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Since we all enjoy the works of Scott Adkins let’s take a look at the trailer for EL GRINGO, his entry in the After Dark Action playing some theaters and VOD May 11th. Vlad M., who sent me the link (thanks bud), says that Isaac Florentine was brought in to help out with some of the action scenes, which seems believable considering some of the stuff in this trailer. And no, it is not a prequel to GET THE GRINGO, it is a re-imagining of EL CID.


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31 Responses to “EL GRINGO trailer”

  1. Yes. That looks more “fun” than DRAGON EYES, and the action seems a bit more dynamic, though the colour palette seems similar. That’s not a dealbreaker though. Seems promising.

  2. Wow looks like Adkins’ EL MARIACHI/DESPERADO. Definitely gonna see this one on demand ASAP. Nicholson-lite hammed it up pretty nicely in HOLLOW MAN 2 which I saw recently so I know he’s still capable of entertaining in his own sleazy Christian Slater way. Scott Adkins’ American accent has gotten better too.

  3. Rudolf Klein-Rogge

    April 26th, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    Saw EL CID less than a week ago…I fail to see how this could function as a re-imagining. Who fill in for the Moors here? Mexicans (would be very funny)? Man with face paint? Christian Slater? It looks like a lot of fun, btw. Love the name of the town – El Fronteras – and Adkins’ quest for a bottle of water is easily my favourite part of the trailer. This looks a lot better than the Dolph picture After Dark is putting out, that’s for sure.

  4. EL CID is a great movie. That is all

  5. Rudolf Klein-Rogge

    April 26th, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Haha. I kind of figured there wasn’t really any connection between the two, but Vern almost had me fooled. Would have been funny though, if every After Dark movie was a re-imagining of some random classic. I see that director Eduardo Rodriguez also directed the Dolph vehicle I was dissing in my previous post (thought it looked WAY too cheap). Should be interesting to see how the two compare.

  6. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    April 26th, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Well, this was the one from the “Dragon Eyes” thread that I thought had the most potential, and the trailer looks pretty good. I liked the four-man eye-shot near the end of the trailer. Gives me hope for the quality of action in this one.

    I saw Mullins and Adkins, but where’s MJW? Thought he was in this one?

  7. one guy from andromeda

    April 26th, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    that trailer gave me a headache….

  8. This looks…ok. But all you have to do is cast Scott Adkins and you have my ticket money. I didn’t see Matt Mullins in there but good to know, his fight in Blood and Bone is great.

    Anybody else think that the natural choice for Mad Dog in the Americanized Raid should be Adkins? I mean, I don’t want a remake, but if it’s happening we might as well get the best real fighters we can. I have been racking my brain trying to think of a good replacement for Rama, and am coming up short. Maybe Mullins. Thinking about them recreating the final 2 v 1 fight gives me chills, although that scene can’t get much better as is.

  9. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    April 26th, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    I thought Matt Mullins was the stubbled guy in the cowboy hat who took a punch and didn’t react to it in the slightest. Could be wrong, he’s changed his appearance quite a bit. Then again, in “Blood and Bone” he looks like a well-muscled businessman in a suit.

    I’ve never actually seen a match of his in the MMA, weirdly enough (since I’m a fan of MMA – he just hasn’t been on my radar.)

  10. I’m pretty sure MJW only has a cameo. If he even had one fight I’m sure they’d show him in the trailer.

    I figure if they go through with the American version of THE RAID it will be more like the ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 remake and not a martial arts movie. I mean, how would they even try to compete with that? Nobody who had a clue about anything would try to remake that movie.

  11. Yes Vern, but when does anybody who has a clue about anything do a remake of a great standalone film anyways? I suppose it happens, but its few and far between.

  12. You know, I live near one of the after dark theaters…. maybe I should go see some of these things in the theater before the world gets to. It would make me feel awful important.

  13. “Nobody who had a clue about anything would try to remake that movie.”

    ….thats a long list of fucking people.

  14. What I mean is I don’t think THE RAID: REMAKETION will be a direct translation and/or admirable if unnecessary redo, like LET ME IN or THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Those are made by smart people, and smart people would not remake THE RAID. So I suspect it will not even be an attempt at at a hardcore action movie, just some stupid bullshit with fake-gritty cops in a building and, like, Wes Bentley or somebody as a character that you figure out afterwards was instead of Mad Dog. And Ray Liotta as the superior officer who turns out to be corrupt, who was like a father to the hero (shown in flashbacks). Good chance 50 Cent and Pacino will have small roles, too.

  15. I don’t know. Something tells me that they will try to go the hardcore action route, but the American way. Which means it will probably be directed by Neveldine/Taylor.

  16. Aw man. Way to ruin my fantasies with your soul crushing yet entirely likely realities.

    Although the Lieutenant DID look like the Indonesian Ray Liotta. So that works for me.

    I’ll always have my dream of a Raid remake directed by Florentine with Adkins as Mad Dog and Mullins as Rama, and MJW as the Sergeant. Liotta can still play the Lieutenant. I’d love to see John Hawkes play the Tama character. Yeah.

    I know it doesn’t have much if any of a shot at it, but I wish that the Raid remake would be the kick in the ass that American actions movies need. We’re the leader in filmatic output, and other countries are putting us to shame on the action front. To shame! I have to believe there are filmmakers out there somewhere who still know how to shoot some rowdy shit while keeping all the appropriate cinematic language intact. Who aren’t in jail. (Damn you McTiernan!) How nice would it be to have somebody stand up to the gauntlet that the Raid and so many French/Korean/Taiwanese films before it have thrown down, and at least fucking TRY to compete in some way.

