Well, I’m not gonna pretend this looks good. It seems to have all the most joyless aspects of DTV action. It happens to star two of my favorites, but both of them look bored, and it makes it look like they might only have one scene together. Director Keoni Waxman did THE KEEPER, A DANGEROUS MAN and many True Justice episodes with Seagal, plus the pretty-good-not-great HUNT TO KILL with Stone Cold. Writer Richard Beattie wrote PROM NIGHT IV, NO CONTEST II and episodes of True Justice. I’ll try to keep an open mind, obviously. If anybody’s gonna figure out a way to like this one it should be me, right?



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13 Responses to “MAXIMUM CONVICTION trailer”

  1. I saw on imdb that this is one of 11 movies Michael Pare’s in this year – so far. I wonder what he gets per movie these days?

  2. I posted this on the forums, I guess I should have waited for the inevitable post by Vern. Sorry for clogging it up over there…

    I liked the idea of this movie more than the trailer, but my taste for this kind of shit has improved dramatically over the last few years, so I’ll see, I didn’t mind Hunt to Kill, the good outweighed the bad.

  3. Oh dear. This trailer does not look promising at all.

    Maybe it’s just me but it kind of bugs me that the shots of people firing rifles in the trailer have them all with the butt resting above the shoulder rather than square against the shoulder.

  4. Best things to do when it comes to DTV-action is going in with very low expectations,doing so
    you are most probably gonna get pleasantly surprised. I don´t have any expectations for this one.
    I guess thats why I ended up liking BORN TO RAISE HELL, so it wont probably be such a terrible

  5. Is it just me or does Seagal look a bit slimmer to anyone else? like he went from having 3 chins to having 2. I’ll give this a look I mean it’s the 2 Steves so it should have at least two or three notable scenes in it. It’s also nice to see Michael Pare doing his best Tom Berenger in a non-Uwe Boll film.

  6. pegsman – He probably gets $256 and a box of jolly ranchers.

  7. Wow. That probably has the most cuts of any trailer I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking more cuts than Malick’s entire Tree of Life.
    Just dizzying.

  8. This isn’t anything against the movie itself, but that is one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen. I’m sure the film flows a lot better than that!

  9. Based on the casting alone I am excited about this one (my favorite action star & wrestler of the 90’s), but boy is that trailer underwhelming.

    Broddie, I agree that Seagal was looking slightly less pudgy in the trailer.

  10. It was good to see Pare back on the big screen in Lincoln Lawyer. But just watching this trailer I couldn’t help but think he had the worst fucking wig I’ve seen in a while. To the trailer itself: very low expectations obviously now.

    And I liked both the directors efforts w/ Seagal.

  11. That’s just… sad. I don’t think Seagal even gives a shit anymore. He just shows up, says a few lines and lets a body double do most of the action. None of his recent movies have been anything more than pedestrian. And after the initial (unintentional) fun quirkiness of TRUE JUSTICE wore off, all that was left of that was a really bad cop show. I think his appearance in MACHETE was the last time he seemed to be awake in a film. Even his previous good film before that, URBAN JUSTICE, was mostly fun because of the crazy ultraviolence and pretty slick direction and story rather than Seagal’s contribution.

    With shit like this, I’m losing my respect for Seagal not only as an “action star”, but really as a working professional. This is getting unacceptable. I’ve been fan of the big guy, but it’s getting more and more difficult to justify paying to see (or rather rent) a movie just because Seagal’s name is on the cover.

    It’s even more embarrassing when his contemporary Jean-Claude Van Damme, who is also in the similar situation of making cheap DTV flicks, still at least tries to push himself. He still does his action scenes, and appears to care about his projects enough to contribute to them. UNIVERSAL SOLDIER was fantastic, ASSASSINATION GAMES was pretty good, THE EXPENDABLES 2 looks fun, and he was really in top form in JCVD. Plus of course, he even went as far as to direct a film in the recent years. Admittedly a troubled production and a very low budget, but I just don’t see Seagal making the same sort of effort anymore.

    And damn it, Stone Cold, you don’t need this shit either.

  12. Just started watching this Seagal’s first lines weren’t dubbed so far so good.

  13. Ok, just now saw it and to be honest it wasn’t all that bad. Maybe b/c it left off on a high note I’m being too kind. Thing is, it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

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