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Early look for Patronites or whatever: FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)

For years people have requested, and I have planned, to finally sit down and do real reviews of each of the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies. Although I usually don’t like to give away what I’m working on, here is your (severed) heads up that I will actually be doing that, currently planned as part of the October festivities. But today is a Friday the 13th and I have part of the series written, so I figured what the hell, I will give Patreon supporters an early look at the first one. If you’re not a supporter that’s fine, no hard feelings, and you’ll be able to read it here when the series starts. But if you are then thank you, and I hope you enjoy my attempts to say something interesting about this legendary but strangely overshadowed movie we kinda take for granted.

FRIDAY THE 13TH on Patreon

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6 Responses to “Early look for Patronites or whatever: FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)”

  1. Holy shit, you still write reviews! Ihaven’t been here in like 10 years. I randomly came across something talking about Segalology and I thought “Holy shit, is Vern still around?!” Happy to find your site again. Will definitely visit more often now.

  2. Welcome back, TP! I usually post 4 reviews a week, so you missed a couple thousand, some of them decent. Glad to be remembered!

    (That reads sarcastic I think but seriously, spread the word, I’m alive.)

  3. I Patron’d up . Thought it was about time after reading all your awesome reviews down here in Australia
    (we read them upside down here, in the land of Down under)

  4. Thank you! I’ll try to craft the reviews to have extra resonance when read upside down.

  5. Vern, a quick comment to say that I’m sincerely looking forward to the rest of your F13 reviews – just caught up over on Patreon and I’m digging where you’re going with this revisit. Can’t wait to get your take on PART FIVE.

  6. Late to this. Had to update my payment method on Patreon but I also took the opportunity to increase my contribution above the bare minimum.

    Just wanted to comment on the horror convention thing. I definitely feel bad when I see Robert Englund with a line out the door and Heather Langenkamp (not to mention stars of the sequels) sitting alone. But they seem to appreciate the people who do bother to stop by their table and talk to them, even if they don’t buy anything. It’s basically a love fest, contrary to cynical assumptions.

    I’m happy to pay them $20 for the opportunity. They went to the trouble to travel from wherever and even if they’re local give up a day to sit there and be available for us. Amanda Wyss actually recognized me as Franchise Fred so we’re friends now!

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