  17. Neither Mullins or MJW are in this. It was just assumed awhile back since the set pics of Metal Hurlant Chronicles surfaced with all of them. A lot of people thought it was for El Gringo but it wasn’t.

  18. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    April 27th, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Mike – well then FUCK THIS MOVIE!

    (Seriously – kidding. Although I was seriously looking forward to the possibility of seeing that particular pairing onscreen together after the frankly awesome ending of “Blood and Bone”. So that’s a disappointment.)

  19. It looks like that Van Damme movie Inferno – without the cool sex scenes.

  20. El Fronteras? Really? Ugh…

  21. As opposed to Las Fronteras? Not manly enough bro.

  22. I think one thing that I appreciate from this trailer is that the thug who’s the achetypal representation of the fat quirky hitman in EL MARIACHI and Danny Trejo in DESPERADO also has quirks of his own outside of just wearing facepaint. For example the bullet he fires has “CHINGA TU MADRE” inscribed on it.

  23. Broddie— Yeah, I noticed that as well. Nice touch, but methinks “Ya Casi Muerto” (which translates to As Good As Dead) might have been somewhat more appropriate. Still, I look forward to El Gringo; you can’t go wrong with Scott Adkins. Besides his considerable fighting skills, he’s actually a pretty decent actor.

    Beyond El Gringo, I’m quite happy to see that Adkins now has roles in higher-profile movies like The Expendables 2 and Zero Dark Thirty. My two respective wishes for those two ventures are:

    1.) In The Expendables 2, he has a (to quote Vern) Just How Badass Is This Guy? moment (no exposition required) when he single-handedly ends several baddies with a combination of MMA skills and superior marksmanship, and…

    2.) In Zero Dark Thirty, he plays the Navy SEAL who administers the fatal double tap to Bin Laden.

    Maybe, just maybe, if he shines in these two roles… then possibly some far-thinking suit in Hollywood (and let me preface by stating that this idea was Vern’s, brilliantly thinking outside the box in his AICN review of Undisputed III) would think to throw $75 million or so Isaac Florentine’s way, and say “Go make a kickass action movie with Adkins in the lead”.

    Fuckin’ A RIGHT! How choice would that be? (sorry; rhetorical question).

  24. I saw The Mechanik, directed by and starring Dolph, yesterday. Damn, what a cool movie.

  25. Just a little bit of behind the scenes rumor sort of info:

    Apparently out of all the After Dark Action movies from this year (they are reportedly working on a new set of low budget action-ploitation movies), El Gringo was the one with the biggest overall budget. The rumor is that Dragon Eyes and Stash House had very small budgets and they pumped most of their dollars into El Gringo.

    AND it is rumored that Scott is looking into a potential Undisputed 4 and a potential Ninja 2, no guarantee any of them would happen, but he hinted at both being possible future projects on his twitter account.

    ALSO, he has another project not yet released, called Re-Kill a sort of horror-action movie with Scott being a part of a team that’s like a “SWAT that kills zombies” type of unit. They did some heavy re-shoots on that movie and apparently the reason is that they wanted more screen time for Scott’s character.

    ALSO, he went back to Bulgaria for some quick re-shoots for Expendables 2. Details are sketchy: some say for a day of re-shoots, some say for a week, some say it is to do some pick-ups for the R-Rated action scenes, OTHERS say the additional stuff is to add more Scott Adkins into Expendables 2.

    ALL in ALL Adkins seems to be on the rise, let’s hope he gets to make a bigger movie and soon cause I think he deserves it.

    CANNOT wait for The Expendables 2 and I am VERY sad that Adkins was a not part of the recently released character posters. They had one for Hemsworth (Liam, brother of Chris aka Thor), they had one for Yu Nan (asian actress), but they didn’t have one for Adkins. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

  26. “AND it is rumored that Scott is looking into a potential Undisputed 4 and a potential Ninja 2,”
    How about both at once? UNDISPUTED NINJA? We can learn that Boyka and Casey McNinjarton are long seperated identical twins! Or at least cousins.

  27. Box office gold, baby!

    Would be funny though!

    Sort of like Adkins’ Double Impact in a way.

  28. I know this is asking too much, but I really wish they could do a spin-off BOYKA series and then continue the villain-becomes-protagonist tradition for UNDISPUTED IV. But they’d have to somehow redeem the douchebag that Zaror played and find him an opponent worthy of starring in part V.

    Seems like nobody likes NINJA as much as me, but of course I’d be down for a part 2. And in a weird way having sequels seems to legitimize the low budget action movies, like the SNAKE EATER series. It seems more worth watching if there’s a bunch of them.

  29. Hey, I like NINJA. To be honest, I never thought of George “Iceman” Chambers as the “villain” of the first UNDISPUTED. He was the more unlikeable of the two fighters, but he was forced into the fight just as much and he actually stands up to the other prisoners when they first try to make him go through with it.
    I don’t think Zaror has any redeeming qualities to justify making him a hero in a sequel. Especially since his story would be exactly the same as Boyka’s, down to coming back from a leg injury. Zaror actually seems to have been cast as more like what Boyka would be like if he had no honour, since Boyka wanted to be the best
    1. through his own hard work
    2. for the sake of BEING the best.
    Whereas Zaror took shortcuts and seemed to just be in it for the luxuries he’d be given within prison.
    I’d love if they could do a movie with Wesley’s character, Chambers, Boyka AND Turbo all being in the same contest. You could call it THE UNDISPUTED.

  30. Wesley coming back to UNDISPUTED once he gets out of the pen = a dream that I hope comes true.

  31. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    May 1st, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    It was “Undisputed” that made me realise that I could never truly love Wesley Snipes in a role. That was a sad day for me.

    “Blade” is still awesome though.

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