2001: A Summer Movie Odyssey


I don’t know if you guys realize this, but this summer we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the summer that happened ten years ago. Pretty crazy, huh? Seems impossible to even consider, but I did the math and it all checks out. So I knew I couldn’t just let that go by without acknowledging it.

As you know I have an ongoing fascination with the evolution of the Big Summer Popcorn Movie. I love watching this type of movie, even some of the bad ones, have my opinions about them, wonder if they’ve gotten worse over the years, how they’ve changed or how our standards for them have changed. Last summer my project for exploring that was my study of the movie that gave marine-mammal-style live aquatic birth to the Big Summer Popcorn Movie itself, JAWS. Well, actually I didn’t write about JAWS proper, just all its sequels and some of its rip-offs. (what do you want, people? I do this shit for free.)

I had fun with that so naturally I was looking for another summer movie project to do this year. This time I wanted to do one that would more specifically give me a window into the way these type of movies have changed over the years. I decided the best method would be to pick a specific summer from a while back and watch all the major movies of this type that came out. 10 years ago seemed most natural, although 15 and 20 years were also considered. Then there was the whole “shooting Osama bin Laden” deal that happened and I realized that after a decade there might even be something to analyzing the frivolous summer movies we were watching just a few months before 9-11, when the whole world seemed to crumble. Are ten years of war and terrorism different when considered in context with THE MUMMY RETURNS and LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER?

(spoiler: probly not. But worth investigating.)

I am a man and I follow my own path and therefore I know I must embark on a 2001 Summer Movie Odyssey. There is one big catch though: even through the romantically soft lens of nostalgia it’s hard not to see 2001 as a pretty god damn shitty summer for movies. In the interest of suspense and showmanship or something I’m not gonna reveal the full list of what I’ll be reviewing, but you can look up what came out that summer if you want to see how grim the outlook is. From those I picked 13 to review. My lineup will include 7 movies I never saw before, 3 that I purposely skipped because they’re by directors whose previous movies I seriously hated. I’ll also be revisiting a couple that I liked or thought were okay back then but haven’t seen since, a couple that I seriously hated back then but haven’t seen since, one that I hadn’t seen before because it was Crocodile Dundee part 3.

Other rules: I’ll be reviewing them in order of their release dates. I’ll consider anything released from April through August to be a summer release. Because my interest is in the sons of JAWS I’m mainly sticking to things that involve action, adventure or sci-fi type shit, and will be skipping some of the biggest movies if they were straight comedies (AMERICAN PIE 2) musicals (MOULIN ROUGE) or cartoons (SHREK). Also I won’t be re-watching JURASSIC PARK III because I did that last summer and my opinion hadn’t changed enough to write a new review. (But that’s an important one so I’ll do a post when we get there so you all can tell me why I’m wrong.) Other than those it’s gonna be most of the major releases.

For the most part I’m just gonna watch the movies and review ’em, but along the way we’ll definitely be noticing and discussing some connections and comparisons to the movies coming out this summer. I would like to close this post with a few figures about the two summers.

Sequels released in summer 2001: 8


Sequels released in summer 2011: 11


2001 based on comic book: 1


2011 based on comic book: 6

Note: 7 if you count THE SMURFS

2001 based on video game: 2


2011: none, surprisingly

2001 remakes: 1

(PLANET OF THE APES – 2 if you count RAT RACE)

2011 remakes: 4

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  1. Awesome idea Vern. I think there’s definitely something to be drawn from looking at that whole pre and post 9/11 in regards to Hollywood output.

    Looking at the releases for 2001:


    Holy crap you’re right, 2001 was a terrible, terrible summer.

    I’ll take a few guesses, I can see Pearl Harbour coming up (god help you with that one) and Prequel of the Apes (which should be interesting from a “how did they remake films in the early 2000s”).

    However I completely forgot that 2001 gave us Lord of the Rings AND Harry Potter. Really weird to think this year one of those series is ending whilst the other is starting filming again.

  2. ThomasCrown442

    June 7th, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Wow, what a shitty summer for sequels that was. This was back when Tara Reid was actually in a big summer sequel. Holy Shit! Maybe some things have changed for the better.

  3. ThomasCrown442

    June 7th, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    By the way, I love the ending to Planet of the Apes (2001). It still gives me chills whenever I see it. Whats funny is, inside the dvd case, they give you this timeline map that supposed to help you figure out what the hell was going on and its still confusing as fuck.

