Talking TOOLBOX MURDERS on ‘F This Movie!’

Is everyone here familiar with Patrick Bromley and ‘F This Movie!’? The latter is a websight and a podcast and I know the name sounds negative but really Patrick is all about sharing his passion for the things he loves, including his favorite director Tobe Hooper. (He even did a commentary track on that beautiful new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 from Vinegar Syndrome.) And kind of like us ‘F This Movie!’ has a whole community of similarly-minded movie lovers talking about the shit they’re into.

Patrick knew I shared a love for Hooper and he was kind enough to invite me on to talk about it. I chose TOOLBOX MURDERS as the focus since I’m high on it again after the Halloween rewatch. I had a great time and I think I’m feeling better about the less successful time I tried to talk about Hooper on a podcast (the Kingcast incident discussed in my TOOLBOX MURDERS review). Don’t worry, we don’t dwell on that. It’s a good talk with lots of interesting tangents.



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  1. I‘m listening to it right now, but paused to comment here how happy I was not only to discover that you‘re a guest on this great podcast but also about Patricks praise of your writing. You sometimes seem a little surprised about how much your work means to others, so I‘m very happy whenever this is adressed outside of this community. I‘m looking forward to read WORM
    ON A HOOK again this christmas.

  2. Listened to this earlier today and really enjoyed it. Something happened late in the show that made me wonder something. Towards the end he mentioned that his film class were angry with him for weeks for showing them Lost Highway. You sounded like you were surprised. I guess what I’m asking is if you have warmed up to that movie over the years? I’ve been reading you for a long time and although you’ve never reviewed it, , You’ve dropped hints here and there that you don’t like it. Maybe you still don’t. Just curious. Anyway, Really good listen.

  3. Thanks for listening to that, Andy. That was a fun conversation for me. Patrick is really cool.

    I’ve only seen LOST HIGHWAY the one time, in the theater. From what I remember I think I enjoyed the first half and then the big switch mostly lost me, but I found it more interesting to think about in retrospect. I had loved some of his movies, especially BLUE VELVET, when I was younger, but MULHOHOLLAND DR. triggered an unfounded resentment about their weirdness not having specific meanings but being praised through the roof by people who were sure it was about A, B and C.

    If I was surprised that they didn’t like LOST HIGHWAY I think it was just because generally film buffs seem to like that movie, my opinions aside. And it least seems like an interesting thing to see in a class.

    I don’t really feel up to it right now but at least a partial Lynch re-evaluation would be a good idea. I bet I would still like, maybe love BLUE VELVET. I’m not sure how many of the later ones I would like, but I would be more open to them than I was at that age. WILD AT HEART (which I did not previously like) grew on me somewhat when I reviewed it for whichever summer that was, and I enjoyed FIRE WALK WITH ME this year.

  4. Ok cool. Thanks for the explanation Vern. The only Lynch I found a bit of an endurance test was Inland Empire. That was 20 years or so ago though. I’m going to watch it again when Criterion put it out in March.

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