Two more trailers: The Last Stand and Bullet to the Head

Hey, that’s nice. To celebrate the occasion of Expendables 2 we have trailers for upcoming Schwarzenegger and Stallone pictures, both from great directors. If you haven’t seen them I’ll show them to you.

First up we got THE LAST STAND from the director of BITTERSWEET LIFE, THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE WEIRD and I SAW THE DEVIL. I was hoping for something a little quieter and less Johnny-Knoxville-in-a-funny-hat than this looks, but I still thing it looks beautiful and appropriately absurd. I’ll take it.


Next up is the Walter Hill buddy movie. Keep in mind that Hill hasn’t directed a theatrical movie since UNDISPUTED in

For a minute I thought that was Shannen Doherty as his daughter. That would’ve been weird. Also I see Falsone from Homicide: Life On the Street is in there. And I didn’t know it but I guess I always wanted to see an ax fight between Rambo and Kal Drogo.

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47 Responses to “Two more trailers: The Last Stand and Bullet to the Head”

  1. Holy crap, Bullet To The Head especially looks like the type of buddy cop (well, cop & hitman) flick I was sure they’d never make again. Still a shame about Tom Jane though, although apparently his character would have been the uptight timid one of the two and I’d rather see Jane play tough guys. Also a nice surprise to see the film is R-rated, these days I always assume any action flick is gonna be PG 13 until proven otherwise.

    The Last Stand looks good too, although I’m still not sure whether Schwarzenegger has still got it. He seemed off in Expendables 2, hope he gets back in his old groove at some point. I’ll see anything by the director of I Saw The Devil though.

  2. If they keep this up they might just give Bronson a run for his money. Mind you, Charlie was 78 when he played his last cop, so they still have a long way to go.

  3. how do you feel? ollllllld

  4. Always wanted to see Rambo take on Conan. I guess Rambo vs Fake 3D Conan will have to do.

  5. it’s pretty surreal to finally see Arnold back in action again, I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t gonna do another movie again, but now HE’S BACK

    and you know, he always told us he’d be back

  6. I have to say that Sly’s movie looks pretty generic and boring, except for the axe fight. Arnie’s movie doesn’t look like it wil get an originality OScar either, but it seems to be a lot more crazy fun.

  7. Both of them look pretty sweet. BULLET TO THE HEAD is now officially the movie I’m most eagerly awating. That axe fight will be great. Considering the fact that Warner has already signed Walter Hill for another project, I assume that means they’re really happy with how this project has turned out. That’s good news, I hope.

  8. Looks to me like Stallone got himself attached to a real action picture, while the Schwarzenegger one is a sleepy “hey look — it’s Arnie!” throwaway.

  9. THE LAST STAND looks like it could be fun. Arnie is kind of old these days, but in this movie they seem to recognize it.

    BULLET IN THE HEAD- could be fun,like another version of the buddy copy movie from Walter hill. First 48 HOURS,then RED HEAT and now this.

  10. It looks like both films are scratching a different action movie itch. Arnie’s is kind of goofy and over the top while Stallone’s is more of a street level, bare bones action film. I’m just glad that Walter Hill apparently still has it (or at least it appears that way from the evidence that has been presented). Hopefully we’re going to see some more hand to hand combat in movie theaters.

  11. Of the two, Arnold’s movie is the one that you would have to fight me to get me to not see. Christ, a battletruck and a gatling gun? Yes, please. I was kind of on the fence about Sly’s movie (TANGO & CASH aside, I do not believe that witty banter is his best one) but then they went and won me over with the judicious application of Foreigner, which trumpeted the arrival of ax-fighting and explosions. No problems there.

  12. Also, Sung Kang is 40 goddamn years old. If he really only liked music made in this century, he would be the biggest poseur in the world. He would be Tony Scott’s hoop earring made flesh. I know caucasians are notoriously bad at determining the age of Asian people, but come on, Hollywood.

  13. I liked both trailers and Sly and Arnie really look into it. Maybe they’ll inspire Seagal to get back on his game for a full movie rather than just when he does a cameo?

  14. Kim Jee-woon is 4 for 4 as far as I’m concerned so THE LAST STAND is a no brainer. I’ll be rooting for Walter Hill!

  15. Glad to see both Arnie and Sly making some classic action movies. Remember when Arnie was in The Rundown and passed the torch to the Rock saying “Have Fun”? Too bad the Rock hasnt done anything really great or memorable in that time. Now we got the originals back. Cant wait.

  16. THE LAST STAND has a sense of oddness to it that I like (and reminds me of Jee-Woon’s earlier THE GOOD THE BAD THE WEIRD).

    BULLET TO THE HEAD just looks ball-out, 80s tough-guy-ness and who does that better than Walter Hill?

    What with EXP2 out and being a ton of fun and THE TOMB around the corner, it’s a good time to be a fan of this shit.

  17. Majestyk, don’t you know? Asians don’t age. When they hit 60, they shrink and wrinkle in an instant, like air being let out of a tire.

    Both trailers look interesting and both have a kind of “yeah, I’m that old and feel it” vibe coming from them.

    And is that Christian Slater I see? I see he’s taking a break from the DTV scene he’s been in lately. Does this guy ever take a break? He’s got a million movies coming out all at once. He even did one with Fred Olen Ray.

  18. When it comes to that korean director, I really liked I SAW THE DEVIL but hated THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE WEIRD.I donĀ“t really remember it, but it felt too douchy for my taste.

  19. I’m with CJ on this. Actually, I think both of them could be “serviceable,” but neither of them really strikes me as the risky, offbeat, pulpy kind of thing I’ve been hoping for. Both feel pretty formulaic, not unlike anything they might have done in the late 90s early 2000s twilight of their careers (prior to Stallone’s comeback).

