a little clarification about UNIVERSAL SOLDIER “4”

tn_usregeneration(an outlawvern.com fucking exclusive)

The other day the internet was set on fire and punched in the face with reports from Cannes that John Hyams (UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION) would probly be returning with Van Damme and Lundgren for another UNISOL picture, and in 3-D. This is of course great news for people like us who have seen REGENERATION (currently my pick for best DTV movie ever made) and are anxious to see Hyams direct something else, anything else. And of course we’re happy to see more of Van Damme and Lundgren, especially if they can be as great as they were in that movie.

But 3-D? Does that mean they expect to release it theatrically? Couldn’t Variety have explained this more? I’m not trying to be a journalist but since I’m more interested in this than the journalists and I happened to have contact info for John Hyams I decided I had to ask him about it.

Hyams confirms that the movie is at least in the works, saying “Yeah, it looks like this thing will happen and I’m excited about it.” But he says the 3-D part is not definite.

“It’s something they’re interested in, so we’ll explore it,” he says. “I need to learn what’s involved and educate myself about it.  The bottom line is we’re so early in the process that nothing is off the table, but it’s my job to make sure that we don’t do anything that is going to end up being lame.”

Judging by the amount of thought and effort that obviously went into REGENERATION, with no guarantee of anybody even appreciating it, I’m sure Hyams will either find a great way to use 3-D or not use it. And hopefully if he uses it they’ll figure out a way to get it on screens so we don’t have to wait for those 3-D tvs we’re never gonna be able to afford anyway. “As for theatrical or not theatrical,” he says, “as I said, it’s all on the table.”

Unlike REGENERATION, which was already in development before Hyams came aboard, this one will be based on his concept and he’ll be writing the script. “I feel like I’m getting a chance to do something different with it, and something that can reflect my sensibilities in a deeper way.”

And if you’re looking forward to seeing those sensibilities applied to other material I’m happy to report he’s got another one he’s trying to get off the ground. He’s hopeful that something he describes as “a horror film – an extremely intense one,” might be able to start right after he finishes US4.

(I restrained myself from asking him why it’s called part 4. Obviously they’re not counting the two cable movies without Van Damme, but why are they counting UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN when they wisely pretended in REGENERATION like it never happened?)
Anyway, that’s all I got for now, but my thanks to John Hyams for responding to my nerdquiries.
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  2. Now that’s cool news. I finally got around to watching REGENERATION on your recommendation even though the only other UNIVERSAL SOLDIER movie I’ve seen is the first one, back when it came out. And you were right, it was way better than it had any business being. The direction was certainly impressive. I might have appreciated the story a bit more if it was something new instead of a later entry in a series with a blemished record, but the alchemy Hyams pulled off is impressive. I’m all for the guy making an extremely intense horror movie.

  3. Jareth Cutestory

    May 14th, 2010 at 7:01 pm


    No, wait, that’s how we summon Demon Dave.

  4. Well done Vern, thanks for the clarification. Your site is more and more becoming the definitive movie site on the internet.

  5. Nicely done. What a strange franchise this is turning out to be.

  6. Vern- This is great. I appreciate your journalistic go-get-em-ness on this one. I, for one, would like to see more features like this on your site.

    I also liked US:R. It was a real old school action picture and I would watch anything Hyams decides to direct. I’m not so hot on the 3-D, though.

  7. Gwai Lo – I kinda disagree, for I was quite shocked with story-wise what Hyams did there.

    Look I don’t really give a fuck about the original UNIVERSAL SOLDIER and not exactly the strongest Van Damme or Lundgren fan. But I was impressed in how Hyams structures the script. The action climax when Van DAmme finally gets back into UniSol mode is when you’re supposed to be happy.

    Yet I feel the reverse, because for that character this is a tragedy. For so long he tried to break his behavior for who he was, keep whatever humanity is left within him. And it basically dies so he could defeat that villain. Saving the world at the risk of his soul. Though there is hope I suppose in that he uses his wits to prevail against the stronger, faster, more ruthless baddie.

    This even ties to his fight with Lundgren. Not essential to the story, but it’s a nice addition to the thematic point, two “dead” guys doomed to refight their war indefinately as long as there are spare bodies and parts, both eventually forgetting why they’re adversaries in the first place.

    So yeah REGENERATION made me give a fuck about UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. That shit can’t be easy. If Hyams has got an idea, I’ll be there.