  4. That was kind of cryptic up there, but we might as well get this over with; I do like JURASSIC PARK III. Taken as a whole it’s the weakest of the trilogy, but it’s light, breezy fun and I’d be pretty happy if a film like that came out this summer…much as I was pretty happy that a film like that came out at the time. A big reason why I’m far more interested in CAPTAIN AMERICA than any of the other comic book films that have or will come out this year is Joe Johnson; I never saw his much debated WOLFMAN, but while JP3, HIDALGO, JUMANJI and THE ROCKETEER are not great films (I’d even say HIDALGO is pretty flat and THE ROCKETEER has been considerably over praised by its fans) they have a certain old-fashioned matinee/popcorn vibe that I always enjoy and sporadically want to revisit.

  5. Fantastic idea. Can’t wait to read them all.

  6. I hope he reviews Swordfish if it came out in the summer since it’s a giant pile of shit. Looking at 2001 it’s not the best summer movie but there are some genuine movie masterpieces that came out that year.

  7. The only good thing about Swordfish was the paper here reviewing it and using the headline FECK/OFF.

  8. I wouldn’t mind a review of Vanilla Sky as I am kinda conflicted about that film and wondering if Vern has insights I missed.

  9. 2001 may have been a bad year for movies, but just reading through all those titles reminded me of how good the years was for me personally.

  10. Can we argue about best movie in the top 100 box office of 2001? I’ll go with Memento.

  11. Also I hope that although you are skipping it now, we will get one day a MOULIN ROUGE review. It’s one of the few movies that I just couldn’t watch to the end. Usually I watch every movie complete, just in case near the end an inspired moment of awesomness pops up, but I couldn’t take MOULIN ROUGE any longer than 40 minutes.
    It’s a perfect example of what happens when someone is TOO creative, but has no idea how to filter all those ideas into a coherent movie. It’s like Jean-Pierre Jeunet ate too much sugar and then slammed his had into a TV set, where some late 80’s/early 90’s MTV spots were running.

  12. Before I looked at that big list, I was expecting to be horrified. But, if you take the year as a whole, not an entirely bad year. In fact, quite a few gems IMO. Memento, Fellowship of the Ring, Amelie, Mulholland Drive… Heavenly Creatures, The Others… Was Soderbergh’s Oceans 11 a summer flick?

  13. Oooh, SWORDFISH and JOY RIDE, please.

  14. Sequels from 2001:


    Vern, are you sure you want to put yourself through this? (You could be watching “Juggernaut” instead. Just a suggestion, I probably won’t bring it up again.) “Jurassic Park 3” was actually ok, but the rest? Unfortunately I still remember “Scary Movie 2”, “American Pie 2” and “The Mummy Returns”. We’re talking some really, really bad films here. “The Mummy Returns” would probably classify as the most annoyingly noisy film I’ve ever seen if I hadn’t seen “Bad Boys 2”. “Scary Movie 2” is just one long unfunny dope joke, and “American Pie 2” is the most creatively bankrupt film I’ve ever seen. Yeah, more so than X3 and the Star Wars prequels.

    Jurassic Park 3 was leaps and bounds ahead of Jurassic Park 2. Just throwing that one out there.

    And I would vote for “Memento” and “Amelie” as the best, but I believe Vern has already reviewed them both. “Heavenly Creatures” has a disturbingly psychotic turn from a young Kate Winslet, if you’re into that sort of thing. “Swordfish” starts out with John Travolta giving a three-minute lecture on why Hollywood sucks, then spends the rest of the movie proving him right. That’s not a recommendation.

    “Moulin Rouge” is one of the most bloodless, insipid portrayals of a time and place that I would definitely like to have lived in and that’s something of a study of mine, so it was a huge personal disappointment. If two hours of watching Ewan McGregor trying to sing is your bag, though, then go for it.

  15. well American Pie 2 had the awesome lesbian scene and Swordfish had Halle Berry’s glorious boobs

    but other than that I remember almost nothing about those two movies, so there’s that

  16. also, I made a comment that’s not showing up. huh?

