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Police Story III, a.k.a. Supercop

tn_supercopMichelle Yeoh jumping a motorcycle onto a moving train. Landing it. Skidding out, letting the bike fall off, staying on the train. This is what I remembered about SUPERCOP. She really fuckin did that stunt! She was a dancer that had turned to acting in kung fu movies, was good at learning the moves. She actually hadn’t made a movie for a while, but her old friend Stanley Tong was making his directorial debut, and she came out of retirement for him. He was actually her stunt double sometimes. I guess he was too busy directing this, so she had to do the stunt herself.That’s an all time great moment, and this is another solid movie, but it couldn’t really live up to my memories based on seeing that the first time. Oh well.

SupercopThe DVD I rented was the Dragon Dynasty version, which might’ve been a mistake. It has an embarrassing opening credits montage with fake Bruce Lee battle cries, just a step away from playing “Kung Fu Fighting.” It has a different score, and not a good one. It has a part where a Warren G. song is playing on a car stereo (I would like to see the Weinsteins add a Warren G song to everything they ever release, including THE ARTIST and THE KING’S SPEECH). It’s shortened a little bit. I should’ve found an import.

By the way, Yeoh was credited as Michelle Khan at that time. Remember that? I think there was some disagreement about whether westerners could figure out “Yeoh” or not. I think we pulled it off. We should be proud.

In this version, if not all versions, it’s a little more serious than the other POLICE STORYs. It has humor with Ka Kui being in over his head (like when Yeoh makes him spar with her best kung fu expert in front of like 100 cops). It doesn’t have the broad stuff like moonwalking to get dog shit off his shoe (part 1) or his uncle farting in a crowded elevator (part 2).

His uncle (Bill Tung) returns for the opening, and so does Maggie Cheung as his girlfriend May, who he lives with now. But right away things seem really different, and that’s because we hear their actual voices. I guess this was Jackie’s first movie recorded with sound other than the ones he made in the U.S. It seems strange at first, because it’s new, but of course it’s better.

This one’s also different because it turns into more of a spy movie. Due to his successful police stories he’s recruited by Interpol to go undercover on the mainland, bust a guy out of prison to find out what he’s up to. He goes to work with Yeoh, who sets him up with an elaborate identity and backstory, even poses him for photos to create a history for his character. There’s some tension because of the cultural and language differences between the mainland and Hong Kong, and Yeoh seems much more uptight and serious than him.

Then when he’s undercover she shows up claiming to be his sister and acting more youthful, which freaks him out. It’s great to see those two running around together, nimbly jumping and rolling to avoid gunfire and explosions. Poor Michelle’s wearing an explosive vest and performing stunts hoping not to set it off. She can’t really complain too much, though, because Jackie wore one of those in part 2 and SPOILER his was really loaded.

Michelle kicks a girl in the crotch, just like that lady in the opening of ROAD HOUSE. I always respect a movie where a woman gets kicked in the crotch, ’cause it’s pretty rare. It’s not as intuitive as balls.

May is a little more likable in this one. She gets screwed over yet again, working at this resort and suddenly seeing her boyfriend with another woman. They can’t let her blow her cover so Michelle grabs her by the mouth and shoves her in the pool. But she’s smart enough to figure out what’s going on and play along.

When the movie really starts rolling there’s a big car chase with Michelle hanging off the side of a van, a helicopter shooting rockets into traffic, eventually Jackie hanging from a rope ladder attached to the helicopter. I kind of wonder if they saw DARKMAN and thought “Hey, we could do that!”

I guess SUPERCOP is not the miracle I remembered. But I mean, look at this shit:

You can’t discount that.What kind of an asshole would even try? This is a special movie.

But not necessarily my favorite, it turns out. It’s a solid Jackie vehicle improved by the power of Michelle Yeoh. And Warren G. Legend has it that Jackie was very old fashioned and had a bit of an ego so he was very jealous of all the attention Warren G got. But I hope some day they’ll work together again.

P.S., short for post-script: there’s a SUPERCOP 2 that’s about Michelle Yeoh’s character (Jackie Chan in cameo only). I was real excited to see it but I put it in and the Weinstein DVD only had it dubbed, which I couldn’t take so I turned it off. Great job, fellas. There is a subtitled import available but it’s a full frame VHS – anybody know it? Should I go for it anyway?