  8. I was greatly disappointed by the lack of screen time by JCVD and Dolph in Regeneration and thought Pit Bull made for an unmemorable villain, yet there is no denying that the last half-hour was solidly entertaining. Because of that, I still welcome US4, 3-D or not…

  9. Jack Burton – Why…why would the # of minutes a particular star appear actually must matter all that much?

    I mean I thought only agents worried about such things?

  10. I’m actually a little concerned that if Dolph has a bigger part in the new one it will have a hard time competing with the perfect treatment of his character in REGENERATION. Probly in any other movie I’d agree with Jack and be disappointed that he just had a guest appearance. But the way they treat his character and the way he goes out… I don’t know if somebody already made this comparison or if I’m making it up now, but it’s like the Alec Baldwin in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS of DTV action. (except actually a bigger role than that).

    As for Van Damme, although the movie doesn’t start out with him he’s clearly the protagonist of the movie. I didn’t notice anything lacking in his amount of screen time.

  11. Vern – If you want my guess, I think in #4 it will be that on some mission, Van Damme is helped by resurrected Lundgren. You know that sort of banal element.

    Then again REGENERATION was full of banal elements, yet look at their execution.

  12. all I know is..


  13. Yes he does my BROTHA!

  14. Good to hear. Here’s to the comeback of spatially coherent action filmmaking! My only request would be a more diverse color palette. Not asking him to fire his old man from DP’in duties or anything, but maybe just a trip to a more visually appealing locale than the grey factories of Eastern Europe. But that’s it for my minor quibbles. This is cool news. Can’t wait.

  15. Nice article Vern!!! You should really go forward with this journalistic thing

  16. Giggler – I thought the grim locale was one of the movie’s strengths. It had a real filmed on location vibe. As a stand in for the real Chernobyl, it was pretty effective.

    What I’m worried about, though, is the 3-D. This statement, “… we’ll explore it … I need to learn what’s involved and educate myself about it.” makes me wonder if Hyams will spend all his time learning the new cameras instead of developing a great script, working with the actors, developing scenes, etc. etc. New technology can have a very time consuming learning curve.

    One thing I loved about REGENERATION was the blocking and camera placement. The shots were perfect in their depiction of the geography of a scene. You knew exactly where everyone was in relation to everyone else. This is vital, especially when a number of characters have similar costumes. US:R handled this perfectly. 3-D cameras will not, in my opinion, improve upon this.

    Also, another great thing about US:R was the pure, grim simplicity of the story: Conflict, crisis, mission, execution, complications, results. End of story. K.I.S.S. This should be the mantra for any US movies.

    Military tactics: The one thing I thought was lacking in REGENERATION was realistic military action. Snipers, strategy, multiple fronts, use of cover, etc. Hyams, please bone up on this aspect of the story. Also, I know it’s cool to have the Soldiers fight hand-to-hand but try not to have them drop their weapons quite so readily. This could actually build suspense as the audience waits expectantly for the action to go close quarters.

  17. Don’t know his this exclusive to you Vern. According to vandammefan.net they have already spoken with John and confirmed this before you

  18. Exclusive in that he gets some additional information about the project, 3d, and a possible future horror movie by John Hyams, which is something the typical news outlets weren’t mentioning.

  19. I got the quotes myself instead of from Variety, so it’s an “exclusive.” If Van Damme fans got their own quotes from him that’s their exclusive.

    Anyway I don’t care, I was just trying to make fun of all the movie sights that brag about “EXCLUSIVE!”s.

  20. Well here’s another exclusive: Paul, who enjoyed “Regeneration” a great deal on your recommendation, will most definitely be looking out for this one.

    But, as some have already commented, why isn’t Hyams getting more non-US projects? He’s earnt them.

  21. I have no idea why you would make a Universal Soldier movie with Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren and keep their characters under wraps for a most of the running time. Why would you make Van Damme wait an hour to kill people, give Dolph five minutes of screen time, and have Pit Bull be your de facto main character/villain? That’s like making a Terminator movie in which John Connor doesn’t do shit until the very end, a completely new character gets the most screen time, and the Arnold Terminator model is reduced to a thirty second cameo. Oh wait; they did that already didn’t they? And we all know how THAT turned out, don’t we?

  22. It would have been exactly like that if all the stuff without Dolph and JCVD hadn’t been engaging, well-made, and exciting.

