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BLACK DYNAMITE wins the Golden Space Needle Award

blackdynamiteNo joke, BLACK DYNAMITE won the Golden Space Needle Award, which is the top audience award at the Seattle International Film Festival. It joins such notable past winners as KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN, MY LIFE AS A DOG, BAGDAD CAFE, THE WEDDING BANQUET, TRAINSPOTTING and WHALE RIDER. And, uh, PUMP UP THE VOLUME.

Not to brag or anything but I gave it the highest rating when I voted, so I am partially responsible. Also it was the only movie I bothered to see at the festival this year, which means I pick ’em well. Congratulations to everybody involved, especially star/co-writer Michael Jai White and director/co-writer/one-time-outlawvern.com-commenter Scott Sanders.

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14 Responses to “BLACK DYNAMITE wins the Golden Space Needle Award”

  1. awesome! this movie deserves it.

  2. Vern – I love you for many reasons, and your honesty is one of them.

    Who knew a convicted felon would be more truthful about his moviegoing/voting experience than some “professional respectable” critics?

  3. What’s wrong with Pump Up The Volume? It’s no Legend of Billie Jean or Gleaming The Cube, but I though it was a pretty decent Christian Slater movie.

    That’s cool that Black Dynamite won though. Hopefully it’s available soon. I’d really like to check it out.

  4. Pump Up The Volume instilled in every nerd the fruitless hope that someday a hot chick would show up at their house and take her shirt off without them having to do a damn thing.

  5. man I cant wait for this movie. I love the scene in the trailer when a knife comes crashing through a window, and then he jumps in behind it and yells “I threw that before I even came in the room!”

  6. Today is truly a landmark day in the history of the World Badassification Movement. Congratulations to all.

  7. Today is truly a landmark day in the history of the World Badassification Movement. Congratulations to all

  8. “Pump Up the Volume” would make a pretty cool double feature with “Over the Edge”…It still holds up pretty well, I think. (Although, I guess if they remade it today the main character would have a podcast or a website or something). The only thing that annoys me about it are all the shots of the kids listening to the radio and nodding thoughtfully and saying things like, “Right on, man.”

  9. I’m not saying I don’t watch part of it when it’s on cable, it’s just a cheesy movie. Just trying to show this isn’t exactly the Palm d’or but it’s really cool that this movie won.

    I think kids now would have no idea what the fuck is going on in PUMP UP THE VOLUME, because in the podcast age why would you want to do pirate radio? And who listens to the radio anyway? I don’t think they’d understand why it was supposed to be exciting.

  10. I was just jackin’ around, I thought the Gleaming The Cube reference made it obvious. Perhaps I should have added one of them smiley face emoticons. I do like the movie though, but you’re right about the Palm d’or thing.

    You could probably get away with making a movie like Pump Up The Volume nowadays. Just because a movie is made in 2009 doesn’t mean it has to be set in 2009. We don’t ride horse drawn carriages anymore, but they still make movies that feature them. Or better yet, go the other direction and have a (non-parody) movie set “In the year 2005″ with teleporters, flying cars, and walls made of a hundred 27” tube televisions playing every channel at once until there’s a video conference, in which case all the televisions will have the boss’s face on them.

  11. Kids today probably wouldn’t get the whole radio aspect…but they might enjoy the anti-authoritarian vibe of the movie, and they might like the fact that the movie does care about something other than “fitting in” (i.e. conforming) or “being yourself” (i.e. conforming)…is the movie cheesy? Yeah, to us…but we’re all assholes. If you’ve been raised in the suburbs on High School Musical and Hannah Montana then that shit will probably blow your mind.

  12. I just want to thank you Vern for supporting the movie. You are a righteous cat. E-mail me your information and I’ll send you a thank you.

    As for the rest of you-
    Facebook – Black Dynamite
    Myspace –www.myspace.com/blackdynamitethemovie
    Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/black_dynamite

    Dig it.

  13. Mr. Dynamite, I am ready to dig. I have my wellies and my shovel. Just get it on a screen near my face and I’ll be all over it. Your friend, telf.

  14. Hey Vern, I usually don’t shill for my site but one of the guys interviewed Director Scott Sanders and I though you might like the read.

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