I did another podcast: Zebras in America

Hey everybody, it’s another chance to destroy my carefully cultivated aura of mysteriousness! The podcast Zebras in America invited me to be on their new episode, so I did, and it was fun. I’m afraid to listen to it, but I remember questions we addressed included what is Jean Claude Van Damme’s best movie, was Dave Bautista a good wrestler, is Bruce Willis phoning it in, should The Rock make better movies, who are my favorite rappers, and how do I know about Ram El Zee. I like these guys alot because they knew most of the DTV action movies I dropped but also are way more knowledgeable than me about art movies. From what I can gather, two of Marcus’s biggest interests are pro-wrestling and the films of Claire Denis, and obviously I respect that kind of range.

Note: when listing favorite West Coast rappers I forgot Digital Underground, Xzibit, and I think even Snoop.

ZEBRAS IN AMERICA EPISODE 66 is on iTunes and stuff or you can check it out HERE.

P.S. I just now figured out that the title is a reference to FREDDY GOT FINGERED.

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6 Responses to “I did another podcast: Zebras in America”

  1. I listened to it and if I would be into podcasts, this would be one I would listen regularly to. The whole thing kinda seemed like a discussion from this websight (minus the often unfortunate digressions into political and social topics).

  2. Saving this for my weekend so I can listen to it in it’s entirety with no interruptions but I love that you’re doing things like this now Vern. Very cool to hear you talk.

  3. I enjoyed hearing Vern in the flesh, and it was an interesting discussion.

    I don’t know if it was just my broadcast, but I felt like the quality of the phone connection improved over the course of the interview? In the first twenty minutes or so I was convinced that Vern was rocking an unidentifiable accent, but that went away later on.

    I also noticed a delay in their conversation (I think?) that also seemed to improve over time, which seemed to create the occasional problem of “talking over each other” or not responding to the others’ jokes and whatnot.

    But I enjoyed it thoroughly. I wish Vern would do things like this more often.

  4. grimgrinningchris

    August 9th, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    I’m listening to this now. This is weeeeeeeeird. Weirder than seeing photos from the live event.

  5. I felt a little weird listening to the first Vern podcast, but at this point it’s just normal. I notice I sometimes hear his real voice when reading the reviews now too.

    It’s sort of like if everybody started walking around naked, there would be about 5 minutes of awkwardness and then it would just become regular.

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