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58 Responses to “Police Story III, a.k.a. Supercop”

  1. My feelings on this one are very similar, Vern.

    I remembered it being totally awesome but a recent re-watch revealed it to be only good with a side order of awesome – namely, the truly fantastic stunts, arguably some of Chan’s (and Yeoh’s) best.

    It doesn’t quite feel like a POLICE STORY film to me, either. Parts 1 & 2 are the only ones I consider “real” PS films. I know it’s an official sequel and all but Chan’s character seems different, somehow.

    Rumor has it that Chan was upset that Yeoh stole the show and regretted giving her that bike bit. Poor show, Jackie.

    Vern, you can get the subbed DVD of SUPERCOP 2, under it’s original title, PROJECT S, here:


    Hopefully, the sellers ship to the US.

  2. Thanks for the review, Vern.

    And thanks to Warren G. for asking all those difficult questions. I too fail to see what love has got to do with it.

  3. Project S is absolutely worth checking out. It’s grittier than Supercop and has some stunts that you have to see to believe.

  4. I remember seeing most of it on late night TV here in the UK some years ago. I remember the whole cultural differences they play between Michelle being mainland and Jackie being more western-influenced Hong Kong, and him remembering at one point after beating someone up that he has to put a bunch of superfluous arm waves into his pose to seem legit. Also, there’s a lot more gunplay in this movie too than the others, isn’t there?

  5. Jareth Cutestory

    May 25th, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Stu: There’s a whole prolonged sequence where Chan and Yeoh blow up a druglord’s jungle compound that is really heavy on the guns and explosions. That’s also the sequence with that hilarious moment where Chan fails to hold open a window shutter that Yeoh jumps into.

    Apparently Maggie Cheung was injured quite badly when they dropped her from the helicopter at the end. That’s why they didn’t shoot the scene in the script where she reconciles with Chan.

    Also, as much as I wanted to like it, I remember thinking Michelle Yeoh’s solo SUPERCOP movie was pretty dire. Too much generic gun fighting, not enough acrobatics. Based on pegsman’s remarks, maybe it deserves another shot.

  6. I agree that this one has some classic stunts, but it is not the best Jackie Chan film. Jackie may get top billing and he is the only person featured on the poster, but to me this is Michelle Yeoh’s movie. She steals the show.

    Vern, Tom Jones covered “Kung Fu Fighting” for the SUPERCOP soundtrack.

    It really sucks that the rights to most of Jackie’s filmography for North America is owned by Disney/Weinstein’s. At least this film only features a new title sequence and soundtrack with contemporary music, and has not been recut for American audiences like DRUNKEN MASTER 2.

  7. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    May 25th, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Yeah, this one I agree with you guys with. It’s good but it ain’t great. “Police Story 2” is still the Jackie Chan movie I watch the most often, and from what I remember – it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, and then only on TV – PS3 pales in comparison to both that and the original. It has great stunts but that’s par for the course with Jackie Chan’s pre-American work. The question is, does the film hold up by other merits? Answer: from what I can remember, “mostly”.

    Although it must really be a while since I’ve seen it because I didn’t even recognise Michelle Yeoh, and had I seen her in the last six or seven years I guarantee I would have. So I have only memories to go on here.

    Charles – it’s been a while since I saw this movie and I don’t own it on DVD, but I recall the version I saw on TV looking pretty good. Subtitles, no dubbing, good video quality etc. Not sure who the official distributor is for the UK but we have to have Region 2 DVDs / blu-ray over here anyway so we’re never going to get an identical copy to you guys.

  8. Republican Cloth Coat

    May 25th, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    Nice extras of Yeoh overshooting the train during the end credits:


    This is the HK version, not the one with Devo.

  9. Karlos – Damn, it looks like none of the used sellers ship outside the UK. I order from Amazon UK alot but I guess I never had to order one that was out of print. Thanks for the tip, though. It’s good to know it exists.

  10. Vern – Sorry about that. I’ve looked around and the subbed version certainly seems to have become scarce.

    I’m in the UK so if you want a copy shipping out to you, please let me know.

  11. Knox Harrington

    May 26th, 2012 at 1:17 am

    Maggie Q did another motorbike-meets-moving-train stunt in PRIEST.

    Although, her stunt double in that one was CGI (real name Charles Gilliam Inversham). He’s very polular these days.

