Dark Angel (I Come In Peace) Blu-Ray review


Craig R. Baxley’s DARK ANGEL – or, as we Americans proudly call it, I COME IN PEACE – hit the ray of blu today courtesy of the great Shout Factory. You can read my review of the new disc over on The Daily Grindhouse.

For comparison’s sake here’s my original review of the movie from about 7 years ago.


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21 Responses to “Dark Angel (I Come In Peace) Blu-Ray review”

  1. It was never released on dvd in the states? Interesting. Because it did in Europe.

  2. It may be hard for our younger audience to believe, but there was a time in history when Brian Benben was a big deal; THE GANGSTER CHRONICLES, DREAM ON, DARK ANGEL etc.

  3. *Grampa pegsman said as he was sitting in his rocking chair on the porch reminiscing about the old timey days*

  4. It’s BIG DADDY to you, Swede!

  5. Calm down,”Big daddy”, or else you fall off your chair and risk breaking your hip.

  6. This and THE HIDDEN make for a great 80’s sci-fi double feature. Man, major U.S. cities did not have it easy back then!

  7. I love this movie. Dolph gets to show his charm and humour instead of just being a killing machine and the movie is paced wonderfully, with action sequences paced throughout the film in a way that makes this stand out of most generic action films (those films that promised more than they could deliver and were boring as a result). One of my favourite Dolphs.

  8. I live in Houston, where this was filmed, and I still recognize many of the locations. The 80’s were a special time for genre films made in the area: PRAY FOR DEATH, BLIND FURY, COHEN AND TATE, and ROBOCOP 2 among others. The economic downturn must have made city leaders more susceptible to idea of filmmakers coming and blowing up half the city.
    What’s odd is that the local branch of the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain screened a 35mm print earlier this summer with the title DARK ANGEL.

  9. nabroleon Dynamite

    August 28th, 2013 at 11:44 am

    I loved this movie back in “The Movie Channel” days.

    Never knew Dolph was the main dude.

    *off to Amazon*

  10. This is almost certainly Dolph’s best starring vehicle. It’s got great action, cool gags, easygoing humor, an irresistible concept, and more explosions per square inch than just about any other movie up to that time. What sells it, though, is the surprisingly good chemistry between Dolph and Brian Benben. The sidekick role could’ve easily been disposable or annoying, but the force of Benben’s personality makes up for his small size. It’s fun to watch him stand toe-to-toe with a Swedish giant. I’ve always liked Benben and kind of wish he’d get himself a detective show on USA. I think he’d be really good at it. Maybe him and Dolph could open up a P.I. agency in New Orleans or something. Tell me you wouldn’t watch the shit out of that.

  11. isn’t Brian Benben the guy from that show DREAM ON?

    remember that episode where his son gets a hard on from imagining his teacher in her underwear and then later he imagines her naked, because HAHA he’s just as immature as his son, gettit?

  12. Don’t knock DREAM ON. It was our CALIFORNICATION.

  13. Yeah,Griff. DonĀ“t knock the elderlies.

  14. I think I’ve seen this, but I must have been so young, because I remember it as starring Rutger Hauer…
    If I recall, it’s the new partner that get shot through the window and it’s depicted like he’s dead, but in the next scene, Dolph is walking into the station and he comes up beside him, prompting Dolph to ask “Aren’t you dead?” as if he genuinely didn’t bother checking up on him after the fact!

  15. Don’t feel too bad for Brian Benben, he’s been a regular on Private Practice for like 7 seasons. Not a show we’d watch but that’s a good amount of time.

  16. And he’s married to Madeline Stowe, so he’s got that going for him. I remember watching him on Letterman once and Dave just flat out said, “wouldn’t it be funny if your son’s name was Ben?”. Dave’s a national treasure (and the pride of Indiana) but sometimes…ehhh.

  17. Sorry Shoot, but I have to ask this, does anyone remember THE GANGSTER CHRONICLES or GANGSTER WAR with Benben, Michael Nouri, Joe Penny, Robert Davi AND Madeleine Stowe?

  18. Dolph’s been spending his days here in Cape Town lately, working on a new TV show from the makers of Baywatch. It’s called Rescue 3, and it could potentially turn Lundgren into the new Hasselhoff (let’s hope that doesn’t happen).

    Anyway, it’s kinda cool having him in our city. The dude’s all over the place. If I run into him, I’ll ask him about when his Punisher sequel is gonna happen.

  19. Hey, I would love to see Dolph singing on the leftovers of the Berlin Wall while wearing a light bulb jacket!

  20. Dolph did sing as a host for the swedish Eurovision song contest qualification.He performed an Elvis song. That shit was tight!

  21. I always thought this movie did poorly and was undervalued because of that title, “I Come In Peace” sounds like some hokey sci-fi flick from the 1950’s like “It Came From Outer Space” or “the Thing From Another World” (admittedly, a great movie).

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