    I know I tend to be kind of a wet blanket, but it’s a psychological expectation management strategy.

  20. Contrast that with say Rambo or Rocky Balboa or Cop Land.

    Bullet to the head looks like it might as well be a 48 Hours remake.

  21. On an unrelated note, since someone mentioned The Rock, Vern, you heard that Gina Carano is gonna be in Fast Six? Apparently she’s one of The Rock’s teammates. The Raid’s Joe “Sgt Jaka” Taslim is also gonna be in it, apparently as a villain.

  22. Walter Hill back in the buddy cop genre is cool with me. I actually think it looks better than the Arnold one cause it’s a bit grittier since it’s Hill and Stallone is in better shape so he looks the more intimidating of the 2 now a days. Plus Momoa and Stallone axe fight.

  23. Stallone seems to be doing a Dr. Dre thing w/ the form fitting shirts. A little off-putting. The sidekick seems incredibly bland. Squandered a real opportunity with Tom Jane. The part about boring me to death is pretty funny. Hey, we’ll see.

    For whatever reason, Last Stand is giving me some subtle “The Rundown” vibe, but I can only infer that it’s b/c Arnold had a cameo, the cinematography is similar, and Jackass was the sidekick in another Rock movie.

  24. I actually saw RED HEAT with a friend today. More or less an update of 48 HRS, where Hill has recycled many scenes and elements: buses roaming through the night, final shootout in a smokefilled urban landscape, etc. Hill has stated that he learnt his method of rewriting oneself from Peckinpah. With ANOTHER 48 HRS he would once again tweak the same elements and the same formula. James Horner recycles his cues through all these movies (as well as COMMANDO). ANOTHER 48 HRS is probably my favourite of the three Hill flicks here mentioned, and I do wonder how similar BULLET TO THE HEAD is going to be. Some of the buddy elements we find in Hill’s work (I would go so far as to claim he pretty much invented the genre as we know it with 48 HRS) have roots in his HICKEY AND BOGGS script. Unfortunately for Hill, Robert Culp took over scripting duties on that, and removed much of the humour, if I’ve understood it correctly. I’m sure much of what Culp removed found it’s way into 48 HRS eventually.

  25. Then again, I thought the Expendables 2 trailer was a total WTF, and it looks like the movie actually delivers.

  26. I like Stallone best when he is playing damaged or vulnerable characters with “stuff left in the basement.” Quippy tough guys just seem like a waste of his talent.

  27. Forrest – that is why I am so excited about BULLET TO THE HEAD. i want to see what tweaks to the concept he brings this time.

  28. He might be full circle with this one, who knows. Only with careful examinations we can tell.

  29. I definately share your enthusiasm McKay. Good old fashioned auteurism, badass style.

  30. HICKEY & BOGGS is awesome. A totally bleak, nihilistic look at the kind of workaday violent men that movies usually romanticize. I’m glad it doesn’t try to be funny because then Bill Cosby’s transformation into a grizzled badass wouldn’t really work.

  31. The Rock just uploaded a photo of him and Carano from the set of Fast Six to his facebook profile:

  32. Yeah, The Rock posted a picture with Carano on Twitter, he called her his partner and her costume in the photo suggests that’s her role in the movie. This also fits my assumption that she’s gonna fight Michelle Rodriguez.

  33. Majestyk: I agree that the strengt of Hickey is how uncharacteristically grim and gritty it is. Who would have thought a Bill Cosby flick could be like that? I was really surprised when I read Hill’s original draft was much lighter – and that he thought little of the final product.

  34. I don’t know about you guys, but seeing The Rock and Gina Carano standing next to each other makes me feel really weak and unattractive.

  35. I don’t think there’s a director in the world today that excites me more than Kim Jee-Woon does. And with a cast of reliably eccentric weirdos (Arnold, Peter Stormare, Forrest Whitaker, Luis Guzman, Harry Dean Stanton) and a simple, elegant premise (Kim has, in the past, been distracted by overbuilt plots) I think this one is gonna literally be a bullet to the head.

    But the BULLET trailer surprised me. I would love Walter Hill to do one more great one, but I figured that was a pipe dream at this point. Apparently not so. Looks surprisingly serious about being badass. I don’t mind it being a little jokey if it brings the pain.

  36. holy shit, Bill Cosby once tried to play a grizzled badass? that boggles my mind

    coo coo ka choo!

  37. ok, I see that movie was made well before the Cosby show and all that

    still, that’s pretty hard to picture, zip zop zoobity bop!

  38. Don’t mess with Cos. He brought you into this world and he can take you out.


  40. HAHAHAHAHAHA that would be awesome

  41. I could mos def see Bill Cosby designate The Expendables missions in every movie,like Charlie designate his angels.

  42. That Arnold flick looks like Vanishing Point 2 from the Man’s perspective.

  43. What the hell: search “Red Band Trailer: Man With The Iron Fists”

    RZA/ Eli Roth/ Quentin Tarantino

    Russell Crow, Lucy Liu, Rick Yune, Jamie Chung, Cung Le, Dave Bautista, Byron Mann, Daniel Wu, Pam Grier.

    Check out the soundtrack.

    Looks cheesy. Hope it’s fun.

  44. My bad, y’all all over this already in the discussion forum.

    only useful news from me: Red Band trailer just out ;-)

  45. Jareth Cutestory

    August 18th, 2012 at 8:03 am

    Majestyk: seeing Scooter and Gonzo standing next to each other in the trailer for last year’s MUPPETS movie made me feel weak and unattractive. Pictures of the Rock make me feel like a teenage girl with an eating disorder.

  46. Of course you guys know that there is an up coming movie (or soon to be up coming) that both stars Stallone and Arnold, called THE TOMB if memory serves. I can already guess the joygasms it will cause in so many of you.

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