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Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw trailer

Gotta love a title with a presenter and two ampersands. Remember, this is from David Leitch, co-director of JOHN WICK, director of ATOMIC BLONDE and DEADPOOL 2, stunt double of Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves. I still hope they make up some preposterous backstory where Shaw didn’t actually kill Han, but was forced to fake-kill him for Charlize Theron or some shit, so we don’t have to feel guilty for liking him. (That might have to be in FURI9US.)

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60 Responses to “Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw trailer”


    Seriously. If this one isn’t flat-out, no-caveats awesome, I’m basically done with him. I can smell what the Rock is cooking, and so far, it’s 90% sizzle, 10% steak. Motherfuckers are hungry, Rock. Better heat up the grill.

  2. And all that great-funtime-at-the-movies looking action goodness, because of a trendsploitation movie from 18 years ago, with one of the Deedles from MEET THE DEEDLES and the cool Mr Clean from PITCH BLACK.

    Shout out to the trailer people for not using the Smash Mouth version of WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS, even if the whole internet seems to love them ironically these days.

  3. Agreed with Mr. M. That and I’ve been coming around on Mr. M’s opinion of Johnson’s ‘scandal’ with F8/issue with Diesel. I wasn’t broken up about the report that he probably wont be in part 9, it’s an ensemble with a bunch of fun characters, it can survive without him.

    Still looking forward to this new Jason Statham vehicle due to the director.

  4. The Undefeated Gaul

    February 1st, 2019 at 9:25 am

    Well I can’t stop smiling. Gotta be my 2nd most anticipated film of the year, this looks like a ridiculous amount of fun.

  5. Well, as long as we get a F&F Presents Cipher and Brixton somewhere down the line.

    At least it looks like Idris Elba will get more to do in this than he did in STAR TREK BEYOND.

    Gotta agree with Mr. M, but we’re all gonna show up for a Statham and Leitch joint, right?

  6. Oh jeez. The action looks silly enough that this might be fun, but I’m getting a distinct SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING vibe where it’s going to be constantly jokey without having any actual laughs. This could be intolerable.

    I don’t really get it, though. I very much enjoy the FAST AND FURIOUSes, but I don’t have any real attachment to any of the characters, and I don’t find either Hobbs or Shaw to be particularly compelling.

    I’m also solidly on the anti-Rock bandwagon. After years of being a contrarian on the matter of Dwayne Johnson, I’m glad to see that a vocal minority is coming around to my side.

  7. Absolutely. I want it to be great, the way I’ve wanted every Rock movie to be great. If he can’t pull this one off with this director and this cast, then he truly does not have leading-man greatness in him and I’m never gonna be excited to see an above-the-line Rock movie ever again. Doesn’t mean I won’t see them, but this represents the last of my patience for him to realize his potential. This dude’s movie career is almost old enough to vote, and he’s got a resume full of RAW DEALs with no TERMINATOR, not even a COMMANDO, in sight. It’s time to hold him accountable.

  8. That response was to Borg9, not Dan. Who I give full credit for kickstarting the Rock backlash long before anyone else caught on that he’s kind of full of shit and never really puts his money where his mouth is. He’s more like a guy who unconvincingly plays an action star on a sitcom than an actual action star.

    I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about either of these characters, except that they’re some of the better showcases for the actors that we’ve seen from either of them in a while, if ever. Rock gets to bark orders and talk macho without trying too hard to do that “I’m just a regular family man in a PG-13 movie despite being a mountain of a man who clearly spends like a 200 bucks on protein every single day” schtick that never really works, and Statham gets to show some life and use his verbal acuity and not just glower the whole movie. Plus, they have some good odd couple chemistry and I’d like to see it play out over the course of a tighter story with fewer subplots to service.

    So I actually am excited about it (haven’t watched the trailer because I don’t watch trailers for movies I already know I’m seeing) but I’m also nervous. This has GOT to be the most unfuckupable premise in movie history, but you would have said the same thing about RAMPAGE and look how that turned out.

  9. I’d honestly like to see him get away from the big tentpole movies entirely a little bit. My favorite performances from Mr. The Rock have always been in the stuff that was more character-focused, because I do think the dude has charisma to spare, but those movies haven’t exactly been over the moon either. Like, my all-time favorite performance from him is in SOUTHLAND TALES, but I’m the only person in the world besides Richard Kelly who likes that movie.

  10. I mean, given the behind-the-camera credentials, I think there’s good cause to be at least cautiously optimistic about this one. I don’t like this trailer, but I don’t remember being crazy about the DEADPOOL 2 trailer, either, and I ended up enjoying that one a lot more than I expected.

  11. Kurgan, I liked Southland Tales.

    Also, this movie looks awful and I can’t wait to see it!

