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Patreon bonus shit: Thanksgiving with The A-Team

As a special giving of thank-you to Patreon supporters, I have posted a look at the Thanksgiving-themed season 5 A-Team episode “Family Reunion.” It doesn’t have enough B.A. in it for my tastes, but it does have a random bear attack and an exploding dummy that looks like John Bolton.

As always, thank you for your support that helps me cut down on day job hours and spend more time on writing the good shit. You can donate as little as one buck/clam/bone a month to have access to this and the entire archive of bonus posts, including my glittery reviews of the TWILIGHT saga. Let me know if you’re enjoying these occasional bonus posts and/or what other non-movie-review type extras might be fun.


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One Response to “Patreon bonus shit: Thanksgiving with The A-Team”

  1. I remembered that they added a new CIA handler for the last season but the news that the A-Team had a Poochie is some life-changing shit. I’d always thought the A-Team roster was locked, but if some pecker named Frankie can join then that means there’s still hope for the rest of us.

    Happy Leftist Poultry-Consuming Nondenominational Federal Holiday, everybody!

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