  23. Jack Burton – How would you have done it then? I’m sorry but you’re worrying about petty bullshit on a principle level instead of examining the practical executed reality. Sorry but it’s the truth.

    Vern is right, JCVD is the hero but the movie isn’t simply about HIM, HIM, and HIM.
    If you want that shit, go rent US: THE RETURN. I mean you get all the JCVD you could want, advertized as promised. If that really what matters to you. Oh fuck, Mcdonalds lied! I aint “lovin’ it,” LIE! LIE! LIE! C’mon Jack, you’re better than this.

    I rather have a good movie, regardless of how it does it. Should I deduct points from POLTERGEIST because Spielberg basically directed it instead of Tobe Hopper? Or slap TOMBSTONE because Kurt Russell and the studio took the movie away from the original director, retooled it (w/ Russell ghost directing) from an ambitious 3 hour-plus drama epic into a pretty entertaining popcorn western hit? How about I piss on DIE HARD for not introducing the first action sequence until 30-plus minutes going in?

    C’mon Jack.

    Plus unless I’m wrong guys, Lundgren worked like less than a week (maybe even less) on REGENERATION, and JCVD was less than 2 weeks himself. Or something like that, so REGENERATION scriptwise I give credit for doing what they did with the limitations given them by schedule. And it works without being too noticeable. Context is necessary here.

    Darryll – I dunno, I thought REGENERATION displayed a good sense of tactics within a movie sense. Not once did I detect any of those Unisols or those Russian militants or whoever conducting something nonsensical. Realistic? Maybe or maybe not, (OK it’s not) but it was nice seeing Hyams make the camera feel as part of that war on the ground level, making good geography with the locations so you always are basically aware where you are in relations.

    The villain especially I thought fought efficiently. Yes he used his UFC moves (which would only be cited by critics because the actor is a MMA guy), but hey repeated blunt force trauma to the skull I would assume to be a bare hand method of disposing enemies. Also it’s a nice brutal visceral action.

    Seriously Peter Hyams has the makings to not just be a better filmmaker than his dad, but also a truely special talent within the genre. Think Andrew Davis before CHAIN REACTION fucked his career.

  24. Mr. Majestyk – THANK YOU.

  25. RRA – re: your earlier post to me: I agree with you, I guess the way I worded what I wrote might make it seem like a negative thing rather than a positive thing. But anyone who can make me care about a franchise I did not care whatsoever for previously did something quite right. Not to mention everything else he did right. The movie does action AND characters better than most theatrical stuff these days.

    “I might have appreciated the story a bit more if it was something new instead of a later entry in a series with a blemished record, but the alchemy Hyams pulled off is impressive.”

    Should have put more emphasis on the alchemy being impressive I suppose, but what I meant here was that I think the movie could have been EVEN BETTER! if it was almost the same movie without the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER in the title. Or if it was, gasp, a reboot or a reimagining or whatever the suits are calling them these days. I know it ignored a couple of sequels, and I don’t think the continuity it followed negatively impacted the plot. In fact I agree with what Vern was saying in his review about (paraphrasing) taking firmly established characters with solid motivations and just bouncing them off each other realistically. I guess it’s just a superficial thing where I think it’s weird for a 5th movie in a series (or whichever installment it is) to come along and be way more awesome than any of its predecessors, even the first one. Kind of feels like it’s earned its right to be the 1st movie in a new series, if that makes sense. Which you can’t really do retroactively. But the Bond series keeps coming to mind here. Like how after DIE ANOTHER DAY the franchise and its established continuity was just a big diahrea milkshake that the audience could no longer swallow, so the filmatists made a very firm effort to throw all the crap in the garbage and go back to basics. Which produced CASINO ROYALE. UNIVERSAL SOLDIER doesn’t have the same legacy of rebooting whenever shit gets funky, but the example is still pertinent I think.

    It’s definitely impressive that Hyams was able to elevate a C-grade series with his A-game though, not denying that. And it’s cool that he basically ignored everything I’m talking about above and just said fuck it I’m gonna make the best UNIVERSAL SOLDIER movie I can possibly make. And we might not be talking about him right now if he had decided to get a bug up his ass about the artistic merit of making UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 3 or 5 or whatever it is. So good job Hyams. That’s why I really do anticipate whatever this guy comes up with next, whether its another UNIVERSAL SOLDIER movie or a horror movie or hopefully some cool sci-fi stuff like his Pa.