  12. I happen to know that frequent commenter Mr Subtlety is a major SOUTHLAND TALES apologist.

    It’s one of his least charming attributes.

  13. There are dozens of us! Dozens!!

  14. This looks like the big budget reboot of Tango & Cash I never knew I wanted but always needed! This looks awesomely stupid and stupidly awesome and I will be there opening night with a Double Down Sandwich in the front row of an IMAX house!

    And Kurgan, I dont necessarily like Southland Tales, but I admire its’ ambition, and I think that Rock and Dude Wheres My Car actually give good performances amid the unfolding disaster around them. (Its biggest problem for me is setting up a whole bunch of mysteries that are far more interesting than their payoffs.) Still, I saw it in theaters and have seen It several times since, hoping that maybe it got better. An interesting failure thats more entertaining to watch then other train wreck films.

  15. In a general audience trailer, you can say “ass” and you can say “hole,” but you can’t say “asshole,” and if you try they’ll bleep “hole.”

  16. I honestly don’t know what to do with the fact that they’ve gone full-on cartoon level by making Idris Elba bulletproof and super strong and The Rock is jumping out of buildings after him. It could be deliciously ridiculous fun. It could be a bridge too far. I..I just don’t know. Oh, I’ll still be seeing the movie. In fact, I’m kind of giddy for it.

  17. For what it’s worth, Majestyk, I can assure you that the Rock has the best joke in the trailer. I agree, though. And Kurgan, maybe Statham can give the Rock some movie-choosing lessons. I think post-EXPENDABLES he was able to stay interesting by doing smaller, odder ones like BLITZ, SAFE, REDEMPTION/HUMMINGBIRD and WILD CARD in between more traditional action-star-vehicles like the MECHANICs and HOMEFRONT.

    I think a big problem with The Rock doing these expensive movies is he gets so into that mentality of diluting everything down to spread to the maximum number of people who could be passably entertained. He needs to work at a budget where he can appeal strongly to a smaller group. But maybe he doesn’t have it in him – I’m pretty sure he was the first person I ever heard refer to his “brand.” Luckily, Leitch is the director who had Charlize Theron fight the star of the BLOODSPORT sequels in front of Tarkovsky’s STALKER. So far he’s been a guy who makes what he likes, not what he thinks is expected of him.

  18. MaggieMayPie,

    Idris Elba having a supersuit does seem incredibly stupid and wrong for this franchise, but I’m not sure the running down the building thing is TOO much more ridiculous than when they drove that car out of a window and into another building 50 floors up. Or when they drove off a cliff and dived into the water.

  19. Vern,

    I mean, yeah, I don’t think there’s a “there” there with Dwayne Johnson. Not only is he the kind of dude who talks about “personal brands” as if that’s a meaningful idea and not awful, shallow horseshit, he’s basically the living embodiment of meaningless buzzwords like “synergy” and “gamification” and “influencer.” He’s like a machine whose only function is to be successful.

    Okay, I’ll stop Rock bashing for today.

  20. I thought FASTER was pretty good.

  21. I think if you had problems with the The Rock in the last 4 F&F movies, you’ll probably have a problem with him in this one. This was produced and written by the same people who did the F&F movies, so I don’t see why there would be a big tonal shift. What I’m hoping for from this one is the best action sequences of the series and some good buddy banter. I’m optimistic about the movie accomplishing both of those things based on the trailer. Hopefully, PG-13 doesn’t mess up David Leitch.

    Also, I think Statham will be way funnier than the Rock in this one. The way he delivered “Look at you.” was the funniest part of the trailer.

  22. Dan, it was the part where you could see he was in freefall that I thought might be too much. But, you’re right, that’s on par with what they’ve done in the past.

  23. Oh and I forgave Shaw for murdering Han almost immediately.

    Han was… kinda boring.
    Sorry HanFans.

  24. Is it weird that this movie doesn’t appear to be car-themed like the rest of the series, or is that part of the point of doing a spinoff? It feels wrong to me.

  25. Do you guys even like movies? We should be happy we are getting action movies in the theater that look entertaining. You should all trust David Leitch.

    Dan, do you feel that way about all recent Marvel movies or just Homecoming?

  26. The Undefeated Gaul

    February 2nd, 2019 at 12:18 am

    Seems like there’s plenty of car stuff in there. Statham seems to have a pretty cool one that gets used for a chase, there’s The Rock’s big truck, there’s a spinning dune buggy in the helicopter scene.

    Also wadew, thanks for saying that – thought I was the only one. Han never did anything for me really and I don’t have any issues with Shaw becoming a good guy. It’s more fun this way so just go with it.

  27. This looks like a Bond film from an alternative dimension where they said “DIE ANOTHER DAY” made a lot of money, let’s keep going down that path”

  28. I liked Han and I don’t care that Shaw killed him. No F&Fer gets got unless he or she lets it happen. Han was a ghost walking the earth. Shaw set him free.

