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BruceI’m sure this has been making the rounds, but I figured I might as well post this video somebody made out of Bruce Willis movie clips. It’s a little long, but then so is 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. I like the way this video compiles common shots like, say, Bruce taking off sunglasses or jumping from an explosion, from across his filmography. You could do that with any actor, and in fact you probly should.

I’m Bruce Willis from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

By the way, a friend has promised me some Bruce Willis cologne, so you guys don’t have to worry about my hygiene anymore.

(thanks to The Establish Shot for sending me the link.)

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  1. “Bruce Willis cologne”

    Isn’t that called middle-aged sweat?

  2. This highlights just how versatile an actor Bruce is. Most actors can manage two or three distinct facial expressions. (Steven Seagal can manage one, but it’s one of those swiss-army-knife jobs that’s useful in any situation; and let’s face it, would YOU dis him to his face about it?) Bruce has at least four or five, as demonstrated here. I expect he could even manage six if the wind didn’t change.

    Incidentally, it’s just occurred to me that I can barely think of any films in which Bruce dies part way through or at the end. (for the sake of avoiding spoilers about a certain movie that everyone who’s seen it knows what I’m talking about, I’ll say “after the first ten minutes”). The only one I can think of offhand is “Armageddon”. Hell, even in his rare appearances as bad guys, he’s generally lived to stand trial at the end. Here’s a challenge: which movies does the Bruce both star in and die in (other than Armageddon and the Unmentionable Movie who will not be named in this thread, on pain of a slow and squelchy death)?

  3. He dies (in cameo roles) in the second CHARLIES ANGELS movie and in PLANET TERROR.

    Or did you mean “stars in” as “is one of the main characters”?


    Paul – didn’t he kick it in SIN CITY?

  5. Val Kilmer's Elbow

    July 8th, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    He dies TWICE in 12 MONKEYS. Sort of.

  6. Doesn’t he die in THE JACKAL? Not a very good movie, but man, that part where he blows that guys arm off with that humongous gun is awesome.


    He dies at the end of 12 Monkeys, too.

  7. Mr Majestyk: It’s even more awesome if you remember that that soon-to-be-armless guy is Jack Black :D

  8. No way! That’s incredible. I may need to see that movie again now. I thought Gere’s “Irish” accent would keep me away forever, but I’ll queue it up just to see Jaybles get deflepparded.

  9. Hey guys not to hijack the comments or anything, but I just got back from seeing Predators and holy shit it’s awesome. Seriously I wasn’t expecting it to be anything special but the whole thing just works so so well. The direction is excellent (steady shots! Not overly edited!), the score is an actual orchestra taking cues from the original Predator score – no cheap rawk soundtrack I expected, the cast and range of characters are fun to watch and majority of them have their own “badass” moment. Adrian Brody, who I had doubts about, starts a little off (the sore throat tough guy voice sometimes feels forced and fake) but by the end of the film he’s completely convincing as a badass (and the dude is ripped). There’s a few moments of humour, but for the most part they play the film straight and serious, but it never feels overblown. It lets the film build up just like the original, as the group work there way through the forest, finding killed creatures, realising why they’re there etc. It doesn’t rush to show off the Predators.

    I know it’s been a poor summer and all so take this comment with a pinch of salt but this is so far one of the better films of the summer.

  10. Bruce Willis Cologne?

    The Fifth Smellement?

  11. Bruce dies in Mortal Thoughts. He’s probably died more often than most leading men.

  12. Oh, and Billy Bathgate which may have been his first? I remember being surprised that they did him in.

  13. linked this in The Last Boy Scout discussion a few days ago, but it got buried under an avalanche of other posts. Glad you regulars got to see it eventually, cause it’s awesome.

  14. Good thinking Vern and Dan.

    And HOW did I manage to forget “Twelve Monkeys”? DAMN…

    Can’t remember much about “The Jackal”. I think I saw parts of it. “Day of the Jackal”, the one starring Edward Fox, is one of my all-time favorite films, so I’m not too keen on having it spoilt by yet another bad remake. (Not that “The Jackal, from what I can remember, was really that.)

  15. He also isn’t providing the inner monologue in the third Look Who’s Talking movie, so can we assume that the kid’s infant self-awareness personality dies between movies?

  16. Oh, and I thought Predator was above average, very solid. Could have been better, but all things considered a very enjoyable summer movie.

  17. I think you should field test the cologne at local bars

  18. hahah. catchy song.

  19. Mr. Majestyk – Ever see DAY OF THE JACKAL?

  20. I think so, but it’s been a while and I saw it at a time when I was watching two or three movies a day and smoking a lot of weed so my memory of it is pretty nonexistent. Why, does it have a better de-arming?

  21. Stu – local bars, sure, but if you field-test it in an airport, a skyscraper or on the streets of Harlem, you better be prepared to have to defeat an army of terrorists with really bad Eastern-European accents. That’s a significant downside.

  22. Mr. Majestyk – DAY OF THE JACKAL is to the remake THE JACKAL as the Miami Heat (after tonight) are to the L.A. Clippers.

    The first is a terrific thriller. The other is just a movie.

  23. I haven’t checked in here in a while – what is The Unmentionable Movie? Is it that one that was directed by that guy who just got in trouble for screwing up that movie based on a cartoon?

  24. ThomasCrown442

    July 8th, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Bruce died in The Sixth Sense too.

  25. Timmy and Thomas – I WARNED YOU. DIE FIENDS DIE!!!!!

  26. Bruce Willis cologne – The Fourth Sense – Smell harder.

  27. The Sixth Scent?

  28. Jareth Cutestory

    July 9th, 2010 at 6:44 am

    I think Willis died in LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN as well, didn’t he? Not that anyone should sit through that movie to confirm it.

  29. Jareth-no, he lived

  30. Arma ged-id-on and smell gooood.

  31. Hey, I didn’t mention it! That guy under me fucked up though.

  32. Bruce also dies in Hart’s War. So it’s:

    6th Sense
    12 Monkeys
    Sin City
    Day Of The Jackal
    Mortal Thoughts
    Billy Bathgate
    Death Becomes Her
    Hart’s War

    (As cameo roles)
    Charlie’s Angels 2
    Planet Terror

    …He dies in a LOT of movies. I never realized that.

  33. Tukka – well I’ve never seen “The Jackal” all the way through (do not confuse with “Day of the Jackal” please, the latter is one of my all-time-favorite films, and probably one of the best thrillers ever made) and I’ve not seen any of the last four non-cameo roles. I have seen Charlie’s Angels 2 and Planet Terror, but basically forget he was in them. But yeah, I am kicking myself over and over for forgetting “12 Monkeys”.

  34. damn, thought i was gonna be first to mention HART’S WAR.

    so, bruce dies a lot.

    this is only very tangentially related, but i’ve often wondered if robert redford ever played a bad guy. as far as i know, he only ever plays super good guys.

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