The Raid 2: Berendal teaser

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24 Responses to “The Raid 2: Berendal teaser”

  1. Fucking YES

  2. I don’t want to see the full version of it. I want to be surprised when I watch the movie. I hope this time Gareth has better script.

  3. Most DEFINITELY seeing this. Sony Pictures announced it will have a theatrical release in the U.S., date as yet unspecified. Sweet.

  4. one of the best put-together trailers I’ve seen in a long time. I agree with Erna – I don’t need to see anything else before the actual movie, I’m 100% sold. It’s a good job Ninja 2 is on the way to take the edge off waiting!

  5. Even if it sucks it will still be the best action movie of 2014. My expectations are way too high here.

  6. WHOA!

    That is an amazing trailer. I can’t wait for this film.

  7. Now that’s a good trailer. I don’t have any idea what the movie’s about or even the exact nature of the images I just witnessed, yet I’m desperate to see the movie anyway.

  8. In one of my old Empire magazines Gareth Evans says that the movie’s about a prison riot. But I don’t really get that from the trailer. Has he changed his mind or is he playing us?

  9. Points for giving nothing away but making it clear this isn’t THE RAID 2: ANOTHER RAID. I mean, I’d watch it anyway if it was, but it’s still nice that just a touch is enough to know this is different. Even Mad Dog is playing a different guy when it would have been perfectly acceptable to have him be Mad Dog’s identical twin brother A Better Tomorrow 2 style.

  10. Hellllllllllllllll yeah

  11. Now that’s a fuckin trailer!!!!!!!

  12. Looking into it, I’ve noticed that the guy from Linkin Park won’t have a hand in the soundtrack this time, so that will please all of my hipster friends…and honestly, as much as I enjoyed the music (I listen to it regularly), I’m not going to miss some of the little tics that I attribute to him (cheap sample-y sounds, the tacked on Chino track, etc.).

  13. Also, Kenichi Endo and Kazuki Kitamura!!! Amazing!

  14. Well FOR NOW that guy Linkin Park guy won’t have his hands on the soundtrack. He didn’t have anything to do with the original score of part 1 and was only added for the American and European versions. So I wouldn’t totally count him (or any other score replacement to unnecessary appeal to the teen audience) out yet.

  15. Nope, he officially doesn’t. This time they’re doing a combined score with the composers from the two different scores of the 1st one (minus Linkin Park guy)

  16. Totally, and completely, badass. /Whitesnake plays in the background

  17. Horatius: Really? Because Whitesnake has not been cool/relevant since at least 1987.

    Fuckin’ A… now I like this even more. Actually, all things considered, it’s a good fit.

  18. Guys, Whitesnake wasn’t cool back then either. There’s only one reason why we watched their videos, and her first name is Tawny.

  19. Hey now, there are like six or seven Whitesnake songs that I like a lot. “Still of the Night,” “Bad Boys,” “Straight For the Heart,” the romantically titled “Slide It In.” I appreciate the punk rock ethos as much as the next guy, but competent corporate rock has its place, if only to provide contrast. And even without the video, “Here I Go Again” is probably the best power ballad of its era. (Although the original non-single version was a little better. Somewhat rougher around the edges, betraying the group’s origin as a heavy blues band.)

    What? I like cheesy rock music. Only God can judge me.

  20. I can’t wait.

  21. The Original... Paul

    November 9th, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    I haven’t watched the trailer, nor do I want to. Without having seen it, I’m psyched that there’s another “Raid” film, but terrified that they’ll really, really fuck it up. Let’s hope they don’t.

  22. Awe c’mon, Majestyk, you know perfectly well that Slide It In is about a snake. Next you’re going to try to tell me that Little Red Corvette isn’t about a car.

  23. Wait till u see cecep arif r. playing as assasin in the movie..
    he is one hell of a silat master…..

  24. No talk about the new full trailer? It gives more of an idea of the plot and a lot more action(though Evans says on twitter 4 or 5 action scenes aren’t shown and it only spoils the 1st Act):

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