  26. RRA: Not only did the major characters get shafted, the plot pretty much sucked dog taint. I’m sorry but I do not give a shit about the Russian president or his stupid kids. It was a rather weak reason for Luc to get called back into service. If Luc was Russian and was going to save the motherland, I could almost buy that, but the dude is Cajun, so no dice. Plus, Pit Bull is pretty terrible in the acting department. He made Bill Goldberg look like DeNiro. I still contend that the action in the final act (particularly the Dolph and JC fight) is enough to make it a passable DTD sequel of a decade too late sequel. Hyams can do action, he’s proved that. Now let’s give him a better script and see what he is capable of.

  27. Well, obviously we’re not gonna change your mind, Jack. But I really disagree with you in so many different ways on this one. For example, you say that Arlovsky “made Bill Goldberg look like DeNiro” – are you seriously saying that Goldberg’s wisecracking meathead villain in the asinine UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN was a better villain? I think this is a perfect example of why REGENERATION is so great, because Hyams and crew took the elements that they had and used them in the best possible way they could. No, Arlovsky is not gonna win any monologue delivering contests, so they use him as an emotionless killing machine, basically a Terminator, and he does it perfectly. I mean, I never heard of The Pit Bull before, I’m a much bigger fan of Michael Jai White, but the way the Pitbull is used vs. the way MJW is used in THE RETURN, Pitbull is clearly the superior character, regardless of being a much simpler one.

    And Van Damme, you could argue that he has less to do, because in THE RETURN he was magically alive again and had a daughter and witty banter and another love interest and got to have conversations with a talking computer that turned into MJW. In this one he has none of that, and gives a performance that is ten times more powerful and emotional mostly with his craggy face and battered body. I would trade the entire UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN just for the scene where he stares down the old man in the cafe and then flips out on him.

    Actually comparing the two movies helps me to understand why I like REGENERATION so much. Alot of it is about simplicity and understatement. It cuts right to the chase. They know I don’t give a shit about a resurrected soldier falling in love with yet another journalist, or having more funny misunderstandings because he doesn’t remember what it’s like to be human. Instead he is a tragic Frankenstein’s monster who doesn’t want to be a weapon anymore, but has no choice.

    Sorry you didn’t like it so much though. Maybe you’ll like this next one better.

  28. Exactly, the understated simplicity and smaller amount of screen time work to the movie’s advantage. If they had JCVD in the whole movie, that means they would basically have to add a ton of diologue scenes with him, which would probably be terrible as he’s just not a very good actor when it comes to that stuff (or at least, his acting isn’t realistic enough to work in a super grounded movie like this). Instead, they keep him mostly silent and use his face and eyes to convey the tragedy of the character. The more I think about it, I’m actually a little worried about how they can pull off a sequel, without repeating themselves or going back in the campy direction. The only way I can see them continuing the themes of this movie, would be to have Luke gradually fight back against his programming and make a choice to live a peaceful life, which would make a pretty lame action movie.

  29. By the way, fellas, I saw THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE last night. And you know what? It’s surprisingly hilarious. I was expecting more of a nihilistic descent into Demon Dave-style depravity, but it’s really more of a black comedy in the Re-Animator vein, the tone a nice mix between campy and straight-faced. Don’t go expecting the most disgusting movie ever, because the gore is light and the disgusting parts are surprisingly, well, tasteful. The filmatism is very confident, letting suspense build without a lot of shock scares or musical stings. And the guy playing the mad scientist is fucking awesome in a Kinksi-esque performance. The only possible beef is that the victims are really fucking stupid. I’m not saying they deserved to get centipeded, because that’s a fucked up thing to say. Nobody deserves to be centipeded, but they definitely met their centipedist halfway. But I don’t know, I think it was probably done that way for satirical purposes.

  30. RRA – re: military tactics: First, from a realism perspective, if a mission commander actually had UniSols at his disposal I would hope he would find more creative uses for them than just a forlorn hope or a kill squad. Their enhanced speed and strength would give them huge advantages in all kinds of ways. They could open new fronts in the offensive before the enemy even had time to react (which is kinda’ what Van Damme does when he basically runs right through the enemy’s defensive position.) I would just like to see more variety in tactics and more realistic use of long range weapons. Think the second half of FULL METAL JACKET only with UniSols, for example or the bank robbery from HEAT only with UniSols.