  12. I always thought SUPERCOP was overrated. The third act is epic but the rest is pretty boring. There’s actually not much actual fighting, and the brief fights there are certainly aren’t funny Jackie Chan fights. I think that prison breakout is weirdly boring. Is running up a hill supposed to be action? Then they zipline down. Seeing this after RUMBLE IN THE BRONX was a letdown.

    To start discussion of more favorite Jackie movies, how about:
    WHO AM I

    we can also talk about

    or Michelle Yeoh movies:

  13. Haven’t we already been through all those Jackie movies you mention, Fred? Let’s stay on Michelle Yeoh. My favorite movie with her is Butterfly & Sword, a bonkers wire fu with lots of gore and sword fighting. Donnie Yen’s in it too.

  14. Vern you always try play.com. The seller is located in the UK, but they usually ship outside, but of course that depends on the seller.

  15. Fred, I would say DRUNKEN MASTER II, POLICE STORY, & PROJECT A are Jackie’s 3 best films. I love Jackie Chan films, but I will admit that some of even his best films are a bit uneven or flawed. However, Jackie’s one of a kind screen presence usually more than makes up for any short comings.

    Michelle Yoeh, has been more of an acquired taste for me. I did not start appreciating her work until more recently, so I am not as familiar with her filmography. However, I dig YES MADAM. It drags in parts but Yoeh is great in it. It also features a great bad guy, with the most awesome villain laugh, and the climax of the film is spectacular. I have also seen HEROIC TRIO, I really enjoy that one as well.

  16. One thing I remember distinctly growing up when Jackie made his breakthrough in America with RUMBLE IN THE BRONX, I was also an avid Siskel & Ebert watcher and I was so impressed when they made the concentrated effort to praise Chan not just as an action star, but as an entertainer in general and get people even non-action fans to go see his shit. It might’ve been them comparing Chan to Buster Keaton and James Cagney were the first time I had heard of either dead men.

  17. Jareth Cutestory

    May 26th, 2012 at 9:43 am

    I thought Yeoh was really good in WING CHUN, just as good as Jet Li’s mom in the two FONG SAI-YUK films. WING CHUN leans more toward romantic comedy than I tend to prefer, but that aspect is redeemed by one of Donnie Yen’s weirder performances. The fights were done by pre-MATRIX Yuen Woo-Ping. There’s a neat feminist angle to the story that you don’t always see in these films.

    There’s a sequel to HEROIC TRIO called EXECUTIONERS that fans of the first film might enjoy checking out, if only to see some early work by Johnny To (he’s credited as co-director). This one is more post-apocalyptic that the first one, the villain is fun and bizarre, and the craftsmanship of the film is superior to the first one.

  18. Charles, have you seen MIRACLES? It’s his strongest story if that’s important to some people. Your three are tops and all significant steps in his career. I think some of his generic movies have a lot of great work that’s overlooked.

    If you like YES MADAM definitely check out ROYAL WARRIORS. It’s even more insane. When Yeoh’s good she’s great but unfortunately it depends on the director. She’s not as distinct on her own as Chan who can make any movie a Jackie Chan movie.

    Jarreth, I haven’t seen EXECUTIONERS in 15 years. I was disappointed it wasn’t as fun as HEROIC TRIO. is it better than I remember?

    Also I’ve never seen the non rap version of Supercop. Does it make a big difference? I imagine my issues with it (pacing, lack of fighting) are still there.

  19. “I thought Yeoh was really good in WING CHUN, just as good as Jet Li’s mom in the two FONG SAI-YUK films”
    That wasn’t Michelle Yeoh. It was an actress called Josephine Siao. Fong Sai-Yuk’s mother is one of my favourite martial arts movie characters ever though.

  20. I’ll give Jareth credit that he knew that and was comparing Wing Chun to the other kick ass heroine. :)

  21. Ah, my bad. I read it otherwise.

  22. Jareth Cutestory

    May 26th, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Fred: Your memory is correct; EXECUTIONERS isn’t nearly as fun as the first HEROIC TRIO. It’s actually kind of a grim dystopia kind of thing. The primary plot point of a water shortage isn’t exactly the stuff of good pulp movies, and it could be argued that the three characters coming to terms with their roles within the team is no less cumbersome than it was in the second CHARLIES ANGELS movie. I know a lot of the charm of the first film is how flimsy everything looks, and the women fighting among themselves. EXECUTIONERS is way more glossy and choreographed. But I don’t think it’s bad.

