podcast alert: The Projection Booth on THE WOMAN CHASER

tn_womanchaserIf you read me alot you’ve probly seen me rambling about my love for the writer Charles Willeford now and then. He’s the guy that wrote the books of COCKFIGHTER and MIAMI BLUES and also one I love called The Burnt Orange Heresy that Neil Labute is supposed to be doing, although I don’t see how it would work as a movie. (It’s about a sociopathic art critic, told in first person, and he thinks he’s the good guy.) Back in 2005 I reviewed the little-seen gem of a movie version of THE WOMAN CHASER. Since then I read the book and respect the movie even more because it’s a very faithful and well done adaptation, but I rarely run into anybody who’s even heard of it.

So I was surprised and excited by the new WOMAN CHASER episode of Mike (not the guy who did CHUCK AND BUCK) White’s The Projection Booth podcast. He talks about the movie and interviews director Robinson Devor (who went on to do the acclaimed horsefucking documentary ZOO), executive producer Joe McSpadden and star Patrick Warburton. Since I knew very little about the making and even release of the movie this was really enlightening. Among other mysteries it explains why to this day it’s only been released on VHS.

I should probly cast more of these episodes into my pod. Of the ones I’ve listened to I would recommend the interview-heavy look at THE WARRIORS and especially their excellent ROBOCOP episode. I was impressed by the interviews with Ed Neumeier and others, and also by the use of ROBOCOP related novelty songs between segments. And wait a minute, Monte Hellman shot which scenes!? That episode turned my world upside down.

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  1. Powers Boothe on the Women Chaser? Awesome.

  2. Yeah, that was a good episode on Robocop. Came across it randomly a while back. Really in depth stuff. It was especially interesting for me to hear what Miner says about the film publicly versus in one of his classes, versus in private. There aren’t major differences, but the small things are very insightful.

    Good stuff, Vern.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Always looking for good podcasts. I’ve been meaning to pick up Mike Whites Impossibly Funky book for a while now.

  4. Is that what THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY was about? I really need to reread that book. I think Willeford might be like that for me. It took me two tries to get THE WAY WE DIE NOW, but I really liked it the second time around. Still have no idea what the title has to do with anything, though.

  5. Was Willeford not attempting a cross-generational literary response to Anthony Trollope’s THE WAY WE LIVE NOW?

  6. Yeah, I love The Burnt Orange Heresy because he’s telling you how great he is but he’s clearly a pretentious dickhead, and then as he crosses the line from douchery into fraud and murder he’s convinced that he’s not only justified but also creating important art. Alot of the other Willeford books you have some sympathy for somebody who’s clearly doing wrong (though you’re gonna lose sympathy for Richard Hudson in The Woman Chaser when he does what Ice Cube decided *not* to do in “You Can’t Fade Me.”) This one is extra funny because it’s an equally demented view of the world but from an arrogant upper class guy. Just like Cockfighter made me wonder if Willeford had been involved in cockfighting this one made me wonder what kind of run-ins he’d had with asshole fine art critics.

  7. Miami Blues bugged me because, to me, the movie is more about Hoke Moseley…and I love that character (read all the books!), but in the movie he seemed to get short-changed. But, still…it’s Willeford on film, no denying that!

  8. Oopps, I meant THE BOOK was more about Mosely!!! (to me, anyway…)

  9. Mouth – as our residential super soldier, how pumped up are you for our next war in Iran?

  10. I’m no resident, just a visitor on Vern’s turf.

    And we can’t do anything in Persia. Didn’t you hear businessman & foreign affairs expert Herman Cain in the debate? Too many mountains.

  11. Vern, review and see this:


    It’s ancient Inuit murdering each other in a world of ice because of women trouble, jealousy, all the simple base motivations. It starts slow, but then halfway through, it feels like Paul Greengrass could have made this move. I’m not talking about shaking cameras, I’m talking about constant immediate suspense driving ever forward. It’s really that good, I’d compare it to “Mad Max The Road Warrior” in terms of a movie with an anarchic spirit and brutal conflict in an alien world. Solid bad ass movie tip here.

    Plus, there is a traditional head-punching duel. How can anyone not like a movie that has a traditional head-punching duel?

    And Mouth: the way the next major military conflict is shaping up, you’ll be stationed in Homs or Damascus long before you are stationed in Tehran or Qom. As for Aleppo, the mountains: that will be the Turks’ assignment anyways.

  12. There’s also a podcast called CageCast I think you’d all like. They’re only up to Peggy Sue Got Married so there’s still time to catch up.

  13. Thanks a bunch for the props.

    FYI, I’m working on a Willeford series though Hellman still doesn’t appreciate his work on it (you can hear more on the Flight to Fury episode). I reached out to La Bute’s people and they say he’s not actually doing Burnt Orange Heresy. Not sure if that’s “anymore” or “was never involved.”

    Coming in May (I hope), Scott Phillips co-hosts with me about Miami Blues.

  14. I guess if I had IMDb Pro I could find out who they list for Burnt Orange Heresy now. It doesn’t come up on Neil LaBute’s filmography, so maybe they got it right.

    So you’re gonna do Cockfighter then? I hope so. Good to hear you’re doing Miami Blues. And I guess that would have to be it for the Willeford series, huh? It’s weird that more of his books haven’t been adapted, but then again it’s nice that there aren’t any shitty ones.

    thanks Mike

  15. I doubt I’ll do Cockfighter since Hellman is so down about it and Oates isn’t speaking to me (hardy har).

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