New Patreon bonus: Martial Law: “Sammo Claus”

Merry Christmas and/or have a good weekend, everybody! Over on Patreon I have a new exclusive, reviewing a Christmas episode of Sammo Hung’s short-lived American TV show Martial Law. I hope you enjoy it.


And I don’t want to be an asshole and only give a present to people giving me money, so also I unlocked the techno song I made in September so you can listen to it without donating. It’s about the ’90s. Sit around the hearth with your family and listen to it, maybe it will become a treasured holiday tradition.


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4 Responses to “New Patreon bonus: Martial Law: “Sammo Claus””

  1. Aww Vern! Thanks for unlocking the song, sir! I tried to get all my Amazon purchases this season through you!

    Thanks again, sir, for everything you do for us. Have a great holiday weekend everybody!

  2. Merry Christmas, y’all!

    Man, Martial Law. I loved this show. Standard late 90s/early 00s network crime show meets kickass martial arts. And even the real stuff! Yeah, still americanized, but they obviously put a lot of care into it and its star was fucking LEGIT! And it’s suprising how great his chemistry with Arsenio (who replaced WISHMASTER’s Tammy Lauren in the middle of season 1 for whatever reason) was.

    Sadly season 2 wasn’t as good as the first, mostly because they randomly replaced most of the cast and, in typical late 90s fashion, introduced a story arc about a shady secret crime organisation, led by the voice of Tim Curry (and later the face of Steven Berkoff. No, Curry didn’t dub him.) They had this cool gimmick of having a bone in their pinky finger replaced with a poison capsule, so if they get caught, they broke their finger and commited suicide, but apart from that it really dumbed down the show from “fun dumb” to “just dumb”. However, a surprising amount of DEEP SPACE NINE actors appeared on that show that season.

    Also it should be noted that MARTIAL LAW had a crossover with EARLY EDITION, which is a pretty interesting choice. The WALKER, TEXAS RANGER crossover was a no-brainer, but letting Sammo kick ass in a wholesome “change the world” show with fantasy plot is something, that came out of nowhere. Good episode though.

  3. It was ILL how they gave Sammo a fucking finishing move with the “Sammo Roll™”, where he’d lay down and use his heft to just steamroll motherfuckers. Let’s see Iko Uwais pull that one

  4. I know the post is old and the meme is even older, but I couldn’t resist.

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