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R.I.P. www.geocities.com/outawvern

As you all know, I’ve been on Geocities since 1999. Over those almost ten years I’ve been ridiculed, interventioned and etc. by people who didn’t understand why I didn’t move to a grownup type websight with my own domain, like they would have in the 21st century. I always resisted because it made me laugh to see how shocked people were that Geocities still existed and that somebody would purposely still use it, and not be ashamed to put that URL in their highly acclaimed film book. It became kind of a test to see if people could see the substance of what I was writing about or if they would just ignore it because of the unprofessional surface. You all passed the test, good job everybody.

But for several days the Geocities page has been inaccessible, giving an “error 999” message. I tried to contact them over and over again and got the same useless form letter ten times before a lame threat to leave Geocities finally got a personalized response, which told me that actually it was running fine and I just wasn’t seeing it and should contact my ISP. But I did not have time to also contact the ISPs of the other computers I tried, the numerous people who emailed me about it or the Ain’t It Cool talkbackers I saw wondering if I was dead. I guess we should all scan our computers for spyware too, that could be the problem. Or maybe we should go to the Geocities help center and borrow their computers, theirs are apparently working.

So, fuck it, joke’s over, I will have a dot com now. Thank you to all the people over the years whose generous free hosting offers I turned down, and especially to Chris R. who actually registered the domain for me last summer. His kind act made going into exile a snap.

Anyway glad you found me here and please change links accordingly. Also, as long as I’ve made this change I’ve decided when I have time months from now I’m gonna try switching to a new blog-like interface. I won’t change what I’m doing here much but just make it more searchable and less crappy. So if anybody hates that idea or has any special requests let me know, outlawvern at hotmail dot com.

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8 Responses to “R.I.P. www.geocities.com/outawvern”

  1. Welcome, Vern. Glad to see you in an upscale place.

  2. Glad to see you’re not dead vern. I’ve been a reader of yours for probaly 4 years now and I’d hate to see you go. keep it up.

  3. All good things…

  4. It’s a really exciting day. I want to tell everyone I know.

  5. This is wonderful. I was worried for a while.

  6. I just read that GeoCities is closing. I guess that explains a lot of that shit they put you through.

    In any case…glad you’re back!

  7. Hey all, it’s the 10th anniversary of this post and launch of the site. Thanks so much to everyone and especially Vern for such a fun place!

  8. After geocites shit the bed, I lost track of Vern for a couple of years, and I assumed he either got a cushy staff position somewhere, or at least was a steady freelancer, and therefore he dropped the’Vern’ moniker and started going be his ‘real’ name like Moriarty and the like.

    “I am no longer that childish interweb alias ‘Moriarty’, I now go by my true, christian name of McWeeny. Because fucking McWeeny is so much more ‘adult’ than ‘Moriarty’…”

    Anyway, one day a friend e-mails a link to an article under the heading “One other person in the world likes ‘Stone Cold’ as much as you”. I click the link, and it’s a freelance article by Vern!

    “Holy shit! Vern is still Vern”
    (I literally exclaimed that)

    I then felt guilty for spending the last three years, or however long it was assuming Vern had sold out.

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