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I talked about slamming evil on a podcast

On the podcast SO DO WE STILL LIKE THIS?, Shawn M of Canada convenes with friends and guests to revisit pieces of pop culture from when he was younger (mostly the ’80s and ’90s) and see how they hold up. He was kind enough to have me on to talk about WORM ON A HOOK and my other books, but more importantly he let me be on the episode that revisits the 1996 film THE PHANTOM! He actually hadn’t seen it. I had. I was honestly so hyped to do this because I really believe there’s alot to discuss about this movie and I enjoyed the conversation. Let me know what you think.


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6 Responses to “I talked about slamming evil on a podcast”

  1. About to listen to it now. I showed my nephew this last week so I can confirm this movie is still amazing. #slamevil!

  2. I just saw Orlando with Tilda Swinton over the weekend, which Billy Zane has a part in, and I just have to pipe in to say how much I appreciate Billy Zane. Whenever he shows up in a film, whether he’s the hero or the villain or if it’s just a small part, he always seems like he’s enjoying himself. Also, when he started going bald, he just went ahead and shaved his head. No wig required.

  3. There is actually a fancy special edition of SILENCE OF THE HAMS coming out in Germany in the next few weeks (Apparently it’s the first time that the movie is available anywhere in the world on Blu-Ray and DVD!) and it even has some new interviews and I think an audio commentary with Billy Zane on it. Just thought I should mention it.

  4. Hey Vern, do you have some list somewhere of all the podcast episodes you’ve appeared on? I’m not a podcast guy but I’d be willing to check out your episodes on various shows.

  5. S –

    It looks like this tag brings up most of the ones I can think of, though I seem to have missed the first time I was on Zebras in America.

  6. I still have my Phantom ring that they gave out at UA theaters on its first run release.

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