  29. It warms my petty heart to see other people who aren’t enamored of The Rock. There’s dozens of us, dozens I say!

  30. Also, Sternshein: The Rock’s involvement in a leading man capacity is the only question mark I have on this one. He just seems to water down everything he has any control over. A few years ago, I’d have been over the fucking moon about this team-up. Then all those RAMPAGEs and BAYWATCHs and SKYSCRAPERs and JUMANJI 2s came out and made me take a hard look at his filmography and realize there’s no striving for excellence there. Then the Vin feud happened and made me see Dan’s point that he’s basically just a walking brand ambassador with no interest in filmmaking whatsoever except as an ancillary marketing strand. The fact that he broke up the F&F family so he could be the bossman does not sit will with me, especially when you remember some of the garbage he makes when he’s allowed to be the big dog. Hopefully the company he’s keeping here will straighten him out, but I think nearly 20 consecutive years of mediocre-at-best Rock vehicles have given me the right be skeptical. I’ll say it again: If you can fuck up RAMPAGE, you can fuck up anything.

  31. I still think The Rock peaked with The Rundown. That was such a perfect vehicle for him and was a solid action-comedy. Never got up to that level.

  32. Sternshein,

    ANTMAN and THOR 3 are similar in tone, and I’m not a huge fan of either, but they had higher joke hit-to-miss ratios. SPIDERMAN was like 30-40% a teen comedy, and not, in my opinion, a very good one. It’s my least favorite SPIDERMAN man movie, even though AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 is objectively worse.

  33. That’s pretty much how I feel about the affectedly breezy tone of most animation. They got the same stock “funny” lines (“That’s gonna leave a mark!” “Awkward!” “We’re all gonna die!” “Wait for it…” etc.) and the same disingenuous “As you can plainly hear, I am a funny guy saying funny things” delivery (let’s just call it The T.J. Miller, a man I have long been convinced was grown in a lab by Disney scientists to voice cartoon sidekicks because the previous Josh Gad prototype malfunctioned) and it all just feels like they got their sense of humor out of a can. It feels like the straight lines from a David Wain movie with absolutely zero irony.

    I thought HOMECOMING got away with it but it’s not one of my favorite Marvel joints. I think a lot of the fun of Marvel movies is the fun of watching extremely powerful adults occasionally act like teenagers, so having the movie star actual teenagers is a little less interesting.

  34. I’m one of the people who cares about Han, but I don’t have a problem here because Han and Hobbs didn’t go back like Han and Dom did. I understand him not getting hung up on it. Even in Furious 8, I don’t mind Dom *working* with Shaw because he has to, but the relationship should have been more tentative in my opinion, he shouldn’t be hugging him like a brother at the end.

  35. It actually looks like it has a bunch of car stuff – I honestly thought they would stay away from cars in order to differentiate it. Neither of these characters come from the street racing world, after all. The series exploded in popularity around FAST FIVE when it became all about the ensemble, so it would be weird if this just felt like another FAST AND FURIOUS except missing most of the characters. Of course, they could be playing up the cars in the trailer so that it DOES feel like just another F&F.

  36. I thought a Hobbs spinoff was a terrible idea but damn this looks fun, and if it paves the way for Fast and Furious to Pressnt more then Franchise Fred approves.

    I think The Rock and his fans should never forget that he was a guest in this series though. Everyone loves to forget that Fast & Furious saves the franchise with a $70+ million opening and record gross after Tokyo Drift has misfired (despite becoming everyone’s favorite after they failed to support it theatrically).

    Fast Five was even bigger and adding The Rock May have been a draw but I think reuniting all Fast casts was more of the appeal. And the cliffhanger ending of 4.

    Remember, before Fast Five, The Rock was doing Journey 2, Tooth Fairy and Witch Mountain movies that did middling business. Faster, which is actually good, did even less business.

    He’s great in the Fast movies, but

  37. But they don’t NEED him to continue being great.

    Now, Statham, there’s a guy who deserves every ounce of this vehicle. I’m glad he got a blockbuster with The Meg and seems to be having fun in this trailer.

  38. Can Statham give us a Crank 3 now?

  39. I laugh my ass off during Antman, Ragnarok, Infinity War, etc. For me their hit ratio is much higher. I have a feeling the humor in this one will hit for me.

    Also, you all will hate me but I’m on The Rick’s side on this one. I do not like the F&F movies. I should but I find them so boring. I’m looking forward to a Fast franchise movie where I don’t have to hear every other line be about family. I’m also glad F Gary Grey isn’t doing this because he sucked directing the last one. The finale was on TV, I was curious, and it was rediculous. Normally Statham fighting dudes while holding onto a baby would be up my alley but they couldn’t help themselves by showing the baby mugging to the camera using CGI expressions. Oy

  40. Statham was great as a side character in SPY, which actually turned the usually grating Melissa McCarthy into a fun and likeable character. Probably my favorite comedy of the last 20 years. Crazy.

