran for president against Romney he would win.

  78. I honestly don’t think the Eastwood thing was all that bad – he’s an 82 year old guy trying to remember a 10 minute speech while trying to be funny and engaging. I guarantee he did a better job than I would have done. Also thinking people are assholes just because they don’t see the world exactly the same way you do is 90% of the problem.

  79. I was wondering when this topic would come up

  80. I get why they invited him, I just don’t get why he would do it. We’ve always known that he’s a Republican, but I really didn’t expect that he would be a part of an attack on this fantasy Obama his party have invented to suit their own purposes. But then again, lying was what this convention was all about.

  81. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/scocca/2012/08/clint_eastwood_gop_convention_the_romney_campaign_sells_out_its_surprise_speaker_.html?tid=sm_tw_button_toolbar This article sums it up for me, specifically this paragraph

    “They screwed up the un-screwuppable. This was like having one of the featured guests at the State of the Union drop his trousers on camera. If you botch that, how are you going to execute the more complicated constitutional duties? Mitt Romney can’t handle Clint Eastwood trying to do him a favor, and he wants to take on unfriendly negotiations with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Vladimir Putin?”

  82. RBatty started a short thread about this in the Forums. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned: Conventions, by nature, are tacky as hell. At least judging by what gets broadcast, they’re infomercials with delusions of grandeur, with a parade of Important People preaching to the converted and trying to impress the nonbelievers. Over the years Eastwood has earned respect for marching to his own drum. Put a legendary individualist in the hands of a pageant and there’s so much risk that the individual is going to get diminished – either he joins up with the party line and risks damaging what sets him apart as an icon, or he does something unique and risks being, in this context, a weirdo. In other words, just appearing at one of these things threatens to bend any non-politico invitee into a bit of a shill. That’s hard to rise above, and (contrary to his image) Eastwood couldn’t. At best he pawned out his persona so that people pre-disposed to agree could say they have a celebrity endorsement.

    And that’s leaving politics out of it, leaving his awkward public speaking out of it, leaving the unleashing of his inner goofball out of it. He put himself out there and it didn’t line up with what many admire about him.

  83. No one sees the irony of necroposting in the topic that specifically announced the availability of a place for off-topic discussions?

  84. I was thinking the same thing Chris.

  85. It was written? That makes it worse. I was going to say it was a case of taking an icon who is great at delivering other people’s lines and asking him to improv. If it was written, is decades of acting experience should’ve helped him memorize. And hello, teleprompters.

    This topic is worthy of a thread. I’m sure Vern’s wheels are turning.

    I always thought Clint expressed complex beliefs in his films, even seemingly one note action fare. I’m most surprised he’d ally himself with a group of extremists who want things all one way and can’t see any good in their opponent at all.

    But it makes me sleep easier thinking there’s no way Romney can win now. All due resoect to any reublicans here, you’ve got the guy who got a bad performance out of Clint Eastwood vs the guy who got bin Laden.

  86. The Original... Paul

    September 2nd, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    Well I’m gonna segway right across from the Republicans to flawed voting systems. (Yeah, dunno how the heck that one’s gonna go. Anyway…)

    So I’ve been merrily upvoting all of you guys’ most interesting suggestions in the “Review Suggestions” thread, and just gone back to it now to check my own entry, “Headhunters”. And there it is… with one vote. And I know exactly who made that vote. Yargh.

    See, I’m torn here, because on the one hand I love to see what Vern’s take on the classics is. “Badlands” for example, great suggestion there. But on the other hand… that’s not really what I come to this site for. As somebody who often goes to the cinema two or three times a week, I see pretty much anything that interests me. It’s the unusual stuff that I’m after. The stuff that’s really good, but a little out-of-the-way. And it seems to me that this is the very stuff that ISN’T going to get the popular vote.

    Anyway, I’m going to hope that this place is more of a dictatorship than a democracy, and make my case for Vern to review “Headhunters”. Which is pretty damn hard without spoiling it. Let’s just say that 1) it deals with an unlikely protagonist who’s an upper-class white-collar criminal who gets in way, way over his head, and ends up basically on the run from the Terminator; the shit this guy goes through is INSANE. And 2) there’s a reason why, of all the great films I’ve seen this year, this particular one is the one I’m clamouring for Vern to review. I’ve actually seen better films than “Headhunters” (although it is still really, really good), but this film is the one I think would both justify and benefit most from a Vern review.

    Anybody not convinced this thing is worthy of a review can check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9I2tfe_nRuA (for once, a case of a trailer that represents a film pretty well).

    And if you ARE convinced, I’d plead with all of you to click on the little button beside my request, the link to which is here: https://outlawvern.com/review-suggestions/?addVote-12356

    Anyway, I apologise for the interruption. Please go back to your discussions of Clint / Romney.

