Furious 7 trailer


1. I think we can all agree, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. I cannot find Lucas Black anywhere in this trailer
3. There is a little bit of Tony Jaa though (he’s in that bus they attack)
4. The careful editing of dialogue over Paul Walker shots is moving without being tacky, in my opinion
5. I don’t know who that lady is but I like how she seems to be a normal person not familiar with the rules of the Furiousverse so she just flops onto the hood of the car and screams

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  1. Might I add a “Kurt Russell, yay!”

  2. It always amazes me they can juggle these large ensemble casts somewhat coherently. Someone always feels shortchanged though.

  3. I’m resisting from watching the trailer for now, because the Furious 6 trailer was awesome, but it gave away way too much. It gave away the tank on the highway, and even gave away the final stunt of the movie (the car flying out of the exploding airplane at the end). It seems like an impossible ask, considering no one’s seen the movie yet, but could anyone venture a guess as to how spoilery this one is? Does it look like it gives away equivalents to the tank scene or the car-out-of-exploding-plane scene?

  4. Yes, JTS, it gives away some cool stuff. If you know you’re gonna watch it anyway, you can skip this and I bet you’ll be glad you did. :)

  5. There won’t be a faster, more furious movie next year.

  6. so does this mean it’s set in 2006 or was Tokyo Drift supposed to be set in the future?

  7. I would guess that Tokyo Drift is now retroactively set in the future.

  8. Paul Whose Computer Is No Longer Fried

    November 2nd, 2014 at 2:44 am

    Meh, I never liked Lucas Black anyway.

    Yeah, I’ll skip the trailer of this one (although the next time I step foot in a cinema, it’ll probably be there, taunting me with its… spoileryness.) I’ll wait for you guys to tell me if it’s any good or not.

    Tony Jaa?!! Is the F&F franchise aiming to do what the Expendables franchise could only dream about, and actually use all of these modern-day action movie stars in a way that makes use of their talents? Because if so, that’s freaking awesome. In my humble opinion.

  9. I still hope that they don’t pull an EXPENDABLES* on Tony Jaa and he either returns later in the movie big time. (I would also be okay with him being the main villain in the next part of the saga.)

    *Cockteasing us with his appereance in the movie, but then not giving him anything to do or even waste him in only one scene.

  10. Lucas Black is in the background in one shot, behind Walker during the we have family bit at the end. I think the opening part of the trailer is the opening of the movie, on a fast and furious 4 type opening before movie starts proper with Statham getting revenge.

  11. I think the biggest cliffhanger in the entire trailer is that we’re left wondering if all the people in the big gala scene in fact get low when the whistle blow? Not certain I can wait until next year, you guys. I may need to seek out a rough draft of the script online.

  12. The girl screaming on the hood of the car is Nathalie Emmanuel, I think – the smoking beautiful Missandei from Game of Thrones.

  13. Credit to TERMINAL VELOCITY for dropping a car out a plane, but I’m sure they’d be honored that 20 years later an entire FLEET of cars hits the ground and continues to take out an armored bus!

  14. In a few hours we celebrate our favorite annual television event, “New Fast & Furious Sequel Trailer Day.”

    Rumor is, it will again be aired during a live pop star performance sandwiched by a sports contest.

    Budweiser has those manipulatively adorable horses and puppies lined up for their ads again, but I have a feeling the only real tearjerker moment on NF&FST Day will occur when Dom talks about “family” and the preview cuts to a shot of the late Paul Walker.



    Patriots 30,
    Seahawks 13

    Rob Ninkovich MVP.

    Shane Vereen has 80+ yards receiving.

    Gronkowski executes more successful stiff-arms than Marshawn Lynch.

    #tcot reaction to Katy Perry’s sexiness will be hilarious.

  15. I approve of that trailer. Some really ridiculous shit in there. I can´t wait for it.

  16. I can’t see Dubai anymore without thinking of the video game Spec Ops: The Line.

    “Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai.”

  17. I’m reasonably proud of my sportsball prognostications. Final score easily logically could’ve been 31 – 17 or something close to that

    [that blown roughing the kicker call;

    that inexplicable early Brady goalline INT (maybe he does nervously choke in February in his later years);

    that generous first down spot for Seattle;

    the fact that no one on the New England sideline during a smart defensive timeout coached Logan Ryan to FLATTEN THE RECEIVER AT THE 3 YARD LINE AND TAKE THE PENALTY SO THEY’LL SETTLE FOR A FIELD GOAL instead of playing soft and giving up a pattern in the end zone for a touchdown in the final 3 seconds of the half;

    Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins over-speed-rushing Russell Wilson a couple times, turning shouldabeen-negative offensive plays into big positives for Seattle;

    a missed facemask penalty against Seattle;

    that absurd catch on the final drive]

    I more or less nailed my premonition that Shane Vereen was gonna be a huge factor; he had 11 receptions (!) for 64 yards, one good/lucky block away from busting a screen pass for a monster highlight play and way more yardage.

