My most anticipated non-Mad Max movie right now

Warning: this full length trailer for FURIOUS 6 (as I’m still hoping they’ll abbreviate it) is one of those trailers that seems to tell you the whole plot and show about 10 or more huge money shots. But I couldn’t resist watching it. A couple times. It looks amazing.

I knew Gina was gonna get to fight Letty.

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  1. caruso_stalker217

    February 5th, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    You have no idea of the kind of willpower it takes not to click play on that motherfucker.

  2. Just saw some Fury Road footage from a buddy who worked on it today. It’s gonna be insane. Massive, massive stuff.

    Furious 6 (and 7, I guess) will have to do some crazy shit to out-crazy Max.

  3. I get the feeling they (producers, director, all driving forces[NPI]) decided to go Nigel Tufnel amp on this one, and cranked it up to 11. Damn clever move.

    caruso— “your will is strong, Van Helsing”.

  4. That shot of the CAR BULLDOZING THROUGH A PLANE ON FIRE AT THE NOSE I bet made Michael Bay both hard, and super jealous.

    Justin Lin, the man that Michael Bay could’ve been but never the talent nor aspiration nor appreciation for his audience.

  5. Yes, yes, yes, yes and HELL YES! Can’t freakin wait for this movie!

  6. I’m gonna be really pissed if Gina Carano looses a fight against Michelle Rodriguez. Other than that, this looks pretty much perfect.

  7. I know this movie traffics in absurd action movie logic, and that’s why we love it, but I have to say I don’t understand at all why they would go to the trouble of killing Michelle Rodriguez off just to go to even more trouble to explain her return in this one. I’m going purely off of the Super Bowl trailer, which seemed to treat that plot development as a major, shocking twist.

    FlashMaskUdor – Agreed, if Gina Carano has to throw this one I’ll be more than a little disappointed.

  8. I just wish they would pull a Dolph in the Expendables and just re-insert her without explanation. The movie doesn’t have to pretend it gives a shit about making the pieces fit.

  9. What a nice day for me.

    First that extended look, which was Viagra for that Super Bowl’s boner.

    Second, IMO Marvel made a good casting choice for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

    Third, Prince put out a new song today (“Breakfast Can Wait”) and its good.

  10. RRA – I agree with you about Guardians of the Galaxy, without knowing much about the source material. That was a pretty underhanded compliment AICN gave the casting choice, basically saying that Marvel need a sarcastic lead actor to distance himself from the ridiculousness of the surrounding superhero team (“…he does have a sense of humor. You kind of have to when your teammates include a walking Tree, a smart-ass raccoon and a homicidal bald dude that likes to cut up any and everything he can.”)

    I’ve always liked Chris Pratt, I’d go so far as to say he’s always had that natural, Downey-esque charisma. I PA’d awhile ago on Moneyball and he was energetic and enthusiastic almost to the point of being irritating, but in hindsight I think that kind of energy is exactly what most jaded LA-based movie productions need. He’ll be great heading up a Marvel movie, I can feel it.

  11. Patrick – Well I think Pratt is a good talent. But other than that, Marvel I commend for so far doing very good castings for their principal characters. They seem to know what they’re doing. I do wonder who they’ll cast for Rocket Raccoon.

    The only recastings happened for Marvel so far because they either wanted too much money that Marvel wasn’t willing to pay (Terrence Howard) or had a bad relationship with Marvel (Edward Norton.)

    Sorry off-topic Vern, didn’t mean to.

    I think I actually want to see this more than IM3 among the summer blockbusters out in May. Bravo Lin and gang, bravo!

  12. I’ve never read GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, but in all the pictures of Star Lord I’ve seen he has a mask on. Does he take it off sometimes? Because hiring a gifted physical actor like Pratt and then keeping him in a full face mask for the entire movie would be criminal.

  13. CrustaceanHate – From the issues I’ve read, its like Iron Man: When in action or flight or whatever, the mask is on but not on during down-time/non-action scenes.

  14. This looks awesome. Also, they spent a few weeks filming some night time race sequences here in Glasgow so it was pretty cool to catch a couple of flashes of those.

  15. I never thought I would say this, but I am going to refrain from watching the trailer for the sixth movie in The Fast and the Furious franchise to avoid spoiling it. One thing I am curious about, however, is the casting of Joe Taslim from The Raid. Does the trailer show him at all? Hopefully, the film will give him some kind of showcase for his skills.

  16. What is so great about these movies,anyway? I must be the only one here who has zero interest of watching this. The first movie was a boring version of POINT BREAK and the only other one I´ve seen was the fourth one, I think. It was just slightly better. It actually had some decent actionsequences,but that is about it. No need for applause in my opinion. Never saw part 5 because of it.

