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Fury Road teaser

In 2015 there’s gonna be a new STAR WARS picture, a new BATMAN LOVES SUPERMAN picture, I believe an AVENGERS PART 2, a CAPTAIN AMERICA PART 3, a new TERMINATOR, a new HUNGER GAMES MOCKINGJAY,  a new MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, a new FANTASTIC FOUR, probly a couple Spidermans and X-Mans, JURASSIC WORLD, E.T. SPRING BREAK, and many other big movies. All of them stacked up on top of each other won’t reach the knee pads of my man Mad Max Fury Rockatansky II.

(I didn’t include FURIOUS 7 or JUPITER ASCENDING in that list because they might tip the scales)

This seems like a trailer too big for Imax and here I am watching it on my computer. But I couldn’t ignore it, it had to be acknowledged here. All hail George Miller.
P.S. For those still concerned about it not being Mel Gibson:

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39 Responses to “Fury Road teaser”

  1. God damn thats a beautiful trailer. Way more excited for this than any of the other prequels, sequels, reboots, reimaginings, etc. listed.

  2. Does anyone else wish Mel Gibson has a cameo?

  3. Holy Sandstorm

  4. Christof, there is a quick shot at 1:31 of a guy with a disfigured face, that has many people guessing if it might be Mel in a different (?) role.

  5. That’s not Mel. Aintitcool has already outed that actor.

    Bold trailer. Has balls. You can practically smell the balls. Three things, though:

    1. Will the script be good? (simple isn’t bad, but will the story be overly-complicated? Mel fired his shotgun 3(?) times in ROAD WARRIOR; will we get such concision here?)
    2. CGI Sandstorm just makes me think of those Mummy movies.
    3. Possibly too melodramatic? (Theron kneeling in the sand…)

    Hope it’s good. While I still deep-down wish this was a Mel continuation, I’ve liked Hardy since ROCK ‘N ROLLA.

  6. This is the only trailer that I have seen that has inspired me to write haiku –

    Rockatansky screams
    an orange dust cloud billows
    down on Fury Road

    Did you know – George Miller trained to be a medical doctor before he became a filmmaker. That means his films are not just art, they are SCIENCE!

  7. Miller has brought back Toecutter. At least that’s something.

  8. “Will the script be good”

    Does it really matter? THE ROAD WARRIOR has one of the most basic and plain scripts in existence BUT its still iconic and one of the greatest movies ever made because of impeccable atmosphere, brilliant quirkiness, fantastic directing, tremendous personality and presence from the principle players and out of this world action sequences and music.

    So long as this movie adheres to that kind of spirit this is going to be something to behold. Seeing how amazing the set pieces look and also seeing some guy pounding on a guitar in the middle of a post apocalyptic chase filled with explosions I’d say this movie could definitely end up giving up to those standards.

    Personally this is the only big budget Hollywood movie I plan on seeing next year. After waiting over 20 years for it it’s even looking better than I expected it to which is saying a lot. Thank you George Miller for never giving up on it. FURY ROAD IS my 2015.

  9. Magnificent.

    Enjoy every second of that trailer, for it is perhaps the finest to have ever been made or will ever be made.

    As awesomely crazy as the first one was, this looks far, FAR beyond that.

    Some of that is down to the fact that Miller is working with writer/artist/shaman-esque visionary, Brendan McCarthy.

    Google him and you’ll see. A lot of the madness on show here is clearly via him.

  10. Judge Dredd, eh? I´m intrigued…

  11. My only gripe with FURY ROAD is that it looks too good. More THUNDERDOME than MAD MAX ORIGINS. But now I am nitpicking, this is going to be good.

  12. I do confess that a part of me does hope that E.T. SPRING BREAK does end up becoming reality. Especially if they have E.T. geared up in Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses like Bernie Lomax.

  13. Looks to me like George is rested and he has a clear head, he’s full of great ideas and he went out and got himself a brand new can of gas. We’re gonna have a great time.

  14. I bet you the story is Swiss-watch tight. The entire movie was written in storyboards before the start of the Iraq War, and it’s said to be mostly told within one long chase scene. Miller is a genius and he’s been planning this thing for so long I don’t think there’s any chance of sloppiness.

    This is gonna sound weird, but HAPPY FEET TWO has a good scene involving an electric guitar. I guess he’s into that now.

  15. I was hoping for a pig sidekick to Max as a reference to BABE. But couldn´t spot one in the teaser. Too bad.

  16. Shoot, Max is more into pig killers, remember?

  17. Continues to look great. Seems pretty obvious that the majority of shots is taken from the sandstorm chase at the beginning, so there’s bound to be plenty of craziness that we haven’t even gotten a glimpse of yet.

    I’m also still kinda hoping for a throwaway Old Mel cameo in this one; I made an illustration out of my own take on it, back when the first trailer came out:

  18. I remember being on that set in Namibia, looking at some of those monstrous cars and props, and thinking “This movie can’t possibly be even remotely as badass as everything around me suggests”.

    I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong.

    A buddy of mine still has all the storyboards, and it looks absolutely nuts. Prepare for the greatest chase scene ever.

  19. The best part of that was how crystal clear and rock steady all of that crazy-pants action was. Not once did I think, “What just…? Did he…? I can’t tell what…!” This may just be the best message of hope we’ll see this season. Thank you, George Miller. Merry Christmas to us.