    Stu: I didn’t phrase that very well. Like Fred said, I think Yeoh at her best is as good as Josephine Siao Fong-fong. Thanks for translating my gibberish into English, Fred.

  23. Vern, is the Dragon Dynasty DVD in Cantonese with subtitles? You noticed the sync sound but the rap version is also english dubbed. It’d be weird if they used the original language but kept the horrible new soundtrack.

    Jarreth, it’s what I do :)

  24. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    May 27th, 2012 at 3:20 am

    Jackie Chan is a curious case because, more than with any other martial arts or action star of the time, you know exactly what you’re going to get from him. Judging his films – and you can see this in this thread – always seems to come down to “what ELSE do you look for in a Jackie Chan movie, other than Jackie Chan?”

    Oh, and I second the “Armour of God” love. I have to say though that I really didn’t like “Who am I”. To be honest I’d have to put the latter in my personal LEAST favorite Jackie Chan list – they really don’t seem to do much with the whole amnesia mystery device, and there’s not much else to it other than the stunts. The bad guys in it are forgettable thugs and none of the characters or the world they live in seems to be developed beyond the usual cliches for this type of movie. All in all “Who am I” just bored me – I watched it for the action, which was good, but not really worth slogging through the whole movie for. And when I’m bored by a Jackie Chan movie, there’s something pretty damn wrong.

  25. Paul it’s funny the biggest criticism of WHO AM I is the mystery. I’ve got to respect that because it’s a common and well defended critique. And this is what Jackie Chan comes down to to me: I don’t give a fuck about the mystery. It had the rooftop fight, some bouncy parkour action and even some great car chase. The mystery is a generic spy plot that gets us there.

    And it’s in English so I don’t have to read. I used to think if Jackie just shot his Hong Kong movies in English they’d do great in the states, but I was wrong. It didn’t matter.

    Please exude my language above. I just wanted to dramatically emphasize how little I care about the plot of one of my favorite movies. I realize it can come across as confrontational and I don’t mean it that way at all. We’ve already had the debate on the importance of story in action so no need to retread. This is just an example of what I like and need.

  26. I just realized that I never saw WHO AM I? there goes another one I’ll have to rent soon.

  27. They include the original language track, but edited to the shortened American cut. And I could be crazy but I swear it was the American score.

  28. Of the two Armour of God movies the second is the best. Anyone who hasn’t seen it should check it out, like yesterday.

  29. Yeah I like the second AoG the best as well.The version I´ve seen goes under the title OPERATION CONDOR. Reagarding YES MADAM, the copy I own is called POLICE ASSASSINS;not one of my favourites, since I don´t care much for Rothrock. She always has this bitchy attitude that annoys the fuck out of me.But the action is good I can´t deny that. It´s a decent enjoyable flick.

  30. It would appear that right now the only way to see P OLICE STORY 3 in it’s full, un-Warren G rated version, is via the Hong Kong blu-ray. All the subbed DVDs of it are currently out of print.

    In some ways, for me, PS3 is Jackie’s last “real” Jackie movie. After this came RUMBLE IN THE BRONX, and then the Hollywood years. Sob.

    Looking back at PS3 made me remember just how much crazy awesome stuff was coming out of Hong Kong from the late 80s to the mid 90s, with pretty much everyone who was around making films at that time at the top of their game.

    Already mentioned, the HEROIC TRO/EXTERMINATORS double bill, but does anyone else here remember:

    SAVIOR OF THE SOUL (not so much the sequel, though); Tsui Hark’s live-action adaptation of the anime WICKED CITY or the great Crying Freeman rip-off DRAGON FROM RUSSIA?

  31. karlos – SAVIOR OF THE SOUL I have on dvd somewhere, but remember being kinda disappointed after so many years of not seeing it.I watched the trailer back in the VHS era and was among the earliest stuff I sampled from HK Cinema. Thats why it looked so goddamn impressive to me. The original trailer was included on the Made in Hong Kong VHS release of THE KILLER. Many years later after finally getting to see the movie i was kind of “meh…” about it. After have watched dozens of wire fu it did not look all that impressive anymore. But hell, I´ll give it another shot.

    DRAGON FROM RUSSIA is another movie I have not seen for a couple of years. HK Legends put out a good dvd release when they were around and i remember it as a very entertaining version of CRYING FREEMAN.

    All this talk about HK cinema has made me want to go back and re-watch a lot of them. These twio are definitely in my sights at the moment.

