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Four Rooms

tn_bruce2In this movie Bruce plays Leo, a drunk rich dude calling his wife on a cell phone. It’s a small part but this is Bruce we’re talking about and he makes it fucking SOAR. He’s hanging out in a hotel room with this spoiled celebrity jerry lewis fan and they decide to re-enact a bet from an alfred hitchcock episode and if they lose the bet a man loses his finger which is kind of a dumbass bet to make in my opinion but hey man, free country.

Well Bruce doesn’t have a whole lot to do with all that, he mainly has this conversation with his wife he’s going to be home late and it’s funny. But this is only the last of four “rooms,” little stories about what goes on in this hotel even when Bruce is not there.

Four RoomsFirst room: a bunch of witchy gals cooking up a brew to resurrect another witchy gal. Madonna is in this one. Cute but kind of lightweight.

Second room: Bellboy gets involved in some kind of shenanigans, tries to climb out the window and whatnot.

Third room: This is a real funny one about the bellboy babysitting two kids for a slick gangster played by the same guy who played Desperado. Well this bellboy is not a good babysitter and next thing you know, everything is on fire and he’s holding onto the leg of a dead hooker when Desperado gets home.

Not much to this movie but there’s some funny parts. If you admire Bruce as I do or if you’re one of those people who loves any movie with four different stories about hotels, then this is above average.

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