  20. The Undefeated Gaul

    December 11th, 2014 at 8:38 am

    Score by Junkie XL. Good for him, doing more movie scores. Surprised the press hasn’t gotten on to that over here yet, guess they’re still not over Carice van Houten and Michiel Huisman being on Game Of Thrones.

  21. I had watched the Fury Road trailer shortly before coming here where I watched it again. As everyone has said, it’s truly a work of beauty. After watching the trailer, I decided to watch the Mel Gibson clip, which was not a smart move. That interview is a total bummer. Gibson says he’s fine with Hardy taking over the role, but you can tell he’s not really fine with Hardy taking over the role. I know Gibson is a crazy racist, but that clip is kind of heartbreaking. So I went from elation to sorrow within a pretty quick time frame.

  22. Okay, FINE. It looks AWESOME. I can’t wait to SEE it. Are you people HAPPY now?

    RBatty, that’s funny. I actually watched Mel’s video first, and it made me realize for the first time that he just wouldn’t fit in this movie. I was initially (okay, initially and then continually for a few years) bummed that he wasn’t returning because I was picturing more of an “UNFORGIVEN in the post-apocalypse” kind of vibe. But this isn’t that. This is a young man’s movie. It’s full of all the bells and whistles and sound and fury of modern blockbuster cinema. Miller’s clearly throwing his hat in the ring with the young dogs, not making a throwback for us cranky old men. I’d still love to see that Old Max movie someday, but I’m not gonna complain about all the crazy carnage this trailer is serving up. I’d have to be some kind of asshole.

  23. Vern – BVS and Cap 3 come out in 2016.

    *RRA the nitpicker strikes again!

  24. This looks amazing! The trailer has more stunning action sequences in it then most films.

  25. Mr. Majestyk – All the bells and whistles and sound and fury of modern day blockbusters except with no shaky camera just very clear geography and framing along with real fucking crashes and stunts. If you ask me Dr Miller is about to take all these punks to task. It reminds me of a text my cousin sent me when I send him the link to the trailer. He basically said “This looks like a movie for manly men and awesome ladies not a metrosexual action movie like the marvels or the Bournes”.

  26. Yep, MAX VS. SANDNADO looks like fun. It’d be pretty painful to live in a world dominated anarcho-suicidal brutes adorned with metal, but at least they still have good music available after the apocalypse, sounds like.

    I could probably hack it in MadFuryRoadWorld. Good cardio, can survive on minimal calories, good sense of direction, slender enough to hide in small places or cover myself with sand as camouflage when the barbaric hordes are rolling nearby. Charlize Theron would totally want to repopulate civilization with me.

  27. Mouth – and on top of all that you could have an electric guitar that doubles as a flamethrower.

  28. I think the most exciting thing about this movie for me in terms of really imaginative new shit is that giant contraption that shoots out nothing but speeding cars. There is no adjective that could do justice to how outright bananas that is.

  29. Jesus, they already filmed the Batman movie, we’ve known about the Aquaman and Wonder Woman cameos for months, and it doesn’t come out for 2 years?

  30. Well to BATMAN KNOCKS UP SUPERMAN’s credit
    FURY ROAD wrapped production back in 2012 and we won’t be seeing it till next year.

    Also like FURY ROAD I believe BATMAN TAPDANCES ON SUPERMAN was originally supposed to hit theaters a year before it finally hits cinemas. I guess post production on that movie must be a muthafucka.

    I just hope Snyder’s Aquaman sequences are as awesome as the ones Dr. Miller had in his JUSTICE LEAGUE script sounded.

  31. Amazing trailer! goddamn.

    despite the bad rep mel has I still think he is an amazing actor I mean, that guy is intense. look at his eyes during that interview.

    having said that. I think tom hardy is a very good choice for the role. though he is not the first one that would come to my mind for replacing mel.

  32. Mel was the best part of EX3 hands down. He was relentlessly chewing the scenery left and right in that one and it was just so great to see.

    Dude still has it when it comes to stealing the show on the screen. Too bad about his messy personal life. I really hope he gets all the psychological help and spiritual serenity that he needs in the end.

  33. Just got thru watching the Mel interview and yeah, there’s a real sadness in his eyes and voice at times.

    Shame he and Miller didn’t make at least one more Max back in the day, if only for the series to go out on a high after THUNDERDOME aka MAD MAX: THE SITTER.

  34. Brendan McCarthy’s design work on earlier films:

  35. pegsman- somehow I find it hilarious that Pig killer is the same guy who played Dr Standish in THE FLYING DOCTORS

  36. But not as hilarious as Angry “Ironbar” Anderson turning up in NEIGHBOURS. Admittedly so does every Australian actor there is, but it’s still funny.

  37. No way am I watching that trailer. I want to be completely unprepared and let the desert hellscape wash over me!

  38. I like the smidgen of humour there is in two things:
    1. The intensely overblown musical choice and Title Cards, which are just the right side of self-parody to be seen as not to be taken TOO seriously
    2. The slapstick of Max riding the pole and looking around with some bemusement.

    Oh shit, Nathan Jones! How does the post apocalypse have so many guys who are body builders, given what the environment must lack in good nutrition?

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