check me out on a podcast about Jet Li movies

As I mentioned in a few recent reviews, I was one of the guests on the podcast Postcards From a Dying World, talking about the films of Jet Li. I had fun and it was a good excuse to fill in or revisit some of his movies (a couple more of those reviews coming soon).


And by the way this is part two in a trilogy of Chinese cinema episodes. I’m excited to listen to the other two because honestly the guests are much more impressive than me: Part 1 has Dan Halsted, the Portland film programmer you may have heard on RZA’s commentaries and who stars in the legendary story of the guy who tracked down a treasure trove of pristine Shaw Brothers beneath an abandoned theater. Part 3 – Best Hong Kong Cinema of the ’80s and ’90s – has Lisa Morton (author of The Cinema of Tsui Hark), Joey O’Bryan (screenwriter of FULLTIME KILLER, MOTORWAY, DOWNRANGE and TRIPLE THREAT) and Jeff Briggs (archivist at Warner Brothers and Hong Kong cinema expert).

If you check out my episode let me know your top Jet Li movies so I know which ones I need to hurry up and watch or re-watch.

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  1. I’d say FIST OF LEGEND is probably his best movie but if I’m being honest here I’m really more of a MY FATHER IS A HERO guy.

  2. Can’t wait to listen to all 3 of these podcast episodes!!

    I agree with Majestyk about FIST but I have to shout out ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA II – this was my introduction to Jet Li, at a double feature at the UC Theatre in Berkeley back in the early 90s. It remains amazing. And for his later movies, I really liked FEARLESS.

    Small anecdote, a friend of mine in NYC works in publicity and was somehow tasked with showing Jet Li around Manhattan sometime in the mid-90s, a few years before Lethal Weapon 4 came out. He was able to walk the streets anonymously throughout most of Manhattan — until they crossed 125th Street, at which point dudes were running up to him from across the street, “Holy shit it’s Jet Li!” Shout out to those guys for having good taste, and for the excellent selection of bootleg VHS tapes of HK movies available at selected NYC spots in the 90s. End of anecdote.

  3. PS Vern, just started listening to your episode of the podcast – if it’s true that you have not yet seen KUNG FU CULT MASTER, run don’t walk – you have some fun times ahead of you. It is truly as crazy as the host says, there’s more in the first 10 minutes than in most full movies – more characters, more costumes and makeup, more martial arts, just MORE. It’s great!

  4. I would put SHAOLIN TEMPLE 3 (it’s directed by Chia-Liang Liu), all the first three ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA, the two FONG SAI YUK, THE LAST HERO IN CHINA (because of the fight with Gordon Liu), TAI CHI MASTER, SWORDSMAN II, HIGH RISK, FIST OF LEGEND and KUNG FU CULT MASTER on the list, if you haven’t already seen them.

  5. I listened to it finally but I gotta admit the hosts grated on me. Between there steady stream of ‘This is a good BAD movie’ comments and their general they’re above most of these movies ‘It’s an enjoyable disposable movie.’

    Luckily you were there to actually like these movies.

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