  32. I don’t know what it is about Saviour of the Soul, but it’s not as fun as it should be. It promises more than it can deliver, to put it that way. I have quite a collection of Hong Kong movies from the 80’s and 90’s myself, and I have found that the “heroic bloodshed” movies (The Killer, Hard-Boiled, Full Contact etc.) tend to hold up better than the contemporary kung fu flicks (Police Story, Tiger Cage, Aces Go Places etc.). But if you want timeless classics, the costume dramas of the era (Once Upon a Time in China, Butterfly and Sword, Tai Chi Master etc.) are the safest investment.

  33. You can´t go wrong with A CHINESE GHOST STORY either, beautiful movies with great eerie atmosphere ( except for Wu Ma´s crazy “music video” or whatever that was in part 1).
    Early 90´s was a time when HK action movies started to look spectacular. More artistic visuals
    and there seemed to be a higher level on the filmmaking skills than in the old days. Very dynamic and vibrant movies. I love it.

  34. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    May 28th, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Fred – that’s fine, I won’t begrudge you liking a movie I don’t like, and for what it’s worth I agree on the action. In this case, though, it just wasn’t enough for me.

    It probably didn’t help that the only version of “Who Am I?” I could find was dubbed (and dubbed really badly, as is generally the case with that era of movie).

  35. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    May 28th, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Wait… just reread your post… it’s in ENGLISH? Are you sure about that?

    Checking IMDB now…

  36. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    May 28th, 2012 at 11:12 am

    Ok, IMDB gives the languages (plural) as “English, Cantonese, Dutch”. That doesn’t help.

  37. WHO AM I is definitely in English except for the African tribe scenes. It aired on HBO as an exclusive premiere, but the HK cut is some 12 minutes longer and puts the mystery reveals in a different order! I doubt it will change your feeling on the movie but there is a significantly different version out there.

    Never saw SAVIOR OF THE SOUL. Tsui Hark? That’s one to add to my list.

  38. Sometimes I look at my Netflix Queue and weep, because with as many films as I watch, it never seems to decrease in number. This is the modern day Sisyphus.

    As much as I like the fact that Police Story 3 switched up genres, in the process it loses a little of the charm the first two films had. I do remember really enjoying the mainland/Hong Kong dynamic that they set up in this film. Most people in the West are unfamiliar with the cultural tension between Hong Kong and the rest of the country, and it was interesting to see this play out in China’s popular culture.

  39. Shoot/chaps – I’ve always really liked SAVIOR OF THE SOUL, but yes, there’s a lot of wacky stuff (Anita Mui’s twin springs to mind).

    But there’s a lot of stuff in there I love (the jailbreak, the mirror scene, andy’s awesome sword/belt thing – shit, I even love the theme song!) and it’s beautiful to look at.

    I also love that it was meant to be a live-action adaptation of the CITY HUNTER anime (before Jackie did it). What we got was something far more interesting.

    DRAGON FROM RUSSIA is much the same: another “sort of” adaptation that became something else, and maybe more than it’s source material.

    And yeah, the CHINESE GHOST STORY films – great, great stuff.

    Those MIHK trailers were really something, weren’t they?

    Fred – Tsui Hark is down as the producer only of WICKED CITY, but it sounds like he was very hands on during shooting. A truly nutso film that is criminally hard to come by on DVD.

  40. Anyone seen Riki-Oh; The Story of Ricky? Talk about nutso movie!

  41. RIKI-OH is one of those movies that you can’t explain or review like every other movie.

    It’s an experience.

  42. Have to commend Vern’s selection of mini-screengrab on this review. Poor, sexless Jackie Chan — even when he accidentally innocently cops a feel on a beautiful woman, his grope gets blocked by some Kevlar.

    Looks like he’d be in danger of having some spent shell casings descend on face & neck, too. That’s the worst feeling, having your buddy’s weapon’s ejection port aimed at your collar, especially if he/she is popping off in automatic mode. Middle of a goddamn firefight or a hallway/courtyard clearing maneuver and you have to pause and do the pee-pee dance until the burning around your collarbone & nipples subsides. And those little patches of burned skin don’t heal quickly when you’re wearing full battle rattle for days straight.

    Anyway, I had some notes on EXECUTIONERS here: https://outlawvern.com/2012/04/17/green-lantern/#comment-2651637
    It’s not nearly as good as THE HEROIC TRIO, but it has a few very entertaining parts.