  17. seriously guys, it’s still not showing up, even when I re post it

  18. anyway let’s try this again

    oh God, 2001, what a year, it scares me to think it’s been a decade ago

    9/11 unsurprisingly overshadows everything else in that year in people’s minds, but for me personally it was a good year

    for one thing it was a fucking INCREDIBLE year for video games, the PS2 hit it’s stride and both the Xbox and the Gamecube came out the same year, and there were so many great games that came out that year, I could come up a list a mile long, but some highlights are Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Grand Theft Auto 3

    it’s my personal favorite year for gaming

    in many other ways it was a real watershed year for me, maybe I’ll talk about that later

    but anyway as far as movies go I hated JURASSIC PARK III and I haven’t seen it since, what I hated so much was that the plot was so fucking lame, it did nothing to further any overall story in the series along, it was just a stupid excuse to get Grant on the island and have him be chased by dinosaurs for a while and then go home

    I also confess to really liking The Mummy Returns (and The Mummy), but give me a break, I was 11

  19. I remember the hype on Jurassic Park 3 was that it was better than the first one…because it was less intelligent.

    I’d argue that from about 94 to 2004 was terrible time movie-wise…but, wow, 2001 seems like the pinnacle of shittyness. If I had been a kid during that time, I doubt I would care much about movies today.

  20. Great IDEA. This blog it’s like candy.

  21. wow W.S., who in the hell was saying Jurassic Park 3 was better because it’s less intelligent?

  22. also Vern you should give A.I. another review (if that’s not what you’re already planning) it holds up brilliantly

  23. What a phenomenally great idea, Vern. I think it will be valuable to look at lots of different summers in context. I find 1994 to be phenomenal (and if you take the whole year into account, you’ve got Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Quiz Show. Probably 1982 has to be looked at some time too.

    But 2001 is a great place to start. I remember that being horrible on my own, and now there’s a whole website about it!

  24. caruso_stalker217

    June 7th, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    JURASSIC PARK III is utter shit. Better than THE LOST WORLD it is not.

  25. Didn’t HEAVENLY CREATURES come out in 1994 or did I miss anything?

  26. I never understood either why people say THE LOST WORLD is worse than 3, I mean THE LOST WORLD may be flawed, but at least it had an actual story

  27. Great idea Vern. I`m looking forward to this.

    I`m very fascinated by this short little era in the history of cinema. It seems to me, that Hollywood kind of regressed after the colombine massacre and didn`t dare to make movies without sticking to oldfashiones values and concepts. For some reason the beginning of the noughties reminds me of the vibe of the fifties, with good clean fun for the entire family. I guess we can blame The Phantom Menace for that. `98 and `99 were sort of the culmination of indiependent and blockbuster-cinema for me; the studios suddenly dared to hire personal and subversive indie filmmakers to make quality-summer movies, but by `00 and `01 the output from hollywood turned into brainless, joyful bling-bling cinema. And then started the superhero-fad, the fantasy-fad, the horror-fad and the historical epic fad. Anyway, watching summermovies from `00 and `01 give me some sort of sense of summer and fun, even though they all mostly suck.

  28. that’s an interesting observation dna

    it’s funny how the video game world responded the exact opposite way and became more violent after columbine (with games like Grand Theft Auto 3)

  29. – griff

    I don`t know anything about videogames, but doesn`t it take a lot longer to make a videogame than producing a movie?

    I think 11/9 made it okay to shoot and torture people again (that`s what Saw and Bad Boys 2 taught me anyway). Maybe videogames were faster or slower to pick up on that?

    But funny to think that a crappy movie like The Phantom Menace taught Hollywood that 1) Branding means everything! 2) The audience loves prequels! 3) PG-13 is awesome! and 4) High grosses is NOT a result of great filmmaking.

    I know that Starwars doesn`t exist in this dojo, but I think that The Phantom Menace was a massive influence on Hollywood in the early and capitalistic noughties. And it kind of ruined the artistic seventies.. ehhr.. sorry, nineties cinema.

  30. Showing my earlt early — Josie and the Pussycats is a movie that I have seen 20+ times. I know all the words to every song. It’s a personal favorite and in my, sure to be unpopular, opinion, actually a very good movie. Rachel Lee Cook, Rosario Dawson and Parker Posey all shot by Matthew Libatique? Yes please.

  31. *showing my hand early.