    The only non-MAD MAX movie I´m excited for at the moment is actually DIE HARD 5. Who would have known?

  17. FURIOUS 6 looks like everything I wanted out FAST FIVE. It looks like they got rid of all that stupid heist shit. They’re just going undercover in an underground racing circuit again, and they have to form an uneasy alliance with the law. This time it’s Hobbs because Brian’s not a cop anymore. THAT’S what FAST AND FURIOUS is about! And driving through planes and tanks.

  18. Shoot: For what it’s worth, FAST FIVE has a much different feel from the others and is my favourite of the series. Like Fred said, it’s more of a heist movie than a street racing movie, which I consider a positive. In fact it seems vaguely ashamed of it’s neon-coloured, import-racing, booty-shaking roots. It feels more organic, with fewer fancy CG bullshit and more old-school car crashes, and a fantastic set-piece where the “heroes” cause millions of dollars of property damage by dragging an enormous safe through the streets of Rio de Janiero (or Puerto Rico masquerading as such). Also, Dwayne “You’ll Always be ‘The Rock’, Who Do You Think You’re Fooling, Dwayne?” Johnson is in it.

    Still, if the trailer above doesn’t get you pumped then I guess you’re immune to the F&F virus.

  19. Shoot, I have an even stronmger dislike of the FAST movies than you, BUT I love #5. You should check it out.

  20. Agree with Pegsman. Have no love whatsoever for parts 1-4, but 5 is fantastic. Just view it as the first part of a new franchise, with 6 being the first sequel.

  21. Ok, FAST 5 sounds cool,I´ll probably check it out but if they get rid of the heist aspect and focus on street racing again, like Fred claimed then I will never watch this. Street racing is a kind of douchebaggery I can do without.

    Heists are badass and cool. Street racing not. Simple fact of life.

  22. Universal more or less said that F&F starting with #5 would become more or less a heist formula franchise, and street racing was retired.

  23. Said it before, say it again: The reason eyes were invented.

  24. Ok, so Universal is pulling a “Tony Almeida” on Michelle Rodriguez´s character. Great, that nullifies the revenge plot of part 4.The trailer DO look great, but that shit kinda annoys me when you bring back a character that is supposedly dead. Basically, you could bring back anyone with any logic. Death certainly isn´t what it used to be like in them old timey days.

  25. Nothing is nullified. The people Dom got revenge on certainly made him think Letty was dead, and she did nothing to correct them. I called it back then. I thought she was the mastermind setting Dom up. It just took them two movies to realize I was right.

    I second Majestyk. Might also be the reason balls were invented.

  26. Shoot— Yeah, that’s one of the more annoying loopholes of modern TV & movies. If the death of a character happens offscreen… then maybe it didn’t REALLY happen. In this case, what’s the point? Maybe with F&F 6 they’re going the “throw in everything & the kitchen sink” route, but I don’t recall sitting in the theatre watching Fast Five and thinking “Damn, I wish Letty was in this one”. Whatever.

  27. I think its a cheap trick and the whole thing just rubs me the wong way. From now on I have no interest of watching any more of these on purpose and let the rest of you who actually likes these movies talk about them. Play on,boys.

  28. I’m never in any kind of hurry to see the Fast movies , but I’ve got to admit than most of them are entertaining , and I like Diesel and The Rock . I will see this , but my most anticipated movies of the year are Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim , especially the second one , because I trust the team behind the Iron Man movies , I think that this will work too. Plus IM in cinemas is not a novelty anymore , but Pacific Rim ? Man that thing looks awesome , and it’s been a while since the last “giant monster” movie ( was it Godzilla Final Wars ? The last proper giant monster movie ?) , and while we have plenty of giant robots in movies today, I don’t think we ever saw giant robots vs monsters films ( I’m not counting Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla and King Kong vs Mechakong , because they’re not humanoid).Oh , and since I still have to see it, my third most anticipated movie of 2013 is DREDD.

  29. The Original... Paul

    February 6th, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    Shoot – I was baffled by how good Fast 5 was. That’s coming from somebody who thought that Fast 1 was absolute shite, Fast 3 wasn’t much better, Fast 2 was dumb but fun in a “so bad it’s awesome” kinda way, and didn’t see Fast 4. But #5 was a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it twice, but it’s still miles and miles better than any of the first three movies.

  30. That whole “turns out they weren’t REALLY dead” is one of my favourite sequel cliches. Even better if it’s a long lost twin who is basically the same character (eg CITY SLICKERS II: LEGEND OF CURLY’S GOLD, BETTER TOMORROW II: LEGEND OF MARK LEE’S GOLD).