    I guess the same can be said of SUPERCOP. I agree with Vern’s review — loved it the first time I saw it years ago, still got love for the action, but I recognize that the humor & shoddy narrative don’t help the movie’s rewatchability or potential classic status.

    There’s a couple of unfuckwithable, classic scenes, though. That’s more than most’ve accomplished in their filmatic careers.

  43. RRA – I agree, THE STORY OF RICKY needs to be experienced rather than explained.

  44. Ah, jeez, how could I neglect to mention STORY OF RIKI?!

    Instant docking of film geek points right there.

    Everyone I have shown that film to watched it open-mouthed.

    Shame everyone involved in that film has gone on to blame it for derailing their careers.

    And I can’t believe it’s 20 years old!

    I understand it’s now out on Canadian Blu ray – truly, a must own.

  45. This just in: the STORY OF RIKI blu ray is another stinky upscale con job. Bah.

  46. “Looks like he’d be in danger of having some spent shell casings descend on face & neck, too. That’s the worst feeling, having your buddy’s weapon’s ejection port aimed at your collar, especially if he/she is popping off in automatic mode.”
    Bow Chicka Wow Wowww.

  47. I remember that Warren G song. It was a huuuuge hit here in Germany (don’t know about the rest of the world) and I always kept waiting for the movie to come out, not knowing that it apparently had already a DTV release years before. *sigh* Childhood memories…

  48. karlos, Canadian Blue ray sounds like something you would smuggle into the US…

  49. Who the hell is Warren G?

  50. Guys Kung Fu Yoga looks awesome.

    Kung Fu Yoga (2017) Official Trailer #2 - Jackie Chan.

    Kung Fu Yoga 2017. Release Date: 28 January 2017 - China.

  51. Stershein: I will be taking this journey with you..

    Since we’re in this thread: Vern why’d you stop here and not review POLICE STORY IV: FIRST STRIKE? I always really loved that one and feel it doesn’t get the love it deserves. NEW POLICE STORY and POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN are about different characters so they are not really sequels and I can understand skipping those (I think both are better than they are given credit for).

  52. Sweet. I think Jackie Chan is having a bit of a renaissance I’m pretty excited about it.

  53. Random thought of the day: When Michelle Yeoh jumped with a motorcycle on that train, none of us thought “She is gonna be on STAR TREK one day!”

  54. I certainly didn’t but I sure am glad she is. But I will say that I think that a Section 31 show is a bad idea and potentially against everything that the OG Trek stood for. But we’ll see, I guess.

  55. have any of y’all seen / heard of this joint from ’96 called A JIN DE GU SHI aka STUNT WOMAN? Michelle Yeoh stars (in a role that almost paralysed her) as a stunt performer who gets involved with real life gangsters while working on a movie set. sounds pretty good, but the official Miramax synopsis is even more intriguing: “After moving to Hong Kong from China, a young martial artist starts a promising career as a stunt woman. Her bravery and athleticism make her a natural for the job, and her friendship with a supportive director named Thunderbolt helps her feel accepted in the business. But a passionate affair with a philandering playboy ends up breaking her heart and unleashing her wild side.” the (admittedly few) people i know of who’ve seen it are all obsessed with the fucking thing, even going as far as to cite Yeoh’s best performance in it as her best to date.

    speaking of best performances, i’m not sure how many of you got across ASH IS PUREST WHITE last year, but it was one of my absolute faves and features a towering performance by Tao Zhao as a woman who identifies as a “jianghu” – literally translated as “river and lake” but which is also “the name of the brotherhood of outsiders that existed in old China. It is the counterculture society of workers who made their living with the skill of their own two hands: craftsmen, beggars, thieves, street performers, fortune tellers, wandering healers, and many martial artists.”

    Zhao Qiao, the character that Tao Zhao portrays in the film, staunchly follows the code of the jianghu no matter what the consequence or cost and she is one of the most badass and unforgettable screen presences since Furiosa. i don’t want to say too much about the joint overall because i would hate to spoil the thing but i think it’s something that would definitely find a special place in the hearts of a lot of y’all motherfuckers in the outlaw community if you were to give it a shot.

  56. Heard of it, but never been persuaded or tempted to watch it. Doubt it’s Yeoh’s best work, though.

  57. Thank you for those suggestions, Mixalot. I’ve moved both of those to the top of my list.

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