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New releases

tn_whipitI know I keep reviewing movies that aren’t available yet or that people aren’t gonna bother to see in a theater. Well, I noticed that four movies I previously reviewed are out on DVD today so I though I’d steer people back towards those for further discussion.

I am very fond of WHIP IT

and then there is SOUL POWER

and also MICHAEL JACKSON’S THIS IS IT, although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend renting that if you’re not an MJ fan. If you are then you’ll probly want to buy it, if you’re not then move along.

also we got SURROGATES, the one where Bruce Willis controls a robot of himself and you can tell it’s his robot when he has hair.

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14 Responses to “New releases”

  1. “Surrogates” also starts this week in German theatres, so this entry on your websight is surprisingly international. :)

  2. Whip It still not out in the UK. Although it is showing at the Glasgow Film Festival next month.

  3. I thought SURROGATES was watchable.

    Thanks for the heads up on WHIP IT, Vern.

  4. I sort of liked Surrogates. Interesting idea at least. The thing is, I think Avatar played around with the exact same concept but did it in such a definitive way (and also much much better) that Surrogates is probably going to be remembered (if it’s remembered at all which is a longshot) as some kind of low-tech rip-off, everyone forgetting that it came out earlier. Sort of like how people think about Dark City and the Matrix. Although I personally prefer Dark City.

  5. I saw Surrogates more as a smarter Gamer than a cheaper Avatar. Not that smart mind you, or that good, but a decent three-star flick with a good message.

  6. “I saw Surrogates more as a smarter Gamer than a cheaper Avatar. ”

    It was a big year for movies about people who drive versions of themselves.

  7. “Harry’s DVD Picks and Peeks” would be a whole lot better if he did them like Vern just did.

  8. Say, I think your THIS IS IT review has a broken link there, Vern. As a matter of fact, the link to it in the “All Reviews” list and the original calendar entry are also giving me some “do you want to download this application?” shit when I try to click on it. Only that link. And this computer is STD-free, so it’s not that (also, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” is nowhere to be found on my hard drive, thank you).

    A message from beyond MJ’s grave? Or just something mistyped? I’ll let you be the judge. Figured you should know, though.

  9. Same thing happened to me a little while ago Mattman. It stopped though so whatever it was must have been cleared up.

  10. Let me apologize for the obnoxious self-promotion, but I posted part 1 of my yearly horror movie round-up on my blog:


    If anyone has a minute to read it over and post me a comment, I would greatly appreciate it.

  11. I thought Surrogates was pretty underrated

  12. Surrogates is a fun movie that walks the line between being a “b-movie” and – well, whatever’s on the other side, pairing Bruce Willis and a lot of strange, strange acting with an intriguing plot and world that I’d like to see a lot more of.

    And, Whip It is amazingly, surprisingly good – there’s a review up on the main page of the site, for those interesting enough. Then again, any film that puts urban Texas in front of a wide-angle lens would get some positive reaction from me.

    I keep wanting to see “This Is It,” but – eh. I’m as much a fan of Michael Jackson as anyone else, but there’s just something really – uninteresting about it. Hmm.

  13. Saw DAYBREAKERS a week or so ago.

    Holy shit that was surprisingly pretty good. Almost felt the sort of nicely executed and thought out B-movie that John Carpenter would have made way back in the 80s.

    Except you know, he would have given it a kickass soundtrack instead of the generic soundtrack we get in way too many actioneers these days.

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