  31. Inventing a twin is not exactly the same as resurrecting a character from the dead. I can dig inventing twins,since a sequel usually digs up stuff we did not know before about characters having blood related kin. It sorts of its evolving nature.

    But if you are dead you ARE dead. No matter if you are Bobby Ewing, Tony Almeida or …whatever Michelle Rodriguez´s characters name was. There is no career in being dead (no matter what Red Dwarf tells you). Dead is
    as finite as you can get and if filmmakers keep fucking around with that,there is no telling what they are capable of.

    At this point in cinema, death means nothing. I never think its going to mean anything emotional to me anymore, because, I´ll think “Shit,they will just resurrect that person in the next installment”. The emotional impact of death
    is lost

  32. Frankly I think that inventing a long-lost twin is even more ridiculous than saying their off-screen death didn’t happen. So much so that they did a great parody of it in BEERFEST that’s only slightly more ridiculous than in those movies I mentioned.

    I can’t say that Letty’s death had enough of an emotional impact on me that I feel cheated, and it’s not like F&F is such a grounded, realistic series that the twist seems out of place. I think it’s cool that she’s back because there was a big Michelle-Rodriguez-shaped hole in the last movie. Besides, I really don’t think resurrection is such a common a device in cinema (I had to look up both of your references… a soap opera and a TV show known for it’s dumb twists) that you need to boycott an awesome movie because of it. But then I read a lot of comic books so I’m used to much worse.

  33. Ah, BEERFEST. I really enjoyed that one. “I want to stick my dick in this beer!”

    All this talk about twins keep bringing me back to MARKED FOR DEATH: “I sure hope they weren’t triplets.”

  34. Don’t know why I love this franchise, but I do. I still really like Tokyo Drift.

    And Beerfest is better than most people give it credit for. “You know that brewery makes 10,000 bottles of beer a day. I drink 45 of them, and I’m the asshole!”

  35. Yeah but if killing a character proves to be a mistake, wouldn’t it be better if they correct it than just stick to their guns because the death of a fictional character has to be as permanent as a death in real life? Franchise Fred approves the return of Letty. But if she’s her twin sister Betty that’s even better.

    Besides, nothing in FAST FOUR ever made me believe she was dead. What is it you guys are all clinging to so hard? They went to a funeral and Dom had mental flashbacks of how he imagined Letty died? In practical terms, I’m sure it was just vague to keep her death PG-13 but in the language of cinema it had me thinking the whole time she was alive behind the scenes masterminding it all.

    Also, “because it’s awesome” overrules making sense.

  36. I’m still hoping that Han picks up death-faking techniques from Letty so that he can be saved and Lucas Black’s Sean character can be in the next one. And Han will explain that he faked his death to give Sean inspiration to win the race.

  37. Vern, yes! I’ve been waiting for them to bring Lucas Black back to this series. Tokyo Drift has always been sort of a black sheep of the series, and I’ve never understood why. It had a pretty decent storyline, and Lucas Black was good in it. Plus it was the first in the series to actually have exciting car races/chases. Yeah, it’s time to bring it full circle. Especially because the longer this goes on, the further in the future Tokyo Drift must be.

  38. This trailer is so awesome I had to hold my head with both hands while watching it just to keep my melon from exploding.

    Shoot, I didn’t really like the F&F Franchise until FAST 5. I am not into cars, street racing or Tyrese, and I agree that the first film is nothing more than a shity rip off of POINT BREAK with cars and street racing culture in place of surfing and surfing culture, but FAST 5 is amazing. First off it is a departure from the series in that it is a heist film in the tradition of OCEANS 11 and not a film about street racing or street racing culture. In fact the only time there is going to be a street race in F5 the don’t even show the race, they cut to a scene after the race has been completed that shows you who won without ever showing any of the race itself. Don’t let the previous films stop you from experiencing a great action film.

    Also, I am excited about the GUARDIANS OF THE GALEXY as well, but can we please keep it out of FAST6 trailer thread? I love comic books and comic book films but at this point their presence in our culture is almost inescapable, and it would be nice if we could celebrate a more traditional action film with out in turning into a conversation about Marvel casting news. I am not trying to be a dick, I will join the conversation in another thread or in the forum but let’s keep it out of this thread.

  39. Fred, I have been thinking that there needs to be a word for describing something that is excessively awesome and exist purely to be awesome. I challenge the Outlaw Vern community to coin such a word.