    Second, from a movie standpoint it would be a lot of fun to see various types of specialized UniSols. Sniper UniSols, ninja UniSols, heavy weapons UniSols, fast attack UniSols, UniSols with nun-chuck skills and bowhunting skills. Pretty much all the skills the chicks dig. But seriously, it would be great to be able to identify the various Soldiers by their weapon of choice or combat style. Don’t ya think?

    Besides that, we are in agreement on Hyams’ use and placement of his camera. He knows how to cover an action scene like nobody’s business and make it be geographically and kinetically awesome.

    On story and sequels: As I mentioned in a previous post, K.I.S.S. Provide a new conflict,crisis or mission to inject Van Damme’s character into, add some complications to mess him up and let the character change as the mission does. Bare bones, hard as nails, sci-fi military action. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Jack Burton: Where do I begin? Do you seriously believe that Van Damme’s UniSol character shouldn’t be deployed to any hotspot around the world because he is Cajun? You are shittin’ me. He doesn’t care about the mission context and neither do we except on a superficial, who are the players, type level. It was brilliant of Hyams to not give us hammy, sappy scenes where we’re supposed to care for those russian kids. Everyone in the movie, especially the UniSols, saw them as nothing more than pawns in a chess match and so the movie treats them as such. Again, Awesome.

  31. Darryll – Maybe you should script the new US movie, let Hyams worry about the camera. :)

  32. I agree with the “Regeneration” lovers by the way. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the fifth DTV sequel to “Universal Soldier”, a movie that wasn’t great in the first place, should be so damn good, but there you go.

  33. I’m happy that I’m finally able to talk about Regeneration with you guys. Usually I’m a little late because of release dates here in Italy , but now I’ve seen this movie and I loved every second of it . I don’t always agree with Vern , but he’s absolutely right about this one . The action is really good ( and coming from actors not exactly young anymore ) , the pacing is perfect , time flies when I watch this movie , and everything is well directed and always understandable , realistc without the shaky-reporter-cam. I have to say that I enjoyed the acting too , especially Van Damme . Look at that ” I don’t remember” firts scene with him , I think that’s amazing for him . Both he and Dolph , yes , are playing killing machines , but not the cybernetic-type , more like the crippled humanity type , unable to relate with anything anymore . Look at some of the “blank” expressions of Van Damme during the movie , I really think that that’s intentional , and not his supposed inability to act . In my opinion the best lines of the movie are delivered by Dolph in that incredibly creepy-confused exchange with JCVD before their fight , but I also find strangely haunting and compelling that scene on the doorstep with JCVD saying “Come with me”. Fucking amazing movie , and I can’t wait for the sequel !

  34. Speaking of the sequel , I think that their options are not only to repeat themselves or return to the campy route.


    At the end of the movie we see JCVD just running away , we can’t say if he’s back in the base or if he escaped . I think he escaped , because after that , we see the scientist cloning the new UniSols , with no indication that JCVD is with them . I say , keep the tragic angle from the 3rd movie and make JCVD the hunted fugitive in this new sequel , a little bit like the first one , but with a focus on his inability to be human again , alone and on the run without anyone helping him . You can even use the awesome idea from
    Darryll up there of different kind of UniSols hunting him . You know I’m all for a Ninja Unisol Task Force vs Van Damme !

  35. Mr. Majestyk : I’m not really interested in the so called “torture porn” wave of horror movies , like Hostel and the like. But I have to admit that I find the concept of a “human centipede” really interesting , for whatever frankly disturbing reasons . I was thinking of Human Centipede like a new entry in the torture-movie wave , but you seem to describe it more like a less graphic , more easy going , humorous movie. If it’s more of a Renimator/From Beyond type of mad-scientist-movie , I think I will give it a try . Thanks for that little preview.

  36. CallMeKermiT – I thought REGENERATION made it rather very clear that JCVD was back to being the drone UniSol that he was back in the original before he became free.

  37. biomechanical bell end

    May 16th, 2010 at 10:38 am

    I rented this last night after reading “best dtv ever made”. After watching JCVD clear out a building with a pistol then a knife(total badass killing machine), then Dolph playing frankensteins monster(he knows he’s a fucked up individual but he can’t help himself), i’d have to say almost but not quite. Blood and Bone gets the cigar in my opinion, when MJW kicked four guys in one jump i squealed like a little girl!

