High Voltage

Recently I retn_highvoltagealized I missed one of the early Isaac Florentine movies, a goofy John-Woo-inspired bank robber story starring Antonio Sabato Jr. (and Sr.), Shannon Lee, Amy Smart and Lochlyn Munro. So I reviewed it for my column on Daily Grindhouse, which is now called America’s Got Punching (formerly Journey to Battle Island).

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7 Responses to “High Voltage”

  1. I remember seeing some of this on late night TV awhile back and not being overly impressed. It’s pretty dull. Amy Smart must really like movie’s with High Voltage in the title.

  2. It’s not one of my favorite Florentine joints (too much Tarantino in the mix, not really Florentine’s wheelhouse) but it’s got its moments. The final shootout is solid and I like the We Love The 80s! reunion tour cast. Plus that corpse-marrying scene is a riot. It’s not Florentine’s worst, by any stretch. (That would be DESERT KICKBOXER, a movie I’m sure I watched but will have to take my own word for it.)

  3. Amy Smart was also in CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE.

  4. Ouroboros.

  5. I’m trying to figure out what a “cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ernest Borgnine” would look like. I guess they both have similar noses.

  6. I just looked at a picture. It definitely has to do with the nose (in part). I wouldn’t have put those two together as descriptors of Antonion Sabato Sr. on my own, but once you mentioned it, it’s totally true.

  7. Just caught this because I’ve become a bit of a Florentine/Jesse V Johnson completist as well. Florentine’s very hit or miss when he ventures outside a pure martial arts driven story. Here, his foray into Crime Noir is an equally mixed bag saved as usual by his kinetic action choreography and some pretty on-the-nose casting. The daughter of a Martial Arts Icon in a film by one of the best martial arts directors working today? George Kee Cheung playing another sadistic Vietnamese? William Zabka an asshole again? The Redneck from BLOODSPORT playing…a Redneck?

    But I’ve got to say, the climactic hotel shootout was too reminiscent of the one in THE GETAWAY which came out 3 years before this movie.

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