    All of these Fast Furious movies are silly and boring. One step above XXX and TRANSFORMERS.

  41. Having just revisited F8 last night, I would like to point out that Statham was quietly second-billed. It’s Vin, then him, then Rock. So we can all see who’s really the big dog in the Hobbes/Shaw relationship and who just barks the loudest.

  42. I also revisited F8 last week. It plays a lot better than i remembered. Silly fun.

  43. Random car action related thought: How long do you think until a director is crazy/brillant enough to give us a long one-take car chase scene, that was filmed with a drone that flies over, around and between the cars?

  44. CJ, didn’t Jeremy Rush kind of do that with WHEELMAN?

  45. I have absolutely no idea.

  46. I’m not the biggest F&F fan (I always see them but forget what happens a day or two later). But this looks like a lot of fun. Maybe the dropping of the baggage helps it a lot. or maybe its just a real good trailer.

    SOUTHLAND TALES is a very interesting peculiararity. I need to see that one again.

    I for one really LOVED RAMPAGE!!! Not sure what the problem is there. That was some entertaining shit! The rest of The Rock’s ouvre I can take or leave…they are fun I guess. Have their moments.

    I am happy THE SCORPION KING is up to 5 chapters now, even if only the first one has The Rock in it. I gotta check those out…I love sword & sandal bullshit epics, and these should fit the bill when I am in the mood. And that has to be the weirdest side franchise ever. 4 sequels to a spin off to a sequel to a remake no one liked (that now has its own hated and really weird remake as well)? That’s gotta win some sort of award for audacity somewhere!!

  47. Anybody see today’s new trailer? It’s still all about family!

  48. Had to turn the trailer off after 1:30. I’m not one of those “Waaah, I now know the whole movie because of the trailer” people, but this one was REALLY long and detailed.

  49. I’ll be honest, the new trailer got me the most hyped I’ve been for a movie since the last MISSION IMPOSSIBLE flick. Turns out I can’t get enough of The Rock and Jason Statham bickering and then sprinting directly at the camera looking like they’re both gonna punch it, so I’m really hoping this is one for the books.

  50. Do they say the world family 500 times? Ugh

  51. CJ, I can see that but I feel like the scenes they’re presenting are so awesome they will still be awesome to see in context and elaborated as complete sequences with narrative clarity, Leitch style.

    Sternshein, they don’t but we meet Hobbs’ Samoan family and Shaw’s sibling and mother are in it too.

  52. Oh so the first one to feature an actual family members.

  53. Outside of Toretto’s sister. Or his kid. Or O’Conner, who becomes Toretto’s in-law.

  54. Or Hobbes’ daughter. Or the Shaw Brothers/Mother. Or Lucas Black’s dad. Or Drift King and Sonny Chiba.

  55. Jeez way to ruin the joke.

    I’m all seriousness, Hobbs and Shaw could be the first good Fast movie.

  56. That’s weird. It seems like what you want from this franchise is all of the wacky stunts and none of the earnestness. You want the movie people who’ve never seen them assume them to be.

    That does not compute for me. What makes this series work is the balance between sincerity and absurdity. Go all the way in one direction or another and the whole soufflé collapses. Without Vin’s hand on the wheel, I wonder if that balance can be maintained. Historically speaking, I do not find The Rock to be a particularly good judge of tone.

  57. Maj, you are absolutely correct but I have faith in Chris Morgan and Dave Leitch.

  58. Yeah I’m not thinking about this like “oh boy a new The Rock movie”, I’m thinking about this like “oh boy a new flick from one of the JOHN WICK dudes!”

  59. I WANT to think of it like that, Kurg, but Rock’s record of mediocrity when he’s the star of the show is too damning to discount. I’d like to believe that no force on earth could sap the power of Leitch’s action, but then I remember how I figured there was no way for The Rock to fuck up RAMPAGE and somehow he managed. This is the dude who thought it was a great idea to make an action thriller where the climax takes place on the top floor of the world’s tallest building…in a room with no windows so it might as well be a warehouse in Vancouver. Anybody who can be a party to action malfeasance like that is not someone I can trust in any capacity. I believe Leitch will do his best but I’d rather keep my hopes real goddamn low just in case Rock remains true to form.

  60. It’s not the earnestness of it at all. It’s just that I don’t care about any of these people and their problems so it makes it hard for me to get invested in the films. So when the action scenes hit I should love them but I end up being bored. It’s not the films fault either because it obviously works for so many people.

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