  40. I think part of what makes TOKYO DRIFT great is that the character of Sean is so different from the protagonists in all the other ones. He’s just a high school fuck up kid, not a cop or world class thief. He doesn’t have much money. He’s from the South. He’s a fish out of water, trying to get along in Japan. He’s Lucas Black, so he just doesn’t look or seem at all like your usual Hollywood leading man and/or action hero. As a character and as an actor he’s much more down to earth and more of an underdog. For these reasons he would be a weird fit with the Fast and Furious All-Star Team of the last few movies, but I’d still love to see it.

  41. Man… That tank on the highway shots reminds me so much of GTA. I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t highjacked a tank and gone hogwild shooting shit up while an army of cop cars are on your tail.

  42. A lot of people are kicking around Fast and the Furious 1, but I remember being impressed with the film. It’s not overly ambitious but it does a few interesting things. It handles the themes of family pretty well, which is more than you can say about most Hollywood films. I especially liked the scene of the entire gang sitting down for dinner and deciding to say grace first. This isn’t something you’ll see in most action movies, and although I’m not religious in the least, I liked this little detail. I was also, at the time, surprised that Vin Diesel and his gang were in fact the hijackers. Maybe that’s just me being naive, but it took me by surprise. I thought that they were somehow going to cheat their way out of that conundrum. Anyway, I remember thinking that F&F 1 was a reasonably well made, somewhat unique entry in the cops and robbers movies. To be perfectly honest, the street racing craze that momentarily rose up after that film bugged the hell out of me at the time. I pretty much left the series until Fast 5 came out. Obviously there’s a lot of love for Tokyo Drift, but is 2 Fast any good?

  43. The Original... Paul

    February 8th, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    Let us not dismiss the whole “dead character turns out to be really twins” thing so easily, guys. It is, after all, the basis of my all-time-favorite Seagal picture (of the ones I’ve seen).

    To this day I feel as though Vern and I saw a different movie in “Tokyo Drift”. I always thought the main guy was a moronic asshole poseur who keeps getting himself into worse and worse situations, completely through his own fault, yet we’re supposed to somehow cheer for him to extricate himself. Were there two different cuts of that movie or something?

    RBatty – I would never call 2Fast “good”, but it’s easily the most ridiculous / fun of the first three for me.

  44. I gotta agree with Paul here. I think TOKYO DRIFT is easily the least of the series. The first one is probably closest to being an actual drama, the second one is a massively retarded piece of candy-colored crap that’s fun to laugh at, and the fourth and (especially) fifth are straight up amazing macho action porn. The third? Nothing special about it. Low stakes, idiotic hero, lame cars, annoying style of driving, reheated yakuza melodrama, no connection to the rest of the series. I like the first few scenes but I lose all interest once the action moves to Japan.

  45. I’m going to derail all this talk about comics books to say that as much as I hate The Rock beating CM Punk for WWE Champion (I hate it a lot. A lot.) I’m still ridiculously excited for Fast 6.

    But, seriously, what asshole in the WWE thought it was a good idea to strip Punk (who isn’t as good as people think he is, but he’s plenty good enough) in favor of a part timer who is still doing his shtick from 10 years ago. I mean, I’d be more okay with The Rock if he managed to work on his cardio at all but instead he gasses out immediately and his matches become bullshit.

    At least Antonio Cesaro is still Champion of the United States.

  46. Also, Fast 6 Furious is the type of movie I want to see opening night but I’m always afraid of seeing movies opening night and not having as good of a time because of it. It might end up being a Sunday matinee.

  47. I finally sat down and watched Fast and Furious: Who Needs Articles? As far as bringing back dead cast members go, this wouldn’t be the most ridiculous situation. After all, we only see Vin Diesel imagine her death. In fact, while watching the movie I kept on thinking that they must have planned to bring her back, since it’s pretty rare for a character to die off screen in movies. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was planned from the beginning.

  48. Also to the point that death in movies means nothing anymore since it can always be undone: I actually think this whole killing characters for dramatic weight/motivation needs to be stopped. It’s a cheap, generic way to get attention.

    It’s like tv series that promise “This week, someone will DIE!” Look, promising or threatening to kill a character won’t make me like your show. Create characters who I want to see every week, then we’ll talk.

  49. And then if you absolutely must kill somebody off, make it count. A death of a major character should have a lasting effect on the show. I’ve seen too many shows nowadays where deaths are mere conveniences cooked up by writers who didn’t want to deal with a certain character anymore. Compare the dozens of meaningless shock deaths on LOST to how BUFFY dealt with its deaths. There were serious repercussions every time it happened that didn’t get wiped away by a return to the status quo, even when a few of the characters managed to come back to life. It’s a shame Whedon gets the lion’s share of the blame for the bloodthirstiness of the average writer’s room nowadays, but they learned the wrong lessons. You don’t kill off a character to build buzz for a single episode. You kill off a character for the ripples it will continue to cause years down the line.