    In conclusion, the Super Bowl ads this year were kinda lame with the exception of F&F7 and go watch BLADE II again.

  18. Full Trailer 2:


    I think I’m comfortable now in believing that Lucas Hobbs is actually The Rock’s character from THE RUNDOWN under a new name. Basically after betraying the gangster he was working for in that movie, he changed his name to aid his escape from retribution, then went and tried to set up his own restaurant. It failed, but he realised he was good at travelling to other countries to hunt people down, so took up his new role in the F+F movies. It’s also possible that he’ll soon transfer to GI JOE(those movies are set in the near future, and the TOKYO DRIFT continuity question places the F+F movies in an uncertain year) and get the name Roadblock(a possible reference to how he’s repeatedly been a thorn in the side of car-based criminals).

  19. I’m laughing so hard at all the people on the internet bitching about that car stunt at the end of the super bowl spot. Did they suddenly forget about the third act from the last movie? or that this franchise has been saying “FUCK YOU!” to the laws of physics since the first movie?

  20. The Undefeated Gaul

    February 5th, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    I think people are complaining more about the less than perfect quality of the CGI of the flying car than the laws of physics thing. I don’t think it looks that bad personally but I gotta admit it looks more noticeably digital than anything from Lin’s movies.

  21. I caved and watched it, then felt bad about it. These F&F trailers tip way too much. The F6 trailer showed literally the last climactic stunt of the movie, and I bet this trailer showed a clip from every single action scene.

    No one to blame but myself, but damn. Come on trailer makers, leave some surprises for the theatre.

  22. Motherfuckers don’t even know what CGI means, but they sure do love to bitch about it. It’s most likely a real car on a gimbal composited into a background plate, much like they would have done optically in all the vintage movies these peckers hold sacred. Because it’s not actually, physically, or in any fuckin’ way possible to do that stunt even kind of sort of for real, they had to use, you know, special effects. Like they’ve done for pretty much the entire history of filmmaking.

    But fuck them. This movie is too pure to be sullied by the lamentations of bitter cunts.

  23. Gaul all of the bitching I’ve seen has been akin too “they might as well be superhero movies if the characters could do all this outrageous shit” or “how can the car land exactly on the ground after such a giant leap?” not about the execution of the special effects.

  24. I’ve avoided trailer 2 for the same reasons JTS mentioned though. I generally avoid trailers now because giving away too much has become too common amongst all trailers nowadays.

  25. Right on, Majestyk! That reminds me how they were bitching about how fake the jump from the bus on a moving car from the first trailer looked, although it was a REAL STUNT! They really had a stuntguy doing this! The only thing that was fake, was the cliff that the bus was dangling from. (And of course that they removed some safety wires.)

  26. RE: “Trailers show too much”. They always did. The trailer for FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN for example gives away the big finale!

    But you can have it both ways: Watch the trailer only once and then never again. Seriously, if you are anything like me, you will have forgotten about most of the stuff in the trailer, once you watch the movie in a few months.,

  27. The thing is CJ not even my parents were born yet when the trailer for that movie was around. I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s. My earliest trailer memories were pretty much teasers like POLTERGEIST 2 or T2 and CHILD’S PLAY 2 and JURASSIC PARK’s mosquito in sap teaser. Things that didn’t even feature footage from the movie itself. Shit I didn’t even know there was another Terminator to fight Arnold or that Arnold was the good guy in T2 until I actually saw that movie that particular summer.

    I just miss that general approach and now I could understand why cats like I believe it was Mouth (he could correct me if I’m wrong) avoid all the pre-release hype for a lot of movies today. It doesn’t help that even though I smoke weed every weekend my memory banks are very sharp and I could even recall the most minute things. So a lot of trailer details stick with me even after just one viewing.

    What I do now is I just avoid spoiler articles or trailer articles altogether. The most I try to know about movies going into them now is the cast and director. Maybe the poster art at the local AMC. Like the old days and I’ve realized this has helped me actually grow to enjoy my trips to the movies once again.

  28. The Undefeated Gaul

    February 6th, 2015 at 2:13 am

    Too lazy to look up any sorts of credible sources, but I believe studies have shown people (and by this I would think the general mainstream public is meant, not hardcore movie fans) are more likely to go see a movie if they know exactly what’s coming. I guess people need to see enough to put a film into a certain category in their minds that they know they like. If a trailer is too vague they don’t know what to do with it, are unsure if they’ll like it, and are more likely to skip it.

    I guess it makes sense, but proper movie lovers have to either suffer for it or start skipping trailers completely. I vowed to do that with Fast 7, Star Wars, Avengers 2… but caved every single time. I’m too weak dammit!

  29. According to some nerdy inside sources, the Avengers 2 trailers have apparently totally avoided showing anything from the big action finale setpiece, so that’s nice.

  30. The Undefeated Gaul

    February 6th, 2015 at 4:28 am

    That’s great, I wish more trailers would do that. Show everything, if you must, but keep the finale secret. Seems like a good balance between what the mainstream wants and what we want.

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