Yippee Ki-Yay Moviegoer Youtube Video Contest

xboxJust a heads up in case anybody’s interested:

Titan Books, via the medium of The Ain’t It Cool News, is holding another Youtube video-making contest like they did for Seagalogy. This time of course it’s not Seagal-specific, you just have to make any type of short video that’s an homage or tribute to the films of badass cinema. I will have to pick the best ones and the top winner gets either an X-Box or Playing Station (their pick) plus a video game ($60 dollars or less) and the five “runners up” or “real winners” get my book.

I hope lots of people enter although to be frankly honest I would also be pleased if they got lazy and just ordered an X-Box, a video game and my book through the search box on the right there. GIVE ME MY 6.5%, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Whoops, sorry. I promised myself and others I wouldn’t get desperate about that affiliate business. I’ll be careful about that. I don’t even know what the fuck an X-Box does. Something to do with Halo, is my guess.

p.s. Sorry, you gotta be a resident of the U.S. for this. Some fuckin rules they gotta deal with.

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23 Responses to “Yippee Ki-Yay Moviegoer Youtube Video Contest”

  1. I already own an ecks-bawks and a playing station triple

  2. Anybody have a camera and about 1,600 feet of primer cord I could borrow?

  3. i don’t see this search thing you mention to buy merchandise, what am i missing here?

  4. Just above Pam, Charles and Steve in the bar to the right. Or maybe you have ad block keeping it quarantined from you.

  5. US resident huh?

  6. I got my copy of the book today. Only read the intro so far, but looking forward to the rest.

  7. “I don’t even know what the fuck an X-Box does. ”

    It streams Netflix movies to your TV.

    Or, mostly, that’s what mine does.

  8. And this is where having a Facebook fan page would also come in handy!

  9. For what? (not being sarcastic, I don’t know what that means about Facebook)

  10. Fan pages are like users (you “Like” or become a fan of them rather than friend them) with their own wall posts and other features. As a fan when a post appears in the group you see that post and your friends will see it if you share it or they view your profile. These leads to more fans who come to your site and now you have the potential for 500 million people to spread the word through an environment of social connections rather than blind searching to discover you. Unlike twitter where people have to either know to follow you or explore a follower’s followers, Facebook has the whole Friends of Friends social cloud to aid in discovery, as well as their own search. I certainly can’t guarantee a huge win, but it is something most everyone is doing and the promotion within Facebook is both easy and clever through the whole “I told two friends and they told two friends and so on”.

  11. There is an Outlaw Vern fan page on Facebook. It’s not very active but it’s growing in terms of members.

  12. Do you know who runs it? Yeah, I know, I can just search for it, I’m just curious if an active user of the site created it to make using it for promotion easier or whether a new page should be made if Vern is interested.

  13. Hey Vern-just a heads up those ads don’t appear in any of the themes other than “vern”. So any visitor to the site who has it changed(i do because the black red irritates my eyes) can’t click on any links, which is not good for your cash flow.

  14. i have a hard time picturing vern as a facebook user :)

  15. Sorry my response took so long Clubside. Rob G. created it and just checking it now someone left a link for the contest. I don’t know if he comments here but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind helping Vern.

  16. don’t worry about only us residents – ordered your book long time ago, vern-get’s-6,5%-style. buy something pretty!

  17. Hey Vern, I think I just found a typo.


    Maybe it’s just the digi version that’s wrong. But on page 10 it says “Dreamigirls” instead of Dreamgirls. Don’t mean to be throwing out criticisms of your so far awesome book. No big deal, I’ll be honest I at first assumed Dreamigirls was some film I hadn’t heard of, but thought you should know.

  18. Yeah, it does say “Dreamigirls.” I’ll just have to take some white out to Barnes and Noble and fix whatever copies I can. Also maybe I can paste in the footnote I thought I wrote about Michael Jackson, since I keep talking about the movie he should do with Julie Taymor like it’s still a possibility.

  19. Yeah, I’m going to need a high-res version of the picture for this article. I want it poster size, no life size. I love it. How old do suppose that woman is now?

  20. To be honest Vern I thought that would be the best way around updating Seagalogy as well. Why bother spending money on a reprint when you could staple in some new pages every few months? For a small fee I’ll even print off some pages myself and staple them into copies near by.

  21. duke of chutney

    April 23rd, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    I think you should add a third option for the winner to choose – they can choose the xbox 360 or ps3 or you review the Wire.

  22. Goodbadgroovy, before the internet that’s basically how legal journals–many of which cost ridiculous sums of money annually–were kept current. Just add in a few pages at the end every other month or so.

    DREAMIGIRLS sounds like a really soft-core cinemax movie.

  23. Jareth Cutestory

    April 29th, 2010 at 8:47 am

    Hey, Cinematical reviewed the book. I guess they got over your April Fool’s gag.

    I like this quote:

    “It’s engaging enough that I wish Vern had just written a book that really did ponder Badass Cinema from beginning to end instead of just collecting his stuff, as his tangents often reveal brilliant and hilarious insights.”

    She just dashes off the suggestion that you write a comprehensive anaylsis of Badass Cinema’s long history as if there was no effort involved.

    Here’s the link:

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