  50. Oh shit, did you read this? HUGE FUCKING SPOILER for what MIGHT happen at the end of Fast 6! (Of course maybe it won’t happen.)


  51. CJ – VERY interesting. If that is indeed what happens then it’s a pretty good direction to go in, I think.

    I still think they’ve missed a trick not giving Han a buddy called Chiu-E.

  52. That sounds fantastic! That news alone makes me more excited about Furious Seven than I already was for Fast Six, and I’m pretty goddamn excited about Fast Six.

  53. If that spoiler there is true then holy shit. The implications of it all are so dope especially since I’m a big fan of part 3. In the end if that goes down then this franchise will go down as one of the best from the past 15 years.

  54. Remember when F&F 6 and 7 were going to be shot together? Seems like they’re still sticking to that story plan.

    And yes, I love it.

    Without spoiling it for those who want to stay virgin: It’ll be an interesting, fresh acting take for that person. And I think its about time [redacted] played a villain.

  55. The actor in question has played a villain before actually (I won’t mention the titles but I count at least three) but they were all boring characters in minor films, nothing like this. In a way I am really regretting reading that spoiler, but man am I stoked about this.

  56. Mike A – I’m sure you’re right but I can’t remember quite honestly.

  57. Check his imdb. Characters called Ethan, Quentin and most recently Jasper (pretty sure that’s still vague enough that nobody here will recognize the guy by those names only).

  58. Btw, in one of those the villain reveal only happens in the last minute of the film, so that doesn’t really count.

  59. Mike A – I’ll take your word for it. I tried to read the filmography and again I’m reminded by how disapointed in how this person’s movie career went. Once upon a time, I thought this person had the goods to become a major movie star. Reminded me of a certain deceased action star from the 60s-80s that did a few movies that some locals adore. Well (arguably) that same star, this person picked to many bad/bland movies and thus damaged the brand-name and the last movie he starred in (with bad reviews) bombed hard. Going to permanent stay in Direct to DVD pretty soon, worked with some castmates who’ve met a similar fate.

  60. The Undefeated Gaul

    July 27th, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    New Mad Max Fury Road trailer is officially the best thing on the internet (probably ever): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21Jmw9C13Ks&feature=share

    Holy shit.

  61. Looks like everything I hoped it would look be. This is MY most anticipated movie of 2015 bar none. People could keep their AVENGERS 2 and whatever the fuck else that will be overhyped going into 2015. Welcome back Dr. Miller.

  62. Wow , this must be the best Comic Con ever . First Godzilla 2 monsters talk , then new Kong movie and now ( I can’s believe I’m tiping this !) new Mad Max trailer ?I’m speechless.

    That trailer is fantastic. It made me think about all the post-apocalypse movies I’ve seen , books I’ve read and games I’ve played and made me realize that, I don’t know what it is, but no one does it like Mr. Miller .

  63. I hope when all the idiots that cried about a superhero movie from the mind of THE ROAD WARRIOR master watch that trailer they realize how fucking stupid they seemed when they doubted one of the greatest action film directors of all time could handle the scope of action a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie would require. The crashes in that trailer alone look more intense and jaw dropping than the great majority of vehicle crashes you see in modern blockbusters. Real geniuses just never seem to lose a step. It’s like he shot this movie 2 weeks after finishing THUNDERDOME.

  64. Yes , in the end the JL movie will probably be directed by Zack Snyder , but I’m hoping for a future documentary on the unfilmed George Miller version , just like Dune with Jodorowsky , or Tim Burton’s Superman.

    The stunts in this trailer alone are amazing , but it also has a lot of little details on the characters themselves , like the masks , the interiors of the vehicles , the mechanical ( I don’t want to call it cybernetic ) arms . It gives me the same feeling of something like Texas Chainsaw , when you want to stop , freeze frame and look at all the bone-sculptures and crazy shit . This future seems lived in , very real , like when we saw the interior of the starships in Star Wars for the first time . And I’ve mentioned SW because , in my opinion , Lucas lost that rusted , real look of the world in the sequels , not Miller . Aside for some color correction ( and some flying bodies ) this looks mostly practical.

  65. In anticipation of Vern starting a forum for the MAD MAX trailer I’ll just say it looks SO INSANELY AMAZING. I have a bunch of other geeky stuff to say about it but that can wait.

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