The Wildman of the Navidad

tn_wildmanofthenavidad I’d like to call your attention to a review I wrote early last year, of a movie called THE WILDMAN OF THE NAVIDAD. After playing some film festivals and what not it finally came out on DVD today, so maybe the review is of more use now. This is one of the many movies I have watched just because of its Texas Chain Saw connection (it was produced by Chain Saw co-writer Kim Henkel), but I thought it was a pretty good one, as you can see in the review.

And I’m sure it’s a bitch trying to promote your low budget, set-in-the-70s LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK homage in 2009, so I thought I would help them out by mentioning it. You know, sort of like Oprah does.

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  1. Vern’s Movie Club kicks the shit out of the Oprah Book Club.

  2. Paul “Water Shit” Anderson?

    You called it Vern. The end of creativity in the talkbacks.

  3. Heads up for anyone in the UK, it’s Seagal Vs Van Damme season on channel five, every Sunday and Wednesday at 9pm. For anyone not in the UK, you can still enjoy this TV spot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHQi-AoPA10

  4. Both have done good and (alot of) bad movies.

    Might have to go with Seagal here, for there is sheer well-crafted entertainment in UNDER SIEGE, the sequel, ABOVE THE LAW, HARD TO KILL, and FIRE DOWN BELOW. His OUT FOR JUSTICE has some guilty pleasure too. Same with MARKED FOR DEATH.

    As for Van Damme, I really enjoyed the shit out of SUDDEN DEATH. Also liked BLOODSPORT and kinda LIONHEART. John Woo’s HARD TARGET was terrific actioneer fun too. REPLICANT too. in a matinee Z-sort of way. Is THE QUEST really that hokey bad?

    Also, anyone ever heard that story about Van Damme and Seagal at Stallone’s house….Seagal runs his mouth, Van Damme tells him to put his money where his mouth is and challenged to a fight outside. Seagal pussies out.

    So filmography aside, I have a soft edge for Van Damme. Plus, JCVD was pretty good.

  5. I saw this film because it claims to hearken back to the early
    Seventies cult gore fests. They accomplished that. The film looks
    exactly like it was shot in 1973. They mainly accomplished this with
    poor quality film, bad lighting, bad sound and poor scripting. But it
    looks exactly like an early Seventies slasher film.

    Bacically, there’s this Sasquatch-type creature living in the river
    bottom near this Texas town. The dumb Mexican loses his job and begins
    opening the “bottoms” up to hunting. The creature gets shot by this
    moonshine guzzling redneck. It survives and goes on a rampage.

    First, the creature looks really bad. Basically, they hung this guy
    with animal skins and gave him two deer antlers to use as weapons. He
    guts people with them and heaves their victles out of their bodies
    onto the dirt. But he looks like some guy hung with deer hides.

    There’s lots of unnecessary perversity. Like, there’s this wheelchair
    bound woman who cannot speak. The Mexican helper-person likes to
    strangle her until she’s unconscious and molest her. I can’gt see
    where this savagery fits into the story. It sure is disturbing to
    watch though.

    I shut the film off about 2/3 of the way through. I shut it off right
    when the townspeople were getting ready to “clean out” the bottoms.
    They had all kinds of guns, dogs and moonshine. I couldn’t watch any

    I LOVE Seventies cult horror films but avoid this piece of sheeeeeit.
    It looks like they shot this film for about ten grand. Then it gets
    released onto video? These guys are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Don’t get suckered in.

  6. roky—it’s SUPPOSED to look like some guy hung with deer hides, the creature wears clothes. That’s part of its charm. I really enjoyed the movie, wasn’t the best thing ever made but it was alot of fun and the resourcefullness of the film-makers was admirable. They made alot out of nothing. The hairy old white guys were the best part of it, in my opinion. They were fantastic with their guns, dogs, and moonshine. Anyways, I liked it–that’s all.

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