    Vern – Please, please please DON’T review The Human Centipede. For some reason the basic idea of the film makes me heave, if you review it i’ll probably read it and spend the rest of the day trying not to puke. I must be the sensitive type.

  38. Jareth Cutestory

    May 16th, 2010 at 11:28 am

    I think it’s pretty awesome that we can actually have a discussion about which film is the greatest dtv movie ever and have more than one plausible candidate. And to have no need for qualifiers.

    Now if my damn video store would just hurry the fuck up and get a copy of UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION I could contribute something to the conversation except mindless asides.

  39. RRA : Absolutely . I think that that was one of the more sad parts of the movie : that little humanity he regained with the doc , lost for this last mission because the scientists wanted him back . When you see him kicking ass in the ending he IS a drone soldier once again. But after all the damage/injuries he sustained in the last fight ? Maybe now he’s damaged goods , maybe now he is out of control all the time like in the scene in the bar , or alternating between quite moments and all out rage , and a danger to anyone trying to help him in the next movie.

  40. I am really looking forward to this movie. I can’t wait to see what John Hyams will build on the strong foundation he laid with Regeneration. Maybe in this one JCVD will have a moment of clarity like Rambo in the last Rambo film where he comes to terms with the fact that killing is what he is good at and he is OK with that. I do have to agree that I am concerned with them using Dolph again. His role in the last one was perfect and I don’t know where else they could go with the character.

  41. You know, I kind of dig the on-the-run type of idea. After Regeneration, I think it’s safe to say that he’s captured and taken back to their research facilities, but at this point, they’re cloning their new generation unisols, so he is obsolete. But he’s dangerous, kinda out of control, so they decide to have him terminated, and he doesn’t want to die, escapes. They could do some interesting things with it too, like, if he’s really dangerous, maybe he shouldn’t be free, maybe he’s too much of a danger to society. So he could actually technically be the bad guy in the next one, where we want him to survive, but at the same time, its clear he needs to be put down. It could be a real King Kong type of story.

  42. Oh. my. god. just watched regeneration on a whim after reading your post and it is so exciting to see this kind of fi-video being made in the current climate of ugh. There are so many excellent things about it that remind me how motherfucking long it has been since i have seen a proper fucking action movie. I’m not going to go all out and call it brilliant but what it did show was a commitment to the genre and to taking action cinema seriously. and also not so seriously. so fuckin amped for this hyams hyams teams next feature.

  43. re: The Giggler: reducing color palette reduces the amount of postprocesss work & effects required for a convincing visual effect and overall aesthetic. I agree that more variety would be nice a lot of shots already feel pretty low budget and without the careful color choices that effect would be even worse.
    also it’s chernobyl. great location choice if you just want grey and white.

  44. I getcha Don, I understand that a big part of that look is born out of financial necessity, but unfortunately, that financial necessity is also the reason that the washed out/grey blue look has become a dreary cliche in the genre. And at the heart of my comment was that, with the success of the last picture and a, presumably, greater access to resources fro the upcoming film, the filmmakers might have the opportunity to expand that palette.

  45. Robert Gittings

    May 30th, 2010 at 11:36 am

    How I would do a 4th UNISOL movie..

    Dolph should be cloned again in order to hunt down the escaped jcvd..
    Doplh however on mission has relapse again.
    The memories including from his past and of each clone..
    He even sees all three of his deaths and sees that his brain starts getting confused how can he
    die again and again..

    He doesn’t know what year it is still.

    Still has a grudge with jcvd.. however after they meet up and have another epic showdown they some how team up to try and end the
    universal soldier program and cloneing facility once and for all.
    Becuz they have
    used them both long enough..

    After a big remonising moment with jcvd and doplh after destroying the universal soldier
    program and cloning facility they both have another massive
    more epic fight untill they both are so injured that there holding onto
    eachother trying to stand and still beating eachother till theyre both
    run out of energy and all they can do in the end is fight with words and passion
    till they both die..

    Using there last breaths to forgive eachother.. and dolph sees his mistakes in vietnam.
    The sort of ending I am talking about is simular to the epic battle between ocelot and snake in mgs4 at the end of the game.

    After credits role.. the universal soldier program starts agen only
    this time the have cloned jcvd.

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