  32. yeah, great idea, can’t wait to read!

    dunno where you guys are getting HEAVENLY CREATURES from. that came out in ’94.

    but yeah, summer 2001 was actually when i moved to japan (from new york), so a lot of the movies from then have added significance for me, for better or for worse. i remember dragging my then girlfriend (whom i would soon be separating from by moving to the other side of the planet) to go see PEARL HARBOR, not because i had any interest in seeing it but *solely* because they were debuting the first full trailer for THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING before it, and then having to sit through the entirety of that lengthy shit-fest (yes, i know, it’s amazing someone like me even had a girlfriend).

    the night before i moved to japan was also the day PLANET OF THE APES (2001) came out, and since one of the main activities i did with my friends was go to the movies, instead of packing i went to see it at a late show with my best friends (the last time for a long time we would go to the movies together), so in that context it was an even bigger disappointment than it would have been anyway (though i, too, like the ridiculous ending). then of course, after the movie, instead of packing, we went to our local and got drunk all night. i got home at 4am and drunkenly packed straight until 10am when the airport taxi started honking outside my window.

    when i first arrived in japan, i was living in the countryside. my first couple days, not knowing anyone in my town and not speaking a word of the language, i suddenly got a panicky attack of home sickness. luckily, there was a multiplex in my town, so i walked on over to it, and as i ascended the mall escalator to the cinema floor and smelled the perfectly american-smelling popcorn, i felt much better. i went to see JURASSIC PARK 3, and i’m sure i enjoyed it much more than i would have under any other circumstances (though i have never had the desire to watch it again). thankfully, that was the last time i felt homesick (almost ten years ago now).

  33. Virgin Gary…is it weird that I remember you telling that story before?

  34. Virgin Gary – you should be happy that the Cloverfield monster didn’t attack the night before you left (this is totally not a tasteless joke considering the year)

    maybe I’ll move to Japan one day…

    tell me, are the American movies over the dubbed or subtitled?

  35. I don’t know if we can call the violence in Grand Theft Auto 3 a response to Columbine. For one thing, its creators are British, and for another, there were two previous entries in the series that had very much the same type of content, it’s just that the technology improved to where it was more immersive in the third installment. But man, having the open world in an action game has got to be one of the most genius ideas in video game history.

  36. My favorite movie I saw in the theater in 2001 was ALI. I was assisted in my enjoyment of it by that fact that I had learned to love Michael Mann but did not know who Will Smith was, or really anything about Muhammed Ali. The opening to that movie still amazes me, a drawn out performance film establishing the lead character and his world with almost no spoken words. Plus it looks damn good. Mann has talked about being drawn to that film because he wanted to shoot the “Rumble in the Jungle”, and I think the weight of that scene and its set-up make it a very cool movie.

  37. You didn’t know who Will Smith was in 2001? I think you might be this sight’s first native Antarctican.

    Which is just a good-natured joke. Don’t send the penguins after me.

  38. Yeah, I had a mostly TV-less, low movie intake childhood. But look at where it got me: Commenting on Vern’s site.
    If I could control penguins, I’d send them to attack Jim Carrey for starring in MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS.

  39. Doesn’t one of the X-mans have the power of control penguins? “Go forth and do my bidding, my tuxedoed minions! Spiderman will be flummoxed into submission by the unbelievable service he receives at his least favorite restaurant! Now Go!”

  40. Tawdry – kinda weird, since i don’t remember telling it myself (but i believe you). wouldn’t sweat it, though.

    Griff – actually, funnily enough (not ha-ha) i missed 9/11 by just over a month, and i used to work on the 100th floor of the world trade center. also, i was in thailand during the 2004 boxing day earthquake/tsunami disaster (though not in a part that was affected) and obviously i was in tokyo for the march 11th earthquake tsunami catastrophe (and i used to live in one of the worst affected areas). so i am either cursed or charmed. i’ll choose to believe the latter. oh, and the only foreign films that are ever dubbed here are ones that are geared towards kids, and even with those a subbed version is almost always also available to choose. the main drawbacks of being a movie geek out here are that 1) a lot of foreign movies come out late here (for example FAST FIVE – here called WILD SPEED: MEGA MAX! – doesn’t come out until september), and 2) i generally have to skip foreign movies that are in a language i can’t understand, cuz it’s too taxing to try to read the japanese subtitles, and i can’t read 100% of them anyway.

  41. I believe we’ve discussed the Jurassics on another thread. I’ll go on record saying Lost World is my favorite. It’s a totally soulless hardcore action movie, and it’s great! Pure dinosaur killing (they even eat the dog!) with Mr. Spielberg’s strongest skills. No more “ooh, ahh” as Goldblum says. I always thought the Mr. DNA shit in JP1 was stupid, and the Jaws structure (wait an hour for any real action) was blatant. And you can totally see the composite lines in the early CGI, I always thought so. Give me Lost World, please.