  87. Paul, most people have probably not seen HEADHUNTERS so they are not going to vote for it. It think it is about to be added to Netflix streaming and I plan on checking it out then. If it is as good as you say it is I am sure it will gain more support as more people see it. I am guilty of flooding the “suggestions” section with my recommendations, but I like returning to it regularly to see what else the outlaw Vern community recommends. Most of the recommendations I have seen, but HEADHUNTERS is one of the few I have not and I am curios to check it out.

  88. Charles, was my Answer to your Question clear enough?

    Figured as long as people keep kicking this dead post I’d ask here lol

  89. Paul, HEADHUNTERS is fucking amazing. You’ve got my vote, which automatically makes this post worthwhile. I believe I was suggesting it to Vern all the way back to last year, but I can’t be sure and I’m sure as hell not going to dig through the potpourris for it.

  90. Many things have changed here in my absence. OutlawVern.com is somehow looking even more like a websight and less like a website.

    Many things have not changed. For example, we evidently can’t quit potpourriing this post. Thanks for nothing, Clubside. Good try, though.

    I’m gonna need a period of adjustment. Like I said at the top of this thread, change is scary. I mean, it’s gonna take me AT LEAST 3 or 4 minutes to figure out all the new links & layouts.

    During the flight back to the Carolinas, I read all the recent articles, except the THE TALL MAN review. I’ll check that out once I’ve seen it in a few weeks, hopefully. Excellence continues to be striven for & achieved. Vern’s writing is about the only thing that makes sense in my sleep-deprived, desperate-for-escapism world.

    I’ve also browsed many of the comments from the past several weeks. Many interesting points made, and a few statements that baffle or anger me. I’ll address some of those in the fullness of time, when I’m back at the office. Oh, how I’ve missed y’all.

    I know Vern is anxious for me to continue my Buffy journal; I’ll get there soon, I promise. But I just accepted an invite to stay free at a suite at the Venetian this week, so I might be too busy with blackjack & Penn & Teller and figuring out whether the pretty Vegas girls are local professionals or tourists who are genuinely charmed by me.

    Then I’m going to L.A. to see some galleries & movies and do some networking & property scouting. So hit me up in the talkbacks here if you’re in either town for the next week. You know how I like to schedule awkward in-person meetings with internet pals. It usually turns out fun, I end up paying for the whole tab, and I might give you an autograph.

    In conclusion, yes, HEADHUNTERS was a very fun time at the movies when I saw it a couple months back. Probably a top 20 movie of 2012, or at least honorable mention come listing time.
    Also, Vern would really like KILLER JOE, I bet. Has a trashiness that Rob Zombie would love, characters that no verisimilitude-seeking author should be stupid enough to correctly build & convey (“stupid” in this case being a compliment, because such a writer would inherently be smart, thus incapable of truly entering the mind of a stupid person, unable to reap the artistic rewards of engaging in the writers equivalent of an actor’s The Method), and an ending that, well, you should see it.

  91. Mouth, let me know when you’re hitting LA.

  92. Yes Chris, thanks. However, now I am facing a tough decision because I want a gravatar, but to get one I would have to come up with a handle and I could no longer post under my name like I have for years.

    Mouth, welcome back. That is good to hear about KILLER JOE, I have been wanting to check it out.

  93. Charles, gravatars are tied so your email address, so you can still post under whatever name you feel like using.

  94. The Original... Paul

    September 3rd, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Mouth, Charles and Fred – thanks for the support.

    And Charles – that was kinda my point. The problem with the whole voting thing is I don’t really come here for the “popular” movies. And ok, while it’s fun to see Vern eviscerate something like “Transformers”, or point out the unappreciated good points of a blockbuster that’s been otherwise written off, I’d rather get recommendations of the rare-but-interesting stuff.

    Anyway I’m not sure if it’s possible to “hijack” a thread like this, but I’ve kinda managed it. So going back onto the topics of note:

    Firstly, welcome back Mouth. I also am stoked to see what you come up with for the finale of Buffy Season 2 and the first episode of Season 3 (not a popular one with the fans, it still ranks as one of my personal favorites).

    Secondly, I’ve taken a look at what the controversy was over the Romney thing, and all I can say is: fucking hell Clint, I thought there was at least one first-generation badass movie star left who came off as an actual likeable human being, but no, illusion shattered I guess. That’s just depressing.

  95. You guys heard about Michael Clarke Duncan’s passing? Damn shame.

  96. yeah, sure is, I liked him a lot

  97. I hate to beat this dead horse of a thread one more time, but I wanted to thank Chris again for his help with setting up my gravatar. Also, thanks to Caoimhin for clearing up the confusion I had about registering. I am not very web savvy so all the help was greatly appreciated.

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