Pretty badass, as far as stickers go

I got some new reviews on the way, but I figure as in-between conversation material it couldn’t hurt to post links to some odd Badass Cinema related materials like that Clint Eastwood letter. Today’s item is these Japanese Charles Bronson stickers.

click to see the whole sheet
click to see the whole sheet

If anybody knows where to get ahold of some of these fuckers, let me know. I have not historically been a sticker-user but if it ever did come up I would want these to be the stickers I would use. These would be good for if you were committing a series of vigilante murders and a police officer who looked like a young Christopher Guest identified you but decided to let you go, then you would send him a thank  you card and decorate the envelope with a few of these for flair. But be careful about fingerprints in my opinion.

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29 Responses to “Pretty badass, as far as stickers go”

  1. These are without a doubt the finest Charles Bronson stickers I have ever seen.

  2. I suddenly wish I had a Trapper Keeper.

  3. Speaking of badass, we got healthcare! WOOO!!!!

  4. Don’t you mean, “We’re forced to buy the same crappy insurance that denies all my claims anyway,” RRA?

  5. Casey – That’s the spirit!

    It was funny reading alot of the blogs saying how Obama is LBJ in achievement without a major fiasco (yet).

    Then I thought: Well what about those never-ending wars in Asia we’ve got right now? Sure he inherited them, but still the point stands.

    Now I wonder how this will effect ’12 if how far the father of RomneyCare will par in the GOP field.

  6. Stickers don’t got to be soft.

  7. Unless they are puffy stickers in my opinion

  8. sometimes I wish I lived in Japan, I really do

    what other country is awesome enough to have Chuck Bronson stickers?

  9. These stickers are seriously cooler than the Hello Kitty and Tinkerbell stickers that I own. I want some.

  10. Is his crotch really saying “Shoop” on the second one down?

  11. VEEEEEERN!!! this is off topic, but you must watch this video! it has Seagal in it http://www.everythingisterrible.com/2010/03/celebrity-guide-to-wine.html

  12. Griff – I’ve seen it, it’s mentioned in the appendix to Seagalogy. Somebody actually gave me a laser disc of it, so I had to find somebody else to convert it to VHS. Two different obsolete formats worked together to bring me something of absolute relevance.

  13. For anyone curious, he is not saying anything that interesting. Most of it is stuff like “I’m a tough guy” or “I’m doing fine” or “Yeah..”

  14. Oh and his crotch area is saying “Suchaa”

  15. All of those things, while not tough in and of themselves, would still sound pretty fucking tough coming out of Bronson’s mouth. Or his crotch, for that matter. I’m pretty sure Bronson’s crotch could kick all our asses.

  16. actually, he does say “Come on!/Bring it on!” and “Wanna die fast?” which are tough/badass (especially the latter).

    oh and just to clarify/nitpick, he isn’t saying “I’m doing fine” but rather “Get happy!/Cheer up!” and he isn’t saying “Yeah” but rather “Nah/Uh-uh.” which are better in my opinion.

  17. just rented Death Wish 3.
    can’t wait. i know what i’m in for, so don’t feel like you have to warn me. haha.

  18. I’ll warn you that you’re about to be exposed to dangerous levels of awesomeness. I hope you’re ready.

  19. Jareth Cutestory

    March 22nd, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    You know that symbol they put on radioactive material? They should have a special symbol for dangerous levels of awesomeness.

  20. Well if you’re going to get some badass stickers then why not some badass Die Hard action figures?


    Ok, slightly more badass:


  21. ha! you’ve already seen the wine video Vern? that’s awesome

  22. Oops. I see this has already been mentioned here. And on CHUD. Yesterday’s news.

    It’s so goddam hard to be hip these days.

  23. Hey guys, I just did this nifty Bronson art:


    It’s for sale if anyone’s interested…

  24. This is unrelated to cool stickers, but still basically on-topic for Vern’s sight… I saw that Seagal had socially networked a survey (http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22AEHB9NE2Z) to his fans for their opinions on his proposed new energy drink, and was giving away a free autographed CD and t-shirt to the first 1,000 survey-takers.

    I liked the bit at the end where they give you a list of concepts, like “guns and violence,” “the military,” and “herbal medicine,” and ask you to rate how much you associate each one with Seagal.

  25. Hey, I didn’t get that question. They did ask one about what his new drink should be named, though. I chose Bullet, although Big Dog was tempting.

  26. That’s funny, the survey is different now. I guess they’ve given up on STEVEN SEAGAL’S BIG DOG as a name, but for some reason they added STEVEN SEAGAL’S INERTIA. I’m not sure he chose the best marketing company for this one.

  27. That’s unfortunate, since I thought the word-association with Seagal was the most Seagalogically interesting part of the survey.

    Also, I thought it was noteworthy that according to the follow up post on Seagal’s MyFace, the guy who won the autographed CD and shirt was named Vern something. (This is where I’d insert a .gif of Arsenio saying, “Hmmmmmm…”)

  28. I swear it wasn’t me. I already have a t-shirt and autographed CD from that show I went to so I didn’t enter.

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