  42. The clearest memory of the Summer of 2001 was the night I saw The Fast and the Furious back to back with Rush Hour 2 and they both prominently featured “Area Codes” by Ludacris.

    It was a dark time.

  43. Griff,
    I remember the hype on the internet and even the mainstream media was basically, “Yeah, finally, all dino action and absolutely nothing for anybody with the slightest bit of intellectual curiosity. Joe Johnston schooled you Spielberg! Suck it!”

    The Lost World – can’t say it’s a good movie, but it’s so weirdly dour and mean-spirited….and all the characters (even the “good guys”) are so unpleasant, that it’s kind of fascinating.

  44. I’m a defender of Jurassic Park 3. It’s not great but I think it aims its sights at being a watchable and enjoyable little movie and it does that well enough.

    I can’t honestly remember anything from Jurassic Park 2.

    Does anyone else remember the script for Jurassic Park 4? I think AICN or Dark Horizons posted about it a few years ago. It was going to involve genetically modified dinosaur mercenaries fighting a corporation or something. It sounded so camp and awesome that I kept hoping it would get made.

    I’m really looking forward to this, Vern. I worked in a theatre that summer and saw almost everything so it’s going to be fun seeing your reactions to movies. I remember this summer being awful and after being brutalized by Planet of the Apes, Pearl Harbor, and lots of other movies I became convinced that Shrek was amazing.

  45. My bad, I think I saw BEAUTIFUL CREATURES on that 2001 list and thought of a better film. ;)

    Tossing out Audition, Session 9, The Princess and the Warrior, Sexy Beast, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Devil’s Backbone as other 2001 notables.

  46. And after looking at that list, noting the notables, yeah 2001 was a SHIT summer.

    Even Monsters Inc. and Oceans 11, two films that would easily land a summer slot today, were released in November and December respectively.

  47. I recall being cautiously excited about Tomb Raider that year and subsequently got dropped down a very deep well with spikes by that one.

  48. W.S. — I maintain that the LOST WORLD is Spielberg’s greatest unrecognized comedy. There is absolutely no way in hell that movie is intended to be taken seriously. You might marginally be able to convince yourself that Spielberg intends you to seriously consider the implications of lassoing dinosaurs out of toy cars, but by the time the T-Rex gets loose in San Fransisco it should be pretty obvious to everyone that someone behind the camera just keeps daring them to top the previous ridiculous boneheaded setpiece.

    My favorite part of the whole movie: Vince Vaugn wanders alone through a creepy abandoned building we know is swimming with raptors. This scene miiiiiiilks it, and then ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS. It doesn’t even do a false beat scare or reveal some important plot point. It’s just like 8 minutes of Vaugn looking around an old building with a flashlight.

  49. Mr. Subtlety:

    Or it could have been that Spielberg wasn’t on set. He directed The Lost World by video uplink. Seriously.

  50. I’m doing these in order so I’m staying out of this. It’s still April.

  51. ThomasCrown442

    June 8th, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    I just remembered that this summer was the peak of my “I’m in community college, not working, and not old enough to drink so lets go to a movie” phase. I’m pretty sure I saw almost every movie on this list at the movies. I remember walking by a theater playing The Fast and The Furious and you could hear the loud engines rumbling and thinking, “That movie sounds fucking awesome”.

    I also remember realizing around this time that movie trailers had become completely unreliable. I used to be able to judge a movie’s level of awesomeness, with pretty accurate results, based purely on the trailer. Most of the time I was right. By this point though, judging a movie’s potential worth by the trailer was a crapshoot at best. And when did “trailer” start replacing “preview” as the name for a coming attraction?

  52. I actually liked a ton of 2001 movies from the boxofficemojo list. The Center of the World, Made, and Original Sin are some of my favorites, for very different reasons. Amongst Vern-style movies, Blackhawk Down, Training Day, and Enemy at the Gates were pretty good-to-great. Can’t wait for the Pearl Harbor review though – I thought people were being too hard on it when it came out, but when I saw it on TV recently it was like a parody of a Michael Bay movie.

  53. Man, I remember being an 18 year old kid working at the movie theatre when Original Sin came out. Let’s just say I did some of my best ushering for that movie.

    I think Blackhawk Down is Ridley Scott’s best movie, but I also remember that being a Fall movie since I had to see that when I was at university and no longer working at the movies.

  54. Pearl Harbor was outrageous fun precisely because it was so ridiculous. Alec Baldwin’s anti-Japanese lines are classic.

    Makes me think, I don’t think I necessarily have a problem with the way Bay shoots. It’s more the scripts he makes are usually terrible. The Rock is an exception. I think Transformers 1 has the Spielberg touch with the kid and Bumblebee (how Transformers has it and Super 8 doesn’t could be a real contentious discussion.)

    But Armageddon is boring, Pearl Harbor is historical nonsense and Transformers 2 is inanely complex. I imagine if Transformers 2 had a decent script, I wouldn’t have minded the scenes of Destroyer fucking the pyramid. Bad Boys II is actually reprehensible. That could be on a script, gratitous filmmaking or improv level.

  55. FTopel, I am surprised to hear anyone say they enjoyed PEARL HARBOR. I found it to be a bloated and mostly boring mess. The only endearing memory I have of the film is I saw it in the theater with a group of friends after we had all partied the night before, and one of my buddies convinced one of the girls that was with us to smuggle a six pack into the theater in her purse. Well he was bombed by around the beginning of the third hour of the film, and during the scene (SPOILERS) where Kate Beckinsale’s character tell Ben Affleck’s character that she is pregnant with Josh Hartnett’s character’s baby, my drunken buddy belts out at the top of his voice “Aw come on don’t tell him that”, and the entire packed theater burst out laughing. It was hilarious, because we were all thinking the same thing.

  56. It was ironic enjoyment, like wow, I can’t believe they went this far off the rails. I mean, that was Bay/Bruckheimer’s idea of what Titanic did for history, plug in some hammy romance and add their own racist patriotism. Team America got it right.

  57. Looking at the films released in the Summer of 01′ I would have to say that is was full of forgettable popcorn films but featured some great indies like GHOST WORLD, SEXY BEAST, & one of my favorites MADE.

  58. FTopel, I guess I can see how you could appreciate as an unintentional farce, but I don’t think I would want to loose another 3 hours of my life to PH.

  59. Man, I still have a huge crush on Thora Birch in Ghost World.

  60. Holly shit, you and me both Casey. I have a thing for sad and vulnerable girls with big jugs.

  61. Here! Thora Birch fanboy #3. Well, not anymore. Why do beautiful curvy women always slim themself into unattractiveness? (Sara Rue anyone?)

  62. Yeah, it’s a real shame. Oh well, at least I still have Kat Dennings.

  63. I like my women mean, so count me in on team ghost world. Unbelievably attractive women on every level to me which is, you know, kinds sad.

    Also isn’t pearl harbor just a loose ripoff of wings? The first film to win best picture?

  64. I put these words together/to seduce girls named heather/but I’d rather have wynona/circa beetlejuice but old’a

  65. Jareth Cutestory

    June 11th, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    CJ Holden: I saw Thora Birch in a recent DTV horror movie – some HOSTLE ripoff about a wrestling team on a train. While she has certainly lost weight, she wasn’t so thin that she made an implausible member of the team. The film is pretty lame, in large part because neither she or her team mates ever put any of the killers in a half nelson.

    No one ever looked better in a Catwoman mask than Thora Birch. Now the light in her eyes has totally gone out.

  66. I hate to say it, but Thora Birch’s career never recovered from that Limp Bizkit video where he ties her to a chair and screams into her face w/ a megaphone (and croons about sniffing her panties!) and she likes it!

    CJ – I think the new Sara Rue is still pretty, if generic looking. I did like the old Sara Rue just fine though.

  67. I don’t know man, Sara Rue suddenly has that pointy chin and all in all looks like a lazy Photoshop version of her former self. I mean, I’m happy for her that she was able to lose that weight. The last time I slimmed down that hard, I achieved it by having a stressy job, that left no time for me to eat more than once per day and was only reachable by cycling 20Km per day, 5 days per week through every weather. The thing is that I’m just not attracted to her anymore.

    P.S.: I take full responsibility for taking the badassness of that websight’s comment section to a new low, by bitching about the diet of a sitcom star. I take every punishment that you consider as appropriate.

  68. I don’t know how a thread about the summer films of 2001 ended up being a discussion about attractive actresses with curves, but I will take the opportunity to confess my fondness for Christina Hendricks. I hope to god she does not loose her curves like the ladies you guys have mentioned.

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