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New design at Vern’s Flea Market: Jesus Is My Hometree

Well everybody, Christmas is saved. We just got this design in for the t-shirts as well as the mugs. Fully customizable and what not. Probly the best thing that has ever been made. Appeals to a wide audience, an important message we can all get behind, etc.

In further capitalism news I got a note for UK readers, I have signed up for the Amazon UK associate account, so if you happen to shop with them consider going through my search box on the sidebar to support the sight. Or for Americans with region free players I made an ad highlighting some of the things they got that aren’t available in region 1.

thanks everybody

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10 Responses to “New design at Vern’s Flea Market: Jesus Is My Hometree”

  1. The next Seagal Elijah Kane “film” is called VIOLENCE OF ACTION?

  2. What a wonderful piece of light hearted blasphemy.

  3. I’ll be sure to use the link, Vern.

  4. James Cameron gonna sue somebody

  5. Westboro Baptists gonna picket somebody.

  6. Shall we use this as the new Potpourri? I saw FIRE WITH FIRE and thought I’d warn everybody, it’s pretty wothless. Bruce is good in his scenes, gives it the gravitas, but it’s such a generic witness protection plot and the fact that it takes itself so seriously is laughable. It’s packed with names of both mainstream and DTV clout, but we know that trick by now.

    Duhamel’s revenge isn’t very exciting. By now the Yojimbo plan is so watered down, why do they keep doing it? So typical DTV, not the good kind that strives for excellence. Hope this servers as a public service.

  7. It’s shot pretty well though, I should say that.

  8. Thanks for the warning. What do you mean by the “Yojimbo plan”? Does Duhamel play two factions of criminals off against eachother? I guess the title makes more sense than way, but none of the (brief) plot descriptions I’ve seen mention anything like that.


    Part of it involves getting the Crips to help him kill the leader of the Aryan gang, and it’s not nearly as cool as that sounds.

  10. Today only you can get 30% off at Zazzle by using the code CRAZYHOLIDAY. So if you’re interested in buying 25 